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Where was he headed with that? I didn't ask. I merely said, as it was, that I had included every single amount.

There had been 17 withdrawals which I hadn't made. They varied in size from 5 crowns to 1305 crowns. All in all for more than 3000 crowns. If the matter was going to be investigated, then each amount would tell that on this and this date, at exactly this and this time, the credit-card information was unrightfully used from that and that IP-address.
If you have a warrant, an IP-address becomes a real address, unless the criminal is sufficiently advanced to have hooked onto an IP-hiding network, or so. As technical evidence and in the context of investigation, all amounts are equal.

Due to my personality-disorder, I am accustomed to being misunderstood, and I am accustomed to being unable to understand why others do what they do. Yet, no matter how often it happens, it still hurts.

Under force, I sat in the chair by the wall and was picked on by the police-dude. I guess I had a choice all along, to withdraw the report and ask permission to go home. At least, I assume I did.

Was that the point?

Was the purpose of his behaviour to chase me home without reporting the crime?

If that wasn't the purpose, then what was? Does the police do these things for fun?

We spent a lot of time in that interrogation room. It felt like hours, but I think it was only one, or a half. I had no clock.

In the beginning he alternated between asking questions and criticising my answers. A good deal of time passed that way. He made a big deal out of me not knowing the 16-year old's surname. He was hugely unimpressed that I had a business-card with the 16-year old's step-father's cell-phone number.

He mocked the name on the card. (What kind of a name is this?) This police-dude had a tendency for slow head-shaking and frequent nose-wrinkling. For the first time, he thrummed on his keyboard and said that the phone-number on the card wasn't registered to that name.

"Are you aware what this phone number is registered to?" he then asked.

"No," I replied, and elaborated that I really didn't know anything about that. That card was one I had been given by the kid's step-father, when he came by to check what kind of people we were --shortly after the (then not) 16-year old started coming to our home. I had used the number on that very card, to contact the very same man, when I, by going through the withdrawals from my credit-card, could narrow the amount of probable suspects down to one.

The letter from Fyns Politi is dated July 29th, 2009, the very same day I reported the crime. Near the end of the long interrogation, the police-dude said something about intending to call some days later, either to hear if I had found out the surname of the 16-year old, or to tell me that he had done it himself.

He didn't. Call me, that is.

Several days passed from the moment I first read the letter, till I realised what it actually said, apart from "...decided not to investigate..."

The full wording of the letter is:

"I have today, according to the "retsplejelov" (((Danish word referring to laws of administration of justice))) __749, stk. 1, decided not to investigate the matter of abuse of visa/dankort from your address in the period 290609 to 250709.

An eventual claim of compensation must hereafter be raised in by civil lawsuit. If needed, further information can be supplied by enquiry to the local judges office.

I have in my decision, primarily weighed that you have explained that your home is visited by many young people, whose names you don't know, and whom you allow to play computer. The misuse is of a smaller amount, and according to the informed there has been no loss, since all the money has been, or will be, returned.

You can complain about the decision, according to the complaint-guide.

The complaint can be sent to present police or to the public prosecutor, whose address is Kongevej 41, 6400 S__nderborg..

The time limit for sending in a complaint is 4 weeks from having been informe

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