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Over a weekend, two teenagers use sex to discover each other.

Although he was tall and slim, Tristan's arms had a hint of muscle, just subtly visible beneath the tanned, smooth skin that covered it.

Lowering his eyes to follow the path of her finger, Tristan noticed she was dragging it along the flatness of his belly. In no particular rush, Claudia allowed it continue on, but on reaching the hem of his shirt, a look of clear want came into her eyes.

Slowly, she eased his tank top up, gradually exposing the skin beneath it until his chest was fully bared. Pulling it off around his head Tristan threw it aside, but he barely got the chance to settle back against the pillows before her lips pressed to his neck, trailing languidly along the column of it before reaching the hardness of his chest.

Hairless and toned, his chest seemed to beckon her, drawing her lips to its smooth surface so she could suck and nip at the skin. Not caring about the scars that covered his chest, she licked and kissed them too, showing just as much tenderness for the imperfections as she would for unmarred skin.

Allowing her gaze to move upward, she noticed Tristan's lids were half-mast, covering those deep, dark eyes she so loved staring into. She didn't have to guess whether he was enjoying the moment or not, because his breaths were slow and shallow, easing in and out with such unhurriedness that he couldn't be anything except content.

Continuing to plant soft kisses, Claudia allowed her mouth to creep lower, steadily moving southward until she reached the waistline of his boxers. Now breathing a little deeper, Tristan shifted his head against the pillow, then slowly opened his eyes so that his gaze was directed towards his crotch.

Already soaked with precome, Tristan's underwear were housing a prominent bulge, and thirsty for the sight of his cock, Claudia tugged at the waistband of his boxers. All too eager to be freed from the fabric, Tristan lifted his hips to assist her. With one fluid movement she stretched the waistband away from his skin, moving it down and over his waist so that his erection sprang free.

Deliciously stiff and long, his cock bent back against his stomach like a flesh colored banana. But instead of tasting of sweet, Tristan's penis would probably have a flavor that was similar to his scent - rich and musky, with a hint of saltiness.

Although it was a fleeting thought, she began to wonder if his flavor would be similar to Lucas's, and wrapping her delicate hand around the width of his erection, she maneuvered it away from his stomach.

Acting as a natural lubricant, his pre-come oozed freely from the tip, trailing down the shaft of his cock and towards the silky thatch of his pubic hair. Gently, she began to jack him off, moving her palm up and down with a slow yet fluid movement.
Once she got a steady rhythm going, she allowed her other hand to play with his balls, fondling them with such dexterity that he began to softly moan. Continuing to jerk him off, she allowed her palm to work its magic, gradually shortening her strokes until he was trembling beneath her hand.

The head of his cock had thickened, balls drawing tighter against his body as he groaned out her name. Without breaking eye contact, she substituted her hand for her mouth, and with a languidness that pushed a hot sigh from his lips, eased the length of his cock into her mouth.

Well aware of how sexy her lips were, Claudia tightened them around his shaft, then inch by inch, sunk more of him into the lushness of her mouth. With a sharp intake of breath, Tristan watched, breathing heavier and deeper with every second.

Pinning his eyes on her soft, plump lips, he concentrated on the way that they enveloped his penis, gradually engulfing more of his flesh before finally nearing the base. Not shifting her gaze for even a second, Claudia watched as his head fell back, chest rapidly rising and falling with every tense, labored breath.

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