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Cock-sucking at a glory-hole.

Trent gave her a winning smile before leaving her suite. Ellie picked out another sundress, shorter, she would be in the kitchen today after all. She was still on time nearly running into a blonde girl on her way.

"Sorry." Ellie murmured.

"No problem." She flipped her hair once before walking into the kitchen, Ellie followed her. There the chef who had a large chalk board was writing about how to prepare the cakes, while his assistant was bent over deep throating his cock.

"Now we have all sorts of pans, penis shaped, vagina shaped, breast shaped, and all are in different sizes." He spoke in a deep voice, it boomed over all other sounds in the kitchen "So use whatever you wish, just make sure you use the entire pans. And after the cakes have baked you need to chill them so the icing can go on."

The assistant pulled his cock out of her mouth "Also watch your cakes, we want a nice texture that is not too hard where it has been over cooked or where it's still raw in the center."

Everyone took their stations, Ellie could bake, she wasn't worried as she looked up in the shelf of pans, the blonde woman picked the largest penis shaped pan, Ellie decided to grab a pan that was different, she chose breasts, at least a C. After awhile of mixing and whisking in bowls everyone had their cakes in the oven.

Everyone was now working on the frosting or icing. The chef now had his assistant bending over so he could slide into her pussy. From the slick sound of insertion, it must have been a bit loose Ellie thought. The dick went in with such ease and out and back in again. How long did it take for her to get so loose? She definitely needed to schedule herself a tightening or two.

"God, she might as well be as wide as Charybdis." The blonde girl commented.

"I hear they have tightenings here." Ellie told her. The blonde girl looked awe struck.

"She needs one asap." Ellie giggled a bit. The blonde girl held a hand out "I'm Lola."

"Ellie." Ellie shook her hand "Let me guess, you always get what you want."

Lola smiled "Actually I do. This is my fifth year coming here, and there's one thing that I want more than anything in this world."

Ellie stared at the girl, she was lightly tanned, her eyes were teal, her lashes thick, pouty lips, was she a model. "What's that?"

Lola lowered her voice "Ted's dick."

Ellie stifled a laugh, didn't everyone want Ted's dick, if not in them then on a platter in some dream world?

"Why have you never asked?"

Lola laughed "I'm a seductress, Ellie. And I've known Ted since the first grade. He loves holes, that's all I can say. He loves all holes, and yet he can't just plunder one of mine."

"Maybe he thinks it'll ruin your friendship."

Lola shook her head "Nah, Anna, you've met her right? She's the manager, and even she's been screwed by Ted before. She and he are besties here, I mean I think he has this thing about relationships. Not that I'm asking for one."

Ellie shrugged "You ever think maybe he's worried if he sleeps with you that he won't want any other woman after?" Ellie shifted both eyebrows up.

Lola's mouth fell agape "Maybe, I never thought about it that way. I know I'm great, but geez. Even if I did whip it on him, I'd leave the next morning to find a new screw."

"I believe they call your kind liberals."

Lola giggled "Yeah, I guess. Hey the cakes are done." Lola slid over to the ovens and pulled out of half vanilla half chocolate penis cake from the oven. Ellie got her cake and placed it down on a cooling rack. Once her tits had cooled she shoved them straight into the fridge to chill them.

The chef had already finished cumming inside his assistant who then licked the cum off his cock and the floor before starting to clean the dirty bowls and whisks that were stacked high in the sinks.

After the cakes were frosted and then decorated the cakes one by one were tasted. Ellie got a B+ for her breasts, even though they were Cs, it felt good to get a high mark, sometimes As were a bit too small.

Ellie and Lola went to the spa together and after their lunch Ellie went to

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