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She smiled at him, then grabbed his meat.

"UUURRRGGGHHH!" Jason howled, thrusting up into the air. "No! Don't!"

He clawed to get away, but couldn't get a good purchase on the cushion, going nowhere. All the while, he struggled to deny to himself that her grip on his shaft felt amazing.

"Don't?" Doctor Salter asked a little incredulously. He was putting up a good fight.

She couldn't help but smile all the same, tenderly caressing his dick, relishing how meaty it was.

"Why not, Jason?" she asked him, making sure to switch to using his first name. "Deny it if you will, but you want this."

She milked some pre-cum from him, as though proving her point.

"No, no," Jason managed to get out, but his body betrayed him: her grip on him sent electric waves of pleasure coursing through his body, forcing him to thrust up. His balls felt heavy. They were demanding that he dumped their payload inside her.

Mind and body were not in sync.

The doctor ignored him, instead leaning down to gingerly lick up his pre-cum. Jason gasped as her tongue's tip made contact with him, just below the urethra, and slid upwards. He looked back down at her, thunderstruck.

Doctor Salter locked eyes with Jason as she straightened up. She still had her tongue out, a pearly little blob balanced on the end. She slowly slid her tongue back into her mouth, and exaggerated a swallowing motion.

Doctor Salter smiled at him. She could see conflicting desires hard at war in his eyes: loyalty to that Candice girl against the desire to mate.

Desire would win out eventually. It was inevitable. Already his body was unconsciously trying to get his tool back into her mouth, thrusting desperately.

Doctor Salter appeased his nature, taking him back in and sucking away. Jason groaned loudly again as she bobbed both hand and head up and down his length.

"Don't," Jason repeated, but barely loud enough for himself to hear it. He hated this, HATED it . . . but was enjoying the doctor's attention at the same time. He tried to push himself away with his feet, planting them on the side of the bed, but couldn't get enough purchase- this motion only served to make him thrust further up into Doctor Salter's throat, making her gargle and sending more waves of pleasure up his body. One hand was gripped up on the bed cushion, fingers digging in. The other hand, meanwhile, he'd used at first to try and push the woman away from him. The doctor resisted, though, surprising Jason with how strong her neck muscles were. After a few more feeble attempts at pawing her off, he gave up; as though acting on its own accord, his hand now took hold of the back of her head.

The doctor heard Jason give another sigh. One of pleasure this time, not pain.

'Mission accomplished,' she thought.

She pulled back, gasping in her first breath since she'd started blowing him. The doctor tenderly kissed each of Jason's balls, then gave a long, slow lick up his shaft to his helmet.

Jason gasped as he felt her tongue caress the folds of skin just below his cockhead.

Doctor Salter, satisfied that she'd won her mate over, stood up. She caught a glimpse of Jason's face, completely relaxed, eyes closed. That look quickly disappeared as he opened his eyes, lifted his head off the bed, and gazed up at her. Now, he had an expression with mixed emotions: a kind of pain that seemed to come from no longer receiving service from her, a lustful desire for the woman standing before him, and a hint of fear. That last bit rather reminded the doctor of a small child caught in wrongdoing, as it was the look of one who knew what came next and was fearful for it.

She smiled seductively at him, pulling first her shirt, then her white bra that contrasted so perfectly with her tan skin.

She saw Jason swallow in anticipation as he stared at her incredible, bare breasts.

Grinning again, she placed her hands on her tits and gave each of her bullet-like nipples a pinching pull between her index fingers and thumbs.

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