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He loses his virginity to his sister.

He comes to stay about once a week Sara. He was a little confused while in college out west but seems to know what he wants now. His work and the seminar relate to his engineering background."

I wasn't sure what 'confused' referred to but we stepped to the terrace and George stood just having ended his call. He took my hand and we all sat down.

Susan said, "The wine looks good. I'd love a glass of the Montrachet George. Serve one to Sara as well please." She directed me to sit across from George.

After some pleasant conversation Susan walked off. I watched her as she started to attend to some flowers. So it was a set up date, and she certainly had shared my history.

George spoke of his career change, moving from the design work of the firm toward the sales side.

"This particular firm wants its clients to have access to experienced tech people."

I spoke of my computer work and the firm I'd started, "After only a few months I was making a profit and now the clients just come."

George continued talking of his firm and the positive environment it provided. The product line wasn't very specific. They designed and resolved the manufacturing of a wide variety of products for other companies, from diapers to headbands.

"It's a little unusual in that there are quite a number of women engineers on staff. The firm had worked to balanced the hires of women and men graduate engineers."

"In my computer work there are few women as well," I said noticing he was relaxing as we continued to speak. Maybe the casual discussion of gender equality would help him understand that he was sitting with a girl with a penis.

"Evidently there is a trend toward more women and the CEO has a daughter who is studying at Michigan. Her interest in engineering inspired a shift in the firm's employment policy."

George talked of his studying in San Francisco and the time after graduation, "I had several interesting relationships and had my heart broken by someone. Susan has always been my favorite Aunt and she doesn't judge me."

He spoke of his mother's negative opinions, and bias. I noticed he was watching my sling-back when I moved or turned a little. I was glad I had worn sheer pantyhose since my ankles were all he could see of my long legs.

George said, "My father hasn't been close since the divorce nearly ten years ago. He didn't like most of my friends." He seemed a little upset as he continued.

"I worked in the Bay area for two years after college and lived with someone."

We had finished the wine. He enjoyed the white as well and I was feeling quite good. I liked George and he was clearly enjoying my company. We spoke without him having to acknowledge my gender change. I'd watched him slowly shifting his chair closer every few minutes so now we were sitting within a few inches of one another. Again his pants became the center of my attention. I had to get home soon!

"You know Sara, I, I mean, I want to explain something, about my past relationship. I lived with a gay friend out west after college. We broke up when I discovered I was really bisexual. I caused my boyfriend to leave not by sleeping around but by being less involved in the culture. Do you know what I mean?"

I simply smiled, he was sharing a lot and I was listening, not judging or flirting. And I could sense his interest in my complicated sexuality. There was something I was attracted to, maybe just his acceptance of my body was enough?

This man was handsome and smart and a few years older than me. He was a bit taller, maybe six foot. Even when he couldn't have known of my sex re-orientation I had found him attractive. Now he was close and he smelled good. This morning I'd seen enough to be aroused by him and now he was sharing intimate details. The idea of have a man's cock inside me had developed just recently thanks to Sam. But George was warm and definitively alive. I needed to calm down to remain near him.

I looked down at the table where his phone sat.

The time was nearly seven, "George, I've had a lovely time but I need go.

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