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Married friends can no longer resist their desires.

She would jerk especially hard when the heat happened to be directed at her nipples.

The guests continued to chat and eat, and the other two female slaves were especially careful while they continued to serve the main course and dessert. The redhead wiggled less and less during the course of the meal. Either she was getting tired and didn't care about the pain in her breasts as much, or the candles burned down and didn't cause as much pain. Or both. Either way, I struggled and struggled to control my now obvious erection while watching the redheaded slave wiggling at the end of the table. Finally, as the dessert dishes were being cleared from the table, and the other guests were moving to the living room, the Mistress unhooked the redhead from the table. Her breasts were a light red, almost matching her hair, from the heat of the candles. Her face was also a bright red, flush from the struggling she endured. The other female slaves helped the redhead to the kitchen.

While the female slaves cleared the table, the male slaves "entertained" the guests. Two of us would hold the arms of the other slave, while one of the guests would whip or tease him as he chose. Once while I was held, my back was whipped with a light crop by one of the Masters. The other time I was held, one of the Mistresses rubbed her body against mine, doing her best to arouse herself. She rubbed her breasts against my back and chest, and I could see her nipples getting hard through her blouse.

"You worm. You worthless slave. Kiss my neck and arms. Don't you dare get aroused pleasuring me!"

I did not succeed. She did arouse me.

She stood in front of me, and fondled her breasts with her hands. My cock was erect as she continued to pleasure herself. "You proud cock! You will be punished later for your pride and arrogance!"

As I continued to serve, I couldn't help but wonder what she meant by those words. What punishment was in store for me later? I didn't have to wonder long. I was led to another room. There were six chairs facing a platform. The platform had many hooks and eyes, and could be used for all sorts of bondage positions. I was told to kneel down on the platform. The chains on my ankles were attached to hooks in the platform. My wrists were unlocked from the chain I was wearing, brought behind my back, and locked again to the chain I was wearing. Finally, another chain was used to bind my wrists to my ankles. I was kneeling erect, but I couldn't bend forward more than a tiny little bit.

I tried to squat, but heard "Kneel erect" from behind me. I obeyed, wondering exactly what my punishment was going to be.

I had been kneeling for maybe ten minutes, when the rest of the slaves were brought in. They were led behind the chairs, and told to stand and watch the punishment. The redheaded female slave was brought to the platform. I wondered if she was going to be ordered to punish me. It would serve me right for enjoying her punishment at the dinner table so much. She was led in front of me. From my kneeling position, she seemed to tower over me. Her breasts seemed huge. I could feel my erection starting to grow.

"Kneel down", I heard.

The redhead knelt down in front of me, facing me.

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