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A couple takes a summer vacation from their relationship.

His chiseled, dark ebony body seemed like a slab of granite. Most humiliating was the clear and flagrant fact that this young stud now had a partial erection forming in the crotch of that tiny yellow bikini.

"Wh-what th-the?" I murmured under my breath, in absolute shock.

"Geezuz F-ing christ?!" I heard another white husband faintly whisper under his breath, undetectable to the others.

It couldn't have been more obvious, even at that distance. The mammoth cock he was carrying in those skimpy bikini things had grown even larger. The unusually thin, wispy and pliable spandex material of his solid yellow bikini had crept a touch lower than before. Obnoxiously, the exaggerated bulge of his crotch had expanded the airy bright yellow material to an unruly, uncanny and unimagineable dimension.

As this young stud turn left around the next and final corner of the pool, he was now facing all us 40 feet away, as he continued his slow and methodical stroll. His partial erection looked even more obtrusive and I'm sure we all wondered if he would approach us.

Timidly, all of us remained standing in silence with our mouth partially opened.

His enormous, sweat-soaked cock in that microscopic yellow bikini pouch was surreal. The sheer, ominous size of it seemed to mimic a more than healthy cucumber as he drew nearer to the group. The thin, meager and featherweight fabric of his bikini pouch seemed to be hanging on for dear life as his massive cock began to unfurl inside. The wispy material moved with every powerful stride, and his goliath package slapped the side of his thighs naturally.

He had absolutely no regard or concern for the skimpy and flimsy bikini struggling to contain his manhood. None at all.

Shamelessly, the young black stud strolled to within 10 feet of our wives before turning up and to his right. He continued his bold strides towards the glass entry door as the groups of white husbands remained standing, in humiliation, further away.

The black man said no words, but we watched in disbelief as he peered over the tops of his shades and towards our bikini-clad wives. Arrogantly, he "checked them out" and his glare lingered for a moment before he continued towards the door.

His blonde companion tried to hasten her stumbling steps in order to catch up to him, and she fell out of one of her tan heeled sandals. She didn't even turn back to retrieve it as she seemed hurried and desperate to get to him.

The young black man had reached the glass entry door leading to the building, where he simply stopped. He did not turn back to the blonde woman scurrying behind him. We could hear the loud slap of her one sandal hitting the stone pavement in between the faint sound of her bare foot. He stood there with his back turned waiting for her to arrive.

We stood there quietly, mesmorized by the sight of this beautiful and noticeably affected blonde woman rushing towards him. We watched as she reached for the handle to the door and held it open for him. We continued gazing at them as the black stud disappeared inside, followed obediently by the white woman.

All 13 of us white husbands were standing there in complete and utter silence. Our heads seem to hang even lower. I was awed and humbled by the manner in which this young black man had just stood before the door and made the blonde woman open it. When I glanced over to the group of wives standing closer to the door, I could tell they were affected in a different way than we were.

The 13 white wives appeared shocked, almost amazed by the black god they had just observed. Their silence, alone, was surprising to me.

Nearly 30 seconds had gone by when this uncomfortable silence was broken. It was odd that nobody wanted to mention the sight they had just witnessed before their very own eyes. They began to turn towards us and their faces were obviously "flushed" as Karen spoke.

"Um, well, I guess th-they don't want to, uh, have lunch with us th-then." she said, rather uncomfortably.


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