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Being bodypainted is sensually erotic.

"I've missed you," she murmurs.

"So have I missed you, I mean." He meant it- she was a fresh lively trap and very cooperative and she liked him - but he enjoyed her body more.

"You had some real bitches to enjoy - the Aunt and her whore friend you told me on the phone bastard - had some good fucking."

"Hmmm you haven't." he taunted her.

"Poor thing. You think if a man can find easy lays - what a sexy 22 year old can do with her wares? "she shouted.

"With the mother in, Jayanessa must be very engaged, everyone's always around them." He was enquiring.

"Mm. And, anyway, who is there you cannot fuck in Kakinada without the whole town knowing?"

He slides out of her, and she turns on her forearms and knees on the floor her swollen breasts succulent and pendulous.

Her cousin kneels behind her and quickly thrusts his cock, still hard and throbbing, into her cunt. She moans softly, biting her lower lip, rocking forward under his thrust.

He grunts and slides his hand up her body and squeezes her breasts. His cock burns and throbs in her hot cunt. She whimpers in pleasure.

"Take it!" he gasps. "C'mon, Rama ... takes it! Take my cock, whore!"

Beneath him, Rama moans softly. "Yes ... oh god yes! Fuck me Kamesh! Fuck me hard!"

Rama's cry is thin and high and her face contorts in truisms of lust, her head jerking upward, her eyes screwing shut, her lips jerking back over her teeth, her mouth wide.

Her fingers scrabble at the sheets. Above and behind her, the fat manager groans and pushes his cock deeper and deeper into her hot, tight, rear channel.

Rama's breath comes in deep, rattling, broken, sobbing gasps as the big penis tunnels deeper and deeper into her anus.

She thrusts a hand into her crotch and arches a finger into her slit, vibrating her knuckle against her stiff clitoris. Her anus convulses on his throbbing penis.

Kamesh sodomizes heavily, rocking his hips back and forth, squeezing and pushing and cramming his cock into her anus, panting and moaning loudly, his chest heaving, his head flung back, his body streaming with sweat.

"Ahh uhh ahh uh ahhh uhh ohhhh uhh ohhhh uhhh ohhhhhh uhh ohhh uh ohhhh uhhhh uhh oh ma uhh ahhh uhh ahh uhh ohh god oh god oh uhh ohh uhhh ohhh," Rama sobs as the manager buggers deeply and thoroughly.

Kamesh is nearing the end.

In and out of her asshole he goes, and she whimpers and moans writhing her buttocks erotically against his thighs, grinding her anus up and down the length of his shaft.

Bending and curving her body, she reaches deep between her legs and squeezed his heavy, hairy balls. It is too much for him to bear.

With a strangled moan, he lurches out of her and, shaking his cock in his fist, explodes.

Jizz shoots from his cock-head and spurts over her buttocks and thighs.

He comes and comes and comes, emptying his load, dribbling jizz between her buttocks and over her anus and down her cunt-lips.

Rama whimpers and writhes. Moaning, he squeezes his cock into her anus again, fucking her ass again till his erection begins to dwindle. Rama moans thickly, her head sagging between her arms.

At last, he slides out of her, grunting, sweating, and groaning.

She collapses on the bed, panting and moaning, her chest heaving. Kamesh groans masturbating, standing at the foot of the bed.

Slowly, Rama turns around and, sitting up at the edge of the bed, pushes her face into his crotch, taking his cock in her mouth again. He moans softly.

She sucks his penis gently, savoring the taste of her cunt and anus and his jizz.

He grins down at her, obviously feeling very macho, very much the master of this whore. His cock dribbles jizz into her mouth; he is not man enough to get it up again and his erection wanes rapidly now. Rama lifts her head and he steps away.

Kamesh has seen enough. He has a raging erection. Now he wants his own pleasure. He will not be denied. He moves forward toward the pleasure.

"Mm," Rama murmured, her mouth stuffed with Kamesh's erection.

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