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Redhead is all dressed up and ready to be taken for a ride.

Her legs were spread. She had a spandex mini-skirt pulled up over her waist. Her stockings were black thigh-highs. Her top was a black woven mesh thing intended to be worn over a shirt.. No shirt. No bra. You could see here breasts through the top. Her eyes were closed and John was fingering her cunt..

I heard him whisper loudly to her, "Get down on your knees and suck the cock that comes through the wall, slut."

I understood what he meant to do. I stood up and stuck my dick through the glory hole. Suze gave me a glorious blow job. I lasted about a minute before I came. I felt her drawing the cum from my dick once I stopped shooting it . She sucked my softening dick for another minute before suddenly releasing me. I dropped back down to look. All I saw was the back of John's pants. Then I saw his hand with a piece of paper in it. He shook it at me. I took it and opened the note. It read:

Leave your booth. Stay in here for a few minutes and watch what happens, but be in the left hand theater in ten minutes. Sit on the front row on the far right. Don't move from there, don't speak, and don't acknowledge us. If Suzanne recognizes you, this all ends. When she and I leave the theater, go to Twin Peeks on 29. Stay at the bar. Again - Don't move from there, don't speak, and don't acknowledge us. If Suzanne recognizes you, this all ends.

There was no signature, but it didn't need one. I rearranged my clothes and left the booth. As I opened the door, another man shot past me and pulled it shut. He was in there almost before I left. I walked to the end of the Aisle and watched for a few minutes. After about five minutes, the guy opened the door and came out. He was almost run over by the next guy going in. He walked past me and winked.

I heard him say, "She was pretty good," as he moved away down the hallway.

I was hard again.

I heard a door opening. It was John's door I hustled around the bend and across to the theater. Ihad just settled into my seat when heard them come into the theater. It was very dark and I had turned my head as they passed me. I didn't think Suze could have recognized me even if she noticed me sitting there. A crowd of worked up guys followed them in. I turned to the side so I could peek at the pack of the room. To my surprise, John and Suze hadn't gone to the couples only seats. They were at the last of the open seating rows. There were guys standing all around them. It was pretty maddening for me. I could see tiny glimpses of bodies in motion, but mostly all I saw were the backs of guys looking at my wife. After watching a bit, I was able to discern that Suze was playing with herself and letting the strangers grope her breasts. John had to back a couple of guys off. I could imagine this turning ugly pretty easily. After fifteen minutes or so of this, John stood and led Suze back out. He gave me a little nod as he passed me.

I waited a few minutes after they left. The room had emptied on their tail. All of those guys were following Suzanne wherever she went. When I left, some of them had drifted back into the theater. I guessed that their prey had left the building. When I looked out the door, I saw John driving a car out of the parking lot. I went to my car and headed to Twin Peeks.

I had driven past the place a time or two and had always appreciated the name of the place as funny for a titty bar. It was all the way back across town again. The building looked pretty small for the number of cars parked out back. When I went in, I found it to be moderately crowded. The music was pretty loud. The stage held a big blonde woman - probably six feet tall wearing just a cowboy hat and a g-string. She was endowed with generous breasts but more weight than I find attractive. She was swinging around a brass pole and collecting dollar bills from semi-inebriated revelers. There were other girls teasing guys into paying for lapdances here and there. A few of them were really hot, but most were no where near as pretty as Suzanne.

I didn't see John or

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