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First time sucking for wife.

At this, Tia closed her eyes and I saw a small smile come across her face. I could tell she liked the "massage" so I told her to lay down and it was her turn.

Tia and I exchanged places on the bed and now I was straddling her stomach while massaging her tits and upper chest. The whole scene was a little strange because here I was massaging her breasts but we were talking like we were old friends. Needless to say I was still hard and I have no doubt that Tia could see the impact she was having on me. Eventually I had Tia flip over and began to massage her back. Sitting on her thighs my dick, still in my boxers, was able to rest nicely in the crack of her ass, barely covered by her thong. My eyes never left that perfect ass as I massaged her back and Tia was loving the feeling of my hands as she let out low moans.

As I continued the massage, Tia noticed my phone on the bed and grabbed it to check the time. As she flipped it over my heart nearly sank as I saw the porn website I had been looking at before she came up. I was trying to think of something to say, but Tia began to flip thru the different videos and said, "ooh, I like this website, they've got a great selection." I could not believe it, most girls I had been with always denied watching porn (which I think were lies) and here was a girl that was like my sister telling me she loved porn.

I quickly responded, "you watch porn?"

"Of course, every girl does. And if they say they don't they are liars," Tia responded. "If I'm alone, I love laying on my bed at night, watching a couple videos, and getting myself off with my vibrator. It's fast, easy, and there is very little clean up," she said laughing.

"Yeah, well clean up for girls is surely less messy than it is for us guys," I responded. I then moved my massage down to her ass and as I did Tia started a movie. I didn't see the name of the video, but watching it over her shoulder I noticed it was a young guy who was getting ready to mess around with his step-sister. I sat on Tia silently watching the video, as I now began to rub her ass. As I rubbed her ass cheeks I noticed they would separate ever so slightly and even with the thong on I would get quick glimpses of her pussy lips. I eventually began massaging her legs and thighs and as I would do a deep rub of her thigh I would drop my head down to get a better glimpse of her pussy and smell the sweet aroma coming from her panties. I was so focused on her pussy lips and ass over the past couple of minutes that I had not noticed she had dropped a hand underneath her and was covertly rubbing her clit. In fact, as I gave her thigh a final deep rub she lifted her hips up just a little and pushed her ass back slightly toward my cock. Seeing her finger slide down her pussy and into the folds of her lips I just snapped and dove head first into her panty covered ass and pussy. Like an animal I began to squeeze her ass and licked everything that I came across. Pulling her panties to the side they actually tore off of her as I drove my tongue into her pussy and slid it all the way up to her ass. I circled around her ass a few times before returning to her pussy, which I must say tasted just as good as it smelled. Tia was clearly worked up too because her pussy was slick even before my tongue began ravaging it.

I worked on her from behind for just a few minutes and then flipped her over onto her back and resumed my attack on her pussy.

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