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The beginning of a menage a trois.

"Please show these fine hosts one of your tricks."

She stood up in front of him, facing us, spread her legs into a triangle almost wide enough to be the splits and tilted forward, pushing her ass and pussy toward his face. She had small breasts that barely drooped as she bent down, her arms lying on the floor. Jamison's description of her lack of hair was accurate - she was smooth shaven from her earlobes down to her toes.

He reached into his coat pocket and removed a small device - perhaps a vibrator - I couldn't tell, and fitted it into her two holes. She grunted a little and shook, but didn't break her position. Bent over this far, her ass cheeks made a small table, on which he rested his drink, sitting back to watch Loren.

"Nice. Jamison. Isn't it?"

He nodded, taking her card.

"It might be nice to compare notes over a glass of wine, if you're amenable."

He nodded, smiling, adjusting the controls on whatever was in Christine's holes. She gasped but didn't move enough to even jostle his drink.

With Jamison, she had made the rounds and we found ourselves back at the front, Loren in considerable distress.

"I'm sorry," she cried, looking at me pitifully. "I'm sorry I told you I hated you. I was so angry! I can't believe you did this to me! Please...I know I'm being punished, but I can't take much more of this." Her face was puffy, her eyes swollen from tears, her arms and shoulders clearly fatigued. She continued to blabber on, her words tumbling from her - a combination of pleas, apologies and unintelligible syllables. I turned to Anna, eyebrows raised.

She nodded, the gesture an immediate trigger to Mamiko to turn off the device. Wherever the rods were inside her, they would remain, but at least she wouldn't be electrocuted. Just impaled.

I looked over at the assembly - everyone was now deep into whatever they had hoped to do on accepting my invitation - barely a scrap of clothing was left, with a couple of notable exceptions. The smell of sweat and pussy and perfume and aftershave was thick. The serving help had come in several times, embarrassed but not intimidated, making their rounds. Only the bartender seemed under-used, as no one was getting up to get a drink. I needed a drink, and I think Loren did as well.

As I was waiting at the bar, Shelly, the caterer joined me, looking at the orgy progressing in front of us. "That..." she nodded to Loren still captive on the chair. "that was the hottest thing I've seen in my entire life. God. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself tonight." She smiled at me, her implication could have meant any number of things.

"She'll be sore...that's for sure. Might need a woman's touch." I had no idea what I was saying, but the thought of Shelly screwing around with Loren as the final layer on the punishment cake just seemed so...incredibly sexy.

She looked up at me wide-eyed and back at Loren. "You serious?" She said quietly.

I pushed up my lips, thinking, and let her decide. I didn't know who I was going to fuck tonight - Anna, Mamiko, Loren, if she didn't bite my dick off first. Who knows, maybe Shelly. She was a beautiful woman - mid-thirties, I estimated, great build, in good shape. I liked her smile. I'd like to see more of her. I shrugged and let her think about it. "You tell me," and walked back to the coffee table to hand Loren a drink.

Mamiko had released her hands, but not her feet. She grabbed the glass and took a long swallow - whether because she was thirsty or just wanted to get drunk I had no idea and didn't care. I nursed mine, looking at the writhing bodies.

It was nearly 9:30, and I wasn't quite sure what I'd had in mind for an end game. There was plenty of food and drink - I didn't have anything the next day of importance. I had suggested an end time of 10, but didn't really know what that meant. Under normal circumstances closing the bar and stopping the food would have been the right cues, but right now, no one was paying attention to either.

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