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Two people finally face the spark between them.

As my Whore I will train you to become addicted to cum and do anything to get mine. As she lifted 2 huge balls slightly with her hands, and I have plenty to feed you."

GOD her balls were the size of grapefruits.

She strutted over to me rubbing her large breasts against my naked chest, stroking my cock, cooing in my ear sensually turning me on so much I was rock hard.

"I know she said, that's why your balls are gripped so tight. So you don't bolt. Just give in to the lust in your cock and the desires of your ass. I'll go slow and take my time; I want to enjoy your body. I will teach and train you and you must trust me for it will be very intense at times. I'm not just going to come up and gut you by ramming 13" in your ass."

She smiled and got up.

"That comes later."

Now put that drink down, I have something better she said massaging her large balls as she guided my head to her cock. I opened willingly and took her as she eased into my mouth filling it. Now with both hands on my head she stroked to the back of my throat over and over.

Then she pulled my head farther down on her and I gagged as she pushed forcefully into my throat. By instinct I pulled back hard but she was ready and jabbed at me and I thought my throat would burst before I was able to jerk back and cough wildly.

She stepped back and said

"I want to fuck your mouth, give it to me."

There was no way I was...................bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz aghhhhhhhhhh. The shock came quick and forcefully.

"Don't be a disobedient SLUT. Now crawl over to me, put your head in my hands and open wide."

I hesitated a second and bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I jumped and spasmed in a flash right on the floor on my knees. I crawled as slowly as I could and she smiled.

"I like that mmmmmmmmmmmmm yes think hard of what I will do to your throat as you crawl. I like my little boys to be scared of my cock. This is a wonderful time of training for you. I love to teach a man to be submissive and break him."

She stroked her long pole sensually. GOD I just could not get over how incredible she was, she overwhelmed me. I placed my jaw right in her waiting hand and slowly opened my mouth, after another shock. She cupped my chin and gripped the back of my head. Her cock forced its way into my mouth and she instructed me to swallow, just then her girth pushed hard into my throat forcing me open as she pulled my head viciously onto her hard shaft. I couldn't help but pull away as pure shock and panic overwhelmed me. She jabbed and thrusted hard and sank her cock deep into my throat cooing and trying to calm me but not letting go, pulling my head firmly down on her. I was panicking too much so she turned me and took me to my back, sliding smoothly into position straddling my face, head still in her hands. Now her weight as well drove and held her cock in my throat. She constantly kept saying swallow and calm down and slapped my face to get my attention. My body spasmed and struggled but she moaned, enjoyed it till I finally began to calm down like a trapped animal.

"Ooooooooooooooooooooo your conquest has been delicious and your throat is so spasmodically tight, maybe I should just unload into you right here. Now just try and relax, you must listen to me and follow my commands."

With that I felt her withdraw and shove in again, me gagging all the way, full panic returning, her thrusts and strokes getting more and more vicious till she was ramming full long strokes down my throat. I whimpered. So completely tired from her relentless assault. I blacked out off and on, waking up to panic each time not even able to recognize my throat anymore.

Her balls quivered uncontrollably as her moans turned very, guttural. She pulled all the way out of me as tears streamed down my face. She kneeled down and kissed me, licking my face.

"You are so sweeeeeet.

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