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Was Christina's visitor real or imaginary?

He was hers--and he really wouldn't have wanted it any other way. His role as "hers" had given him a sense of purpose and worth he had never experienced before.

This basic dynamic between them was evident in all aspects of their life together. She was the decision-maker. She was the boss. She decided how their money and free time was to be spent. She decided who should do what in their division of household labors and responsibilities. She made the rules...and he complied without any argument--ever. This dynamic was also readily apparent in their sex life. The Lady had made it abundantly clear that, because women are superior--God's final pinnacle of creation, after all--sex should always be for the woman's pleasure and satisfaction first. The Lad agreed completely. He had discovered, thanks to her, that when a man directs his sexual energies exclusively towards the goal of pleasing his woman, that somehow, paradoxically, he would end up more satisfied in the end than if he concerned himself with his own pleasure. It was just one more of the sophisticated, profound truths The Lady had revealed to him, and he was eternally grateful to her for it.

To that end, she applied a technique she called "orgasm rationing" on The Lad. She had discovered long ago that men are extremely willing and eager to please a woman when they think they might be rewarded with an orgasm. This is why men behave like such gentlemen during early courtship. Conversely, men are inclined to become lazy and disinterested in anything but themselves if they are sexually indulged too often. Indeed, she had observed how all too many men drifted off into oblivious, infant-like slumber almost immediately after they came.

So she carefully rationed The Lad's orgasms. She permitted him to come on average of about once a week. Oftentimes, he had to wait longer than that between ejaculations--sometimes several weeks. Other times, however, she'd make him come two or three times in one day, sometimes several days in a row. But that was rare. In the end, though, he never quite knew what to expect--it was always her call--and this kept him on the edge, in a perpetually heightened state of excitement, and ever so eager to please her. She took advantage of that basic component of male psychology which reasons that perhaps an orgasm might be the reward if the man first pleases (and pleases and pleases) his mate.

To stoke his fires and thus fuel his eagerness to please her all the more, she would play with his penis constantly--even as she denied him the release of having an orgasm. Yes, she really understood men! Getting him erect, teasing him for long periods of time, but then stopping before he came would put him in a state of frenzy. For him, it felt like hours and days of continuous foreplay. She had him eating out of the palm of her hand (and other parts too--but more on that later!).

For example, almost every night, when they watched television together, she would casually reach over and grasp his penis. (This was easy to do since he was usually nude.) Then she might begin to squeeze and massage it until he was fully erect. She did this as casually as most women might hold a man's hand. This would go on for maybe a half-hour, an hour, sometimes longer. But she never (or at least almost never) stroked him vigorously enough to trigger an orgasm. Then, eventually, she'd just as casually let go and resume watching TV as if nothing had happened, smirking to herself as she watched his erection linger for a while, then subside. This drove him crazy.

In the mornings, he might awaken pleasantly to find her stroking or sucking his penis. She'd stimulate him for five or ten minutes this way, only to stop suddenly, smile, and impishly declare, "Time to get up!"

Other times, he might be in the kitchen, doing the dishes (again, nude, and again, doing household chores by her direction), and she'd saunter up behind him, reach around and grab him by the balls.

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