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Sammi fancies both Emma and Mike and gets raped, almost.

"All right Jada, you ready to go?" he asked his companion as he nudged his Skyhawk to float next to hers.

"You know it! Let's see who can come out of this with the best score," she shot back. Suddenly, her Skyhawk shot out of the hangar.

"Hey!" Aiden cried out. Technically he was lead pilot and "protocol" deemed that he should have been first. But that was Jada Priss; constantly driving him closer and closer to insanity. He immediately goosed his throttle, not wanting to be left behind, and roared out of the hangar and into the bright morning sunlight.

A few minutes later they were flying over a patch of flatland that were free of Dravin IV's subiquitous crystals. Ahead of them they could see two more T-31s and the faint outlines of Ryders Canyon, the first part of their flight trials today.

"Green Leader to Rookie 1 and 2, are you ready?" came the voice of their flight leader, Captain Sim Merrick .

"Yes sir!" they chorused.

"Good. We'll begin with basic flight maneuvers. Stay tight and keep clear of the walls."

And with that they dove into Ryders Canyon. Jada immediately increased her throttle and jumped out ahead of Aiden. He growled softly to himself; he'd keep watch for a chance to get back ahead. Technically they weren't being scored on who finished before who, but it had always rankled him how Jada was so competitive with him. Not that a little competition between pilots was a bad thing but Jada almost seemed to make it personal, trying to show that the bumpkin from the fringes of known space couldn't keep up. Well he'd show her.

Ryders Canyon wasn't impossible to navigate just on its own; what made it a challenge was the fact that the walls were so close together. You had to keep on eye on how they were maneuvering; otherwise you might just end up as scrap on the side of the canyon. As they flew into one of the rare straight segments, Aiden saw his chance. He pushed the throttle and the engine in his T-31 responded, leaping out ahead of Jada.

"Hey!" she cried over the comm, but just then, Green Leader broke in.

"We're coming up to a fork in the canyon. Green Two will go left. You can go with him but if you're really a hotshot, follow me to the right."

Aiden immediately knew what he was going to do and suspected it was the same thing that Jada was going to do. He pulled hard right on his flight stick, arcing through the fork right on Green Leader's tail, Jada in close pursuit. Green Leader hadn't been kidding; this part of the canyon was much more tight and winding than the previous part.

"You're just lucky I can't pass you right now," grumbled Jada. Aiden chose not to respond; he was too busy trying to follow Green Leader through the serpentine course.

"Now get ready, this is the hardest part of the course up ahead. Rookie Two, follow Rookie One's lead. You're going to have to pull hard left, then right, and then either go up and over or through a short tunnel. Get ready for it... NOW!"

Aiden immediately pulled hard on the stick, sending his Skyhawk into a tight left bank. Suddenly he noticed that the canyon wall was getting a little close on the right for his liking and applied a little etheric rudder with the right rudder pedal. His turn had been loose enough, however, to let Jada slip past him with a blast from her engine. There was no way he'd catch up to her, not now that they had to go into the right turn, the canyon walls oppressively close on both sides. They came out of the turn, hot on each other's tails. Ahead, Aiden saw the tunnel that Green Leader had mentioned. It had come up so suddenly and Jada had dropped so suddenly to head into the tunnel, that Aiden hesitated a moment. He tried to dip down to follow Jada, but he was too late. Cursing slightly under his breath, he bounced back up and over the mottled sand-colored stone. He pushed the throttle to its stops but found to his annoyance that Jada came blasting out of the tunnel, still ahead of him.

"Aw, was that a little too hard for you, Hunt?" she asked, derision dripping from every word.


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