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She removed her suit coat at one point and her obvious bare nipples poked through her soft blouse. One very attractive silver-haired gentleman flashed his rock-hard 10-inch dick to her as he left the window because as she was turned to her terminal, he could clearly see one of her nipples as she processed his transaction.

"Peggy, close your window!" Mae announced as she climbed up the stairs to the end teller's window. "Don't forget to turn on your close sign and pull down your shade." This was so no one would drive up to the window and expect to be waited on during the audit. She nervously buttoned her blouse as Mae reached the top of the stairs to hide her secret voyeurism.

"Okay honey, I have to do your audit. I'll do your coin vault first. Just have a seat and relax-this is just routine."

Peggy sat on the stool in the corner of the window as Mae started the audit. Mae had to bend over to count the rolls of coin neatly stacked in the coin vault. As Mae bent over, Peggy's eyes were locked on Mae's full round ass. Peggy was immediately reminded of a counselor she had in high school named Mrs. Graf whose frame was similar to Mae's. Peggy would fantasize as a teenager about Mrs. Graf, but never had the nerve to pursue the matter. Both women were the motherly-friendly type, and talking to Mae was so easy, as was Mrs. Graf in her high school days. This sparked the unexplored attraction Peggy had to older women.

Although Peggy had been doing so well as the new teller, this was her first audit and she started getting very nervous. She only had one balancing problem during her training, and was hoping her drawer would balance for Mae today. Without thinking, she removed her suit coat, and now her dark nipples swelled from the coolness of the air in the window.

Mae had just finished counting her cash bundles and loose cash, and pulled the calculator tape from the terminal to compare it with the teller balancing reports. As she turned to Peggy to tell her the audit found her in balance, she saw the dark swollen nipples displayed through Peggy's sheer blouse.

At first appearing startled, she discreetly announced, "Peggy, Charter Bank does have a dress code for our tellers, and one of the first things we expect you to do is to wear the proper undergarments. We would not want to give our customers any wrong impressions..."

Peggy, now a shade of dark red from embarrassment, immediately put her suit coat back on. "Oh, Mae, I'm SO sorry! I didn't mean to-"

"No need to explain Peg," Mae replied as she removed her glasses. "It just makes the second part of my audit easier..."

Mae moved closer to Peggy and slowly raised her skirt. "What ARE you doing Mae?!!" Peggy blurted as Mae's well-manicured burgundy-clad nails traveled up Peggy's skirt to her silk panties.

"This is the part of the teller 'drawer' audit I REALLY look forward to!" Mae responded as she slid two fingers into Peggy's crotch to find a well-lubricated pussy. "I didn't say anything to you, but when I reached the top of the stairs, my nose sensed a hint of female excitement in the air. Mae's fingers caressed Peggy's warm, slick, clean-shaven hotbox, gently massaging her now swollen clitoris and randomly entering and exiting her wet pussy.

Mae then removed Peggy's suit coat and unbuttoned each pearl button and let both softly fall to the floor, now exposing Peggy's tits.

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