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Nikki enjoys the slave.

This would probably be the hardest lesson for tara to learn. It always was for a new submissive. To be allowed such freedom to cum was a privilege that could easily be snatched away at a moments notice and He would always be in control of them. He wanted to chuckle out loud but held it in. Soon He would let His precious minx cum but not quite yet.

Yes, that is what she was....a precious minx. He had found her name and she would get used to being called just that instead of tara. He grinned down at her and simply spoke aloud the word -- now. tara came hard and felt as if the world crashed down around her and didn't care. This was the ultimate surrender and this was subspace.

her body shook as she came hard. she saw stars before her eyes and felt as though she was floating in air. For a moment she got scared but felt His hand coaxing her back to Him. He held her close and comforted her. He knew the first time was always this scary.

"It's okay tara...welcome to what it's like to truly be a submissive and finding subspace. I know you're a bit scared at the moment but listen to my voice and relax and enjoy this space. Nothing bad is going to happen to you. I won't let it. Trust me."

tara couldn't find words in that space and simply relaxed against Him and softly let her hand trace a line from His nipples down to His treasure trail. He enjoyed her touch but soon would want more. He had been hard for so long and His balls were aching with need for release. He slowly brought her out of that space after letting her linger there for a while longer.

He eased her onto her back, and spread her legs. He curled between them and began to kiss her once again. Slowly at first and then with more passion behind them, for tonight she would know His kisses. He rubbed the head of His cock against her clit and looked down into her eyes. He saw that she wanted this and quickly entered as she gave a nod of her consent.

That was important to Him, consent even in sexual intimacy. True she said she wanted this night and T/they were in agreement, but that could change at any moment based upon so many things. He never wanted to lose trust by taking without that permission. Just something that was instilled in Him long ago.

Slowly He eased inside of her, letting her body adjust not only to His size but also to His presence. He quickly took her that first time. her body was shuddering beneath Him and she for the first time didn't need much other touching to know she was going to soon explode once again. He could feel her shudder and with her orgasm came His own.

He held her close as her pussy milked His cock dry of His cum. Such a precious minx she was to bring Him over with her. He thought He had better control than that but for some reason she just did Him in. He held her in His arms as T/they both came down from its last wave. He moved to her side and held her in His arms.

"you are such a little minx my dear. I should spank you for making your Sir cum like that."

"Sorry Sir....i couldn't help it."

"I know you couldn't My minx. Rest a bit for the night has only begun and I fully intend on claiming all of you, minx."

"Why call me minx, Sir?"

"Yes, I have decided that is your new name. From now on that is what I'm going to call you. Every girl of Mine has a nickname and that is yours."

Part 24

Trey gave tara quite a good while to rest. Granted, He really didn't need the rest but He wanted this next part to be something not rushed. He suspected that there was one part of her yet unclaimed by any one and He wanted to have that for Himself. He would ask her in a short while if she was an anal virgin, but for now He was content to hold His minx.

"Minx it is time to wake up and begin what I have planned for U/us next. I'm not sure, however, if anyone has ever given you this next delight but I promise to be slow and easy. Tell me, My minx, has anyone ever taken your ass in play?"

"i've only ever been fingered there Sir. i will admit that felt good and i enjoyed that, but as far as sex 'No'."

"Well my minx, that will

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