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Lynn and Nikki's relationship changes forever.

"Mmmmmmmmm! Ooooooooo! Aaaaaaahhhh!" Miss Humper intoned in between gulps of his bounty. "Wee wee spray like a fountain over me! Give me every drop to digest or to feel on my skin just like I feel the hard plump size of you between my big fucking mammie bazooms! Oooooo, yes!"

The school teacher sucked down every last ounce of him as she now held him firmly both between her titties and between her thick ruby red lips that fluttered around his pee wee head, as she had taught Harriet to call a man's mushroom tip. At the same time she pushed her breasts tighter around him and began to work them in circles, stimulating and draining the last bit of reserve from his long planting tool. Hilda was shameless in her sexual hunger and was not afraid to get all she could from the sweet moment. But this moment of tittiefucking wee wee fun was interrupted and they, both Hilda and Richard, looked back as the door of the bedroom swung abruptly open and a towel-dried and glisteningly squeaky clean Harriet Humper walked unashamedly naked through the door.

"Hi, honey," Hilda smiled at her daughter as she still held Mr. Dicker's cock proudly between her mountainous twin swells of pride and joy. "Is my girl all cleaned up and ready to give Richie's dicky a little added fun?"

Hilda giggled at the things that she had apparently taught her girl about taking what she wanted in the sack. Harriet had learned the lessons well and now both mother and daughter would bring their talents to bear on a man and his penis. They would give him heaven in the sheets with their pussies and oversized breasts as well as their talented mouths. Hilda and Harriet were both excited and ready to fuck. They would leave poor Richard spent. They would drain every drop from him.

"That was a long shower, babe," Hilda Humper said to her nude and smiling daughter that sat her perfect plump round ass down on the edge of the bed where her mother had a spent nine inch cock between her giant juggies. "I feel like I need one after this big fucker has drenched me like it has. I just drank a gallon of fucking cum. Tee hee hee! Gosh, I feel like I am about to drown, baby!"

"Oh, Mom," Harriet replied, patting her mom on the ankle and sighing, slightly amused with her mother's promiscuity and endless ability to shag. "And I bet you are ready to keep going too, aren't you?"

"Damn fucking straight, hon," the elder Humper said matter-of-factly to her young girl that had inherited her full-figured body and insatiable fuckability that the men never turned down when she offered their wee wee rockets some pussy to fuck. "I need a big throbbing pee wee wee wee in my hungry cute little kitty cat that is purring for a pecker as we speak."

Hilda licked Mr. Dicker's cock as she still embraced it boobie wise. The woman whose tits would make Dolly Parton green with envy, washed off his worn out wee wee with her tongue.

"Yowwww!" Richard Dicker let out a cry of pleasure as she gave him a whole-hearted wee wee wash as she deftly slid him out from the confines, the special confines of her creamy cleavage track that was now awash with her warm and sopping sweat that smelled not sour, but like apples.

Hilda used the towel that Harriet had brought from the shower to wipe all the sweat and most of the jizz off of her face, her hair and her tired fucked out titties. The 38-year-old sat up in bed still in nothing but her birthday suit and her boobs bobbed as she shifted on the mattress. She was sitting beside her equally nude daughter and they both laughed as Richard fell to his back spent, and moaned with the knowledge and afterglow of a very very satisfactory set of ejaculations that still made his trunk and pee pee hole tickle with joy.

"Oh, shit, ladies," Dicker managed. "You wore this old boy out completely."

"We ain't done with you yet, honeychild," Hilda cooed, licking her chops like a ravenous animal as she studied his outstretched form on the bed.

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