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Renee enjoys phone play with a man 20 years her senior.

As your eyes scan the room you hear the door close behind you as you feel my hands wrap around you pulling you back against me for a sensual embrace.

You sigh as I lean up to kiss the back of your neck softly as I say "glad you found me baby." I feel your hands reach up to cover mine as I slowly start to massage your chest through your shirt. I can already hear the relaxation in your voice as you tell me this was such a nice surprise. I reach to untuck your shirt from your pants as I begin to explain that I was just feeling that we could both use some time away together. I pull your shirt off of your body and start kissing your shoulders and back as you tell me that you sure would like some time alone together. My hands reach around to unbuckle your belt and unbutton your pants...my hands wandering all over you before unzipping your pants and letting them fall to the floor. I kneel down behind you to help you out of your socks and shoes before slipping your pants off of your legs. Needing to see every inch of your sexy body, I reach up and pull your boxers off of you, my fingernails raking along your thighs and legs as I do. Feeling quite horny and very frisky, I can't contain myself and I lean forward to nibble on your tight ass...biting you gently. I hear you moan with approval so I continue to nibble...needing so desperately to taste you. Sitting back a bit on my knees I place my hands on your hips and slowly turn you around to face me. I look up at you and smile as you see me for the first time, kneeling before you in a long black satin nightgown. You reach to pull me up to you but I shake my head no as I push you back against the wall. My eyes move from your face down to your beautiful cock that is now standing up straight in front of me.

I lean forward and place a soft kiss on the head and it twitches in reply. I look back up to stare into your eyes and watch your face as I stick my tongue out and slowly lick up and down your thick shaft. I moan softly as I continue to lick you, my hands moving to caress your inner thighs. Taking the base of your cock in my hands I slowly slide my mouth onto you...sucking you gently. I whimper softly as I slowly start to suck you...loving how you taste...loving how you feel in my mouth. I look up and see you have closed your eyes. As I continue to suck you, my hands move up your body to caress your stomach and up even further to rub your nipples. I start to suck you a little faster as I lightly scratch my fingernails back down your body to hold your thick cock at the base as I start to suck you faster. I take my mouth off of you for just a moment to lick my lips and tell you how good you taste. While stroking your hard cock with my hand, I move to suck your balls into my mouth...feeling how full they are and very determined to do something to relieve that pressure.

I start licking your cock all over while telling you I want to make you feel incredible because I love you so very much. Staring into your eyes I tell you I want you to cum in my mouth and eagerly resume my sucking. I feel your hands in my hair as you hold my head as it bobs up and down on your cock. Your hands encourage me to go faster so I follow your direction. Your moans and sighs of pleasure making me feel so good as I love knowing you are enjoying this. I suck you for several glorious minutes before I feel your body start to tense in front of me and you call out my name as you start to cum in my mouth. I sigh softly as I swallow you...loving how you taste. I'm licking my lips as you drop to the floor to kneel in front of me. You take my face in your big strong hands and kiss me passionately before pulling me into a warm embrace. I feel tears well up in my eyes as you hold me close...the emotion of just being here alone with you overwhelming. You kiss my neck softly and whisper in my ear, "thank you angel." I smile at you as I tell you that was just the beginning.

You stand up and help me to my feet as you glance over at the bed.

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