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Lady trucker gets visit by anonymous trucker.

My hands are shaking so hard that I can barely get the keys in the ignition as I try and start the car. I imagine my heart racing, trying to calm myself and concentrate on the road.

I imagine picking you up and trying to act as normal as possible. I think your buying it because I can act pretty well. I'm chatty and genuinely happy to see you, asking you questions about your day, and I place my hand on your thigh as we drive home. When we arrive home I open the front door and give you a proper hug and a full kiss on the lips. I imagine your surprise at my forcefulness. Smiling at you, I whisper to you that there is a present waiting for you upstairs. Intrigued, you smile back as I lead you by the hand upstairs.

With each step on the stairs I imagine my heart beating faster and faster. I'm careful to act natural before I open the door. I know that once I open this door there is no going back, and that anything could happen. I swallow hard and open the door for you.

Inside my bedroom he is waiting for you. I study your face carefully as you walk in, and see him, lying on my bed, fully clothed, and waiting for you. At first you don't talk, and you look at me with confusion, then back at him, then back at me. I wait an eternity for your first words, and all I can do is paint a smile on my face, trying to look calm and calculated and relaxed when really my heart is pounding so loud in my ears. You're literally speechless and the blood rushes to your face, and you're flush with colour. You cover your mouth when you realize how this must have happened. You look shocked and scared to say the least, and then you start nervously laughing in absolute disbelief.

I imagine you taking a shower immediately to clear your head, leaving me and him in the room together. You're overcome with an overabundance of emotion; anger, confusion, lust, desire, and nervousness. You run fingers down your skin as you try and calm yourself. You absent-mindedly sponge your soft skin with shower gel as you wonder whether the hell you can actually go through with it. You're trying desperately to stay mad at me, but the throbbing between your legs betrays your anger. Your nipples are rock hard even though the water is warm.

You walk through the door to my bedroom wearing nothing but a towel to find me and him talking and drinking like we've known each other our whole lives. In that instant, all anxiety and self-doubt and worry is lifted as you see my face; gentle and caring and loving. You know exactly what do to as lust overtakes your other emotions.

I imagine you looking at me and him, before your towel drops away. For a second you are standing there completely naked and wet, and I and he are completely frozen and speechless. Then, without a sound, he stands up and walks to you, roaming your body with his eyes, and kisses you deep on the lips. You melt into him, your petite naked body enveloped by his tall, lean frame. You moan with sexual electricity, anticipation, and the skill of his kiss.

Your kiss quickly gathers pace as you find more urgency within yourself.

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