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Amy gets arrested for felonious cock-sucking.

.. willing to... do WHATEVER it takes!"

"I am! I am all of those!" she screamed, standing up, tears rolling down her pink cheeks.

He returned to his calm voice, speaking slower, making her even more eager to hear the solution to her problem.

"You... have to... put your mind... into it, but more importantly..." he paused for a few seconds, giving the appearance of looking for the right word, "...you have to... be ready to... use.... Your body."

Her flushed face shot up to his, fear and confusion clouded her. "After all, this is Physical Education. You have to train your body how to move, how to react. You have to USE your body," he explained, pacing around the small office.

"I... I..." she hurriedly tried to formulate a sentence, but her mind wouldn't budge.

"Perhaps I was too quick to judge you; I actually thought you were willing to do anything to pass. I suppose I should call you father, tell him you're not willing to work with me to raise your grade with pure effort. Maybe he'd like to find out that his daughter offered her body to solve a mental problem."

"No! You cant do that! It's not right..." she said with a trailing voice.

"Well, you have two options: 1) you can either come see me, after school, every Tuesday and Thursday, of course after basketball practice, for additional workouts and training or, I can make a very quick phone call and not only do you fail, but you and your family go through a law suit for trying to bribe me with your body. Either way, I leave in 15 minutes, so you need to decide." She looked at him, but remained silent. "Okay," he said and reached for the phone.

"Wait! Okay!" she said, now very nervous. He paused, phone in hand, "Okay," she repeated, and he put down the phone.

"We start now," he said managing to retain his excitement.

"What? So soon?" she asked starting to tremble as she took a backwards step towards the door.

"Yes, there's no point in delaying."

"Don't you have to leave?"

"It can way," he said. She grew quite nervous and tried to formulate sentences, but only mutters came out.

"Your first assignment," he ordered, "come here," he commanded, standing behind his desk. "Have you ever done this before?" he asked slyly, knowing the answer.

"No," she answered, feeling as though air was in short supply.

"That's good." He replied. "Turn around," he ordered. She did so, now facing the door. He slid her sweater off, with his fingers running down her skin, giving her goose bumps. She shivered at the coolness.

"Okay, now bend over forward. Lay your stomach on the desk," he ordered, holding her hip with one hand and pushing her upper body down gently with the other hand. He had to muffle the instinct and urge to scream that kept trying to push it's way up. He raised her skirt to her waist, revealing a classy, white lace thong. "You have a very nice ass," he told her, grabbing and tapping it gently, all the while knowing she didn't want to hear it. She remained silent and tried to regulate her scattered breathing. "Don't worry... just relax, baby," he told her as he ran his hands up her shirt, removing it.

He pressed the bulge within his pants against her ass as he reached forward to unhook and remove her white, matching lace bra. He reached around and cupped her breast, caressing and squeezing gently. She felt her nipple betray her as it hardened in his massive hand. "Your tits are so soft," he told her, once again knowing she despised the tone and language.

He let go of her breasts and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants.

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