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Kay can't resist dangerous co-worker.

The entire scene made me smile for some reason and I didn't even care what she was thinking at the moment as I dropped onto my back in the snow to make a snow angel.

"You are insane, aren't you?" She asked, hovering over me.

"Maybe, I don't know. All I know is that until you almost ran me over, I was thinking death would almost be better than my life right now, but thanks to you driving as if you owned the road, I feel much better, especially since nobody got hurt," I stated, smiling up at her.

She almost looked lost for a second, but then her eyes softened as she reached out her hand to me. I was still smiling as she helped me to my feet, standing back to look at a perfect angel in the snow. The woman shook her head before insisting we get into the car where we sat and she listened to my entire story as we waited for the tow truck to pull her out of the ditch. When he did finally show up, she asked for my name so I gave it to her, thinking I was about to be arrested or something, but she only nodded in recognition as she held her hand out to me and introduced herself.

I was letting myself out of her car when she stopped me and explained that I was exactly the person she had been looking for. I had no clue what she was talking about, but she asked if I would be interested in a business proposition and with no place else really to go to, I figured it wouldn't hurt to listen. This made her smile for some reason, but all I knew for sure was that my current living situation was at least familiar and I could fall back into it if the need arose. She didn't seem worried for some reason as she paid the man with the wrecker and we were on our way to a nice, warm restaurant.

As my new friend finished telling me her story, my head was spinning and it was hard to believe that only a few hours earlier I thought my life was over, but here was a woman offering me a job and a place to live and all she wanted from me was someone she could go places and do things with. She had completely forgotten how to have fun and thought that maybe we were both in the same place at the same time for a reason. She even promised to put it in writing if it would make me more comfortable, but I smiled across the table at her.

"I think it was a sign too and I don't think that either of us should take a sign like that for granted," I announced, reaching my hand out to her.

She hesitated for only a moment before offering me one of the greatest smiles I think I had ever seen, along with her hand.

"Merry Christmas Mary," she laughed.

"Merry Christmas to you too Christina," I chuckled.

It happened very slowly, not being one to jump in head first after my first disaster, but when we did eventually connect with that first kiss... well, fantastic would be the only way to describe it. Our lips softly brushed together, barely connecting as they attempted to get the moves down and when I took her into my arms, she didn't attempt to push me away, instead she leaned into me closer, allowing my tongue to dance gracefully with hers. Christina knew what I was afraid of; softly whispering in my ear she would never push me away and I smiled as the tears fell, wishing I had met her so many years earlier. I attempted to respond gratefully, but she pushed two fingers gently to my lips as she insisted I never thank her for loving me and then her fingers were replaced by those wonderful lips, her kisses bringing me to life for the first time ever.

The more we kissed, the more I could feel her love for me and as she pulled my bottom lip away with her teeth it was gentle, yet passionate. The woman was waking up urges I thought were long gone.

Her lips moved on to kiss my chin, nuzzling my neck and earlobe as a shudder of excitement traveled through my body. I could feel her smile evolving against my sensitive skin as she moved her body onto mine and pushed her hardened nipples into my own. Oh my god! I wanted Christina to devour me heart, body and soul?

Shifting her weight, she continued delicately kissing and nibbling around my face and neck, a g

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