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Is she giving in to men?

"Judi I don't hate black people. I don't even hate Derrick. I am jealous of him. He is a success in life and I have been a failure. I needed to take my anger out on someone."

Judi moaned in frustration.

Don put his head into his hands for a minute then raised his head. Judi saw tears in his eyes.

"Don, I was trying to avoid telling you this but I guess you leave me no choice. Don, I am two months pregnant with Derrick's baby," Judi said and held her breath.

Don sat back in shock. He was silent again for a long time. When Don began to speak again, he almost whispered. "If he is not going to leave his wife, who is going to be the father figure for the baby?" Don asked

Judi had never really given that much thought. Damn him, he was being so logical. Judi didn't have a good answer.

"I could be the father," Don said quietly.

"What?" Judi asked not sure she had heard him right.

"I could be the father," Don said again.

"Jesus Christ Don, I just told you that I am having an affair with a black man and have gotten pregnant and you want to be the father," Judi screamed, her voice quivering. "Derrick is not the only black man I have fucked. I have had four other lovers." That should do it Judi thought.

"Oh God, I've really messed things up this time. I never knew how bad you wanted a baby Judi," Don said, tear streaming down his cheeks.

This was not going like Judi wanted. She was beginning to feel sorry for Don. Suddenly she jumped up and pulled her skirt up to her waist. She intended to show Don the tattoo she had gotten for Derrick. She saw Don's eyes grow large as he looked at her pussy.

Don didn't even see the tattoo yet. What he saw was his wife without any panties, a totally shaved pussy and most importantly, cum running down her legs.

Judi had forgotten that her pussy was a sloppy mess. Then she thought what the hell, he may as well see it. She even pushed her hips out slightly, almost proud.

Don finally found his voice and said, "Judi I have made a mess of our lives. I know I should have never lied to you about being sterile but God I wanted you so bad and loved you so much. I was afraid that you wouldn't marry me if you knew. Judi, I have been seeing a psychologist for a long time and she has helped me to see a lot of things. Unfortunately, she is also the woman that I'm having an affair with. But she has helped me," Don said. "Is it really too late for us, I still love you?"

Judi fell back to the sofa. It was her turn to shed tears. "God Don, if you had only told me this before, things could have been so different. It's too late," Judi said and put her head in her hands and cried.

Don got up and moved over to sit next to Judi and put his arm around her, pulling her to him.

Judi's body tensed as she felt her husband's arm circle her shoulder. Then the tears began to really flow. She leaned into her husband's arms and sobbed.

Don let Judi cry herself out. When she was only sniffling, he turned her face up to his. Suddenly, it seemed so right and he brought his lips to hers.

Judi started to resist then let her emotions take over and fell into her husband's embrace. What started as a soft kiss quickly grew in passion until Judi and Don were pressing their bodies together like lovers of old. Judi moaned when she felt Don's hand on her breast. She didn't try to stop him.

Don was elated at this small victory. He grew bolder and began to pinch the nipple through her blouse. He pulled his mouth from Judi and reached for her blouse with both hands. With one quick pull, he ripped the buttons open and tore the blouse from her body, exposing Judi's firm breasts. Judi screamed in excitement. Don let out a groan then bent to suck Judi's nipple into his mouth.

"Oh God," Judi moaned as she held her husband's head to her breast. Judi resisted when Don started to push her back on the sofa. She looked into his eyes and saw a fire that she had never seen before. Slowly she laid back.

Don stood up and stripped his clothes off quickly.

Judi was sur

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