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A young guy finally gives in to his gender bending fantasies.

His hand sliding up the back of her neck, gathering a handful of her hair within it, before his tongue continues its journey along the path his hand just cleared. She shudders beneath him as this is a highly sensitive and erotic spot for her. He presses his body down against hers, his cock nestling against the crack of her ass as she grinds up against it and him. He returns the grind and begins to suck, lick and nibble at her ear.

His hand continues playing in her hair, tightening his grip on it, pulling her head back as she lets a gasp escape between her slightly parted lips. He moves his mouth to her now exposed neck, gently kissing along the neckline. His other hand sliding to the front of her body, finding an erect nipple, his fingers beginning to tease and pinch the hardened bud.

Her breath begins to increase and release from her mouth in small pants. She can feel his cock throb between her ass cheeks as she presses and grinds it up against him.

He huskily whispers into her ear "Everything ok, My babydoll?" immediately followed by a chuckle.

He already knows the answer as she moans out her response. He starts to softly kiss her lips and playfully nip at her lips. His fingers tighten upon the erect nub, twisting and tugging at it. Her moans increase against his lips.

He quits kissing her and slides back down her warm quivering body, placing tiny kisses and nibbles along her flesh. She closes her eyes and shivers, her fingers clenching and unclenching, her heartbeat now racing.

He continues dropping the kisses and nibbles along the top and curves of her ass. She feels his hands at the top of her thighs, pressing them apart, exposing her glistening wet bald slit. She feels the tip if his finger slide between the wet lips. She gasps and moans at the contact, arching her back, her bottom lifting slightly off the bed.

He continues to drag his finger up and down her very wet slit as he bites down on her left bottom butt cheek. She groans out loud and pushes back, wanting his finger to slide in further and deeper.

He traces his tongue along the prominent curve of her rounded ass to her inner thigh as his finger finds her clit and flicks at it softly.

She shudders at the contact. The little nub hardens instantaneously at his touch.

His hands move to grip the cheeks of her ass and his thumbs part the pink swollen lips. He teasingly drags his tongue up and down the exposed soaking slit a few times before flicking the tip of it against her hard clit.

"Oh god, please!" she utters between pants of breath.

His only response is to grip her hips, pulling her up to her knees, lightly smacking her inner thighs indicating for her to spread her legs, exposing herself more to him.

He begins to rub the palm of his hand and fingers against her wet lips. "My little bald cunt is all ready for a good hard fucking, but not right now because I'm not done playing with it quite yet."

She groans out loud at hearing his words and then yelps as his hand firmly lands upon her ass cheek. She instantly clenches and a small gush of fluid flows out of her exposed cunt.

He positions his mouth upon her drenched pussy and begins to move his tongue very slowly in and out of her soaked little cunt.

She moans and groans out loud, pressing her ass back, grinding it against his mouth and lips.

He continues to tongue fuck her. Each time his tongue pushes in deep, his hand lands a crack upon her ass cheek, alternating between each rounded cheek.

Her inner walls clench and squeeze around his embedded tongue at each smack. Liquid copiously forming and dripping into his awaiting mouth. Her moans being muffled by the pillow that her head is now buried in; her fingers gripping the sheets tightly as she is so dam fucking close to cumming.

He can feel her inner walls pulsate around his cheeks; the hot juices pooling inside of her.

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