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Dancing with the Devil.

It is called the Medusa Rune and it is very powerful but guaranteed to keep your man in check".

Grinning politely and intrigued, Mary asked how it worked and the girl explained.

"This charm, when carried on your person will definitely freeze your man to your will, GUARANTEED or double your money back.

It really was not an explanation, and fifty bucks seemed a bit high, but what the hell Mary thought. Chuckling, she paid the clerk and placed the rune in her pocket and continued on to her appointment with Andrew.

As she entered her studio to wait for her boyfriend she thought about the rune and wondered what on earth it was supposed to do as a million questions ran through her mind.

"I wonder if this would actually work? What does FREEZE your man to your will mean anyway? Well, for as long as I am around him, I will always carry it, as who knows, nothing ventured nothing gained." She thought as the door to her studio finally opened at seven pm.

Andrew, late as always, trotted into the studio looking hot as ever. Giving her a quick kiss, Mary felt her panties moisten as he began to strip for the nights session. She wanted desperately to ask where he had been, since he was four hours late, but knew better and decided to just focus on the job at hand.

Now stark naked, he asked what the pose for the night was, he giggled as she described it.

"Holy God Mary! That might be a bit hard on my back and I hope I can keep old Stanley (his pet name for his cock) all night, but I will give it the old college try."

The position she described was very specific and would no doubt tax Andrew's stamina. He was to not only be absolutely naked, but completely erect and stretched to the limit of his endurance. The position would be hard to hold as he had to be completely leaned over backwards with his head touching the ground and his cock and balls high in the air, completely exposed. Making it even more difficult he had to stretch his legs out as far as possible as well as his hands so that only his full balls and totally hard cock would be seen sticking up from the reverse C he was crouching in.

Mary licked her lips as she watched his glorious body become so helplessly exposed to her before as in this position his cock and balls were completely at her mercy and he could not see anything she was doing. She would be able to lick and suck and stroke him for hours and there would be nothing he could do about it, and she said just that, knowing that it would only make him harder, which it of course did.

It was hard to concentrate on sculpting seeing him so erotically exposed and as she lost herself in her horny thoughts of licking his enormous member, a cellphone rang.

"I will get it" she said as she went to retrieve her cellphone. To her surprise it wasn't hers but Andrew's and since they had the same ringtone she could not tell them apart. Knowing he was in the position he was, and how difficult it was for him to get in and out of that spot, she went ahead and looked at the caller id, deciding to check with him to see if he wanted her to take the call.

Her eyes instantly burned with hatred as she recognized the name on the caller ID. "DEIDRA!" Andrew's stripper ex girlfriend. Now with the glowing iPhone screen screaming in her face it was obvious that Andrew was up to his cheating ways again.

Not knowing that it was HIS cellphone Mary was looking at, Andrew innocently called out "Babe you coming in, my back is starting to hurt!"

"Just a second!" she called back as she started reviewing the call history and text messages on his phone. With each little character flashing on the screen, her anger turned to blind fury as she read the series of incriminating messages, not just from Deidra, but from several other of his whores.

Her fist unconsciously was gripping the Medusa Rune when she said, "GOD DAMN IT, I wish he would just stay PUT and be MINE!"

Right after she said this, she heard a whoosh from the other room and when she stomped bac

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