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A young violinist is chosen by a doomed race to be a savior.

She seemed about to do a split as her feet slipped outward further and further from her husband's hard thighs. Simultaneously, the soft, curl-rimmed mouth of her cunt was opening wider still as she lowered herself onto the swollen throbbing prick below. "I'm going to fucking make my cunt ejaculate it's cream allllll overrrrr yourrrrrr gigantic balls."

"Mmmmmmm ... yesssss ... yessssssss ..." Steve was moaning. There was nothing that made his day more than a call from his beautiful wife and a wild fucking session with her in his campaign headquarters.

Nancy brought herself slowly down as she faced her excited husband. She bit her lower lip as she felt the hardness of Steve's cock touching against her naked cunt flesh. She let herself remain poised upon its hotly quivering tip; her trembling pussy lips pulsing and dripping against his huge jerking cock ... and then she began to move. Pressing her soft trembling tits beneath her loosely cut dress against his chest, her slick, wet outer cuntlips were beginning to slip up and down the length of his cock, though he had not yet entered her.

Steve began to daydream ... thinking of all the times he had fucked his lovely wife, each succeeding time was better than the last. All these things went through his head as his cock grew harder and harder. His exciting wife was moving faster and faster, building up a friction in the external area of her widespread pussy, feeling her young husband's cock throb and tremble against her. She slowed her pace and began to ride slowly and sensuously over it. The huge prick between her legs felt good to her as the thick foreskin slid back and forth beneath the pressure, and finally the swollen pulsing head became a huge mass against the mouth of her hungry pussy, rubbing up against her sensitive clit. She knew it was time then.

Her Steve's wonderful cock! she thought to herself. She smiled at him as she panted above him and then planted small kisses on his lips. Her quivering tits nudging into his chest, her soft sweet breath in his nostrils, her wet quivering cunt on his cock ... he was in heaven!

Nancy's creamy white thighs spread outward and the pink slit of her hot seeping pussy nestled lovingly now against his heavily throbbing cock where it thrust upward from the opening in his pants. Steve moved his arms around his beautiful wife and she put hers up around his neck. Her tight gripping pussy slid tenderly up and down along the huge shaft of his cock, and her body began to jerk wildly. His passionate wife was deep in an erotic trance. She could not voice her pleasure because it seemed to fill her body and rob her of all but the feeling of his penis nudging her cunt.

She reached her hand down and spread her aching pussy lips with her fingers as much as possible and then let his cock fit up inside their cum-slick circumference.

Unable to stand any more of it, Steve cried out and bucked his hips forward and upward as hard as he could. Nancy could hardly keep from crying out, but somehow she managed as the huge cunt-splitting cock fucked slowly upward into her gripping vagina. Slowly it wormed its way up into her, and she worked her hips down upon it, filling herself with its hugeness, loving it, and wanting it with all her seething flesh.

He began to fuck upward higher and higher into the wet darkness of his wife's hungry cunt.

"Oh yeah ... oh yeah ... oh yeah ..." he murmured. "Yes, yes, YES!" "You're going to fucking pump my sperm out baby. You're going to force my penis into an ejaculation"

Nancy wanted to scream out to him as she sometimes did when they were alone at home. But with a soft panging breath she almost whispered in his ear, "Oh fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me, Steve. Fuck me good and hard!"

The young husband had begun a steady fucking rhythm up into her devouring pussy, his cock pushing, sliding, racing farther up into her.

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