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A Fantasy Meeting between Writers.

She did not adjust her skirt; it didn't matter, because she had other things on her mind.

The cheeks of her round, firm bottom felt slightly cool against the vinyl seat as the back of her skirt hung in a halo around half of the stool. As she settled into the seat his hand slowly slid from her arm to the top of her knee - she watched it move and felt static shocks throughout her body, causing her to part her legs ever so slightly. His hand was larger than her knee. She could feel his fingers slowly tickling the top of her calf.

"E-Eileen, my name is Eileen Patterson," she said as she finally moved her gaze away from her own knee, towards his face, stopping at his crotch along the way. "My god just look at him," she thought, "no matter what I have to call my mother tomorrow."
"Well, Eileen Patterson, it's an absolute pleasure to meet you," he turned towards her, his left knee bumping her left knee, causing her to jump. With his left hand still on her right knee, he extended his right hand towards her. "My name is Prometheus Annamopolis."

Eileen cocked her head to the side, echoing the ditzy cheerleader move he had made earlier. "Really?" she questioned, not believing that such a name could exist.

Her quizzical head move made his manhood jump in his pants. "This girl is an absolute stunner," he said to himself on the inside, while replying, "Yes, ma'am, I've had it since I was born," to her on the outside. It was a bad joke, he knew it, but Eileen giggled anyway, and grasp his hand to shake it. It was easily three times the size of her own.

"Nice to meet you too," she replied, still giggling from the bad joke, or maybe it was seeing his pants jump. Either one worked for her, as long as it was from this man.

Eileen felt herself blushing as the fire inside of her was now trying to escape. At this distance she was catching wisps of his smell. He smelled like clean and warm with the slightest hint of tobacco. His nails were clean and cut, not bitten, and his hands were rough enough to belong to a working man.

"So what is a spectacular beauty - such as yourself - doing all alone at a dance club on a Friday night?" He could smell her juices, and her soft perfume, before he realized what he was doing he had closed his eyes and breathed in deeply through his nose. Prometheus could smell strawberries and evergreens.

When his eyes opened, she was looking at him, smiling with perfect teeth. Busted, he grabbed his drink and took a slow sip, swishing the liquid gold in his mouth with his tongue. Eileen didn't miss a beat, though; he had calmed her quite a bit, like a snake charmer. His fingers were still idly stroking her knee and calf.

"My friend ditched me a little while ago, even though it's my first night out in a long time, and she begged me to come."

"Begged me to come" echoed in his brain, and his pants felt tighter, but he replied. "So she found a man, and then ran off on you?" His smile was spectacular.

"Boy, or boys," she replied sarcastically, her amber eyes casually rolling around in mock cynicism.

"Ahh," the sound seemed to come from the bottom of his chest. Vibrations, followed by shivers, ran through her body, while his hand slowly moved to the middle of her thigh. "That explains a lot, actually, quite a lot..."

He trailed off, a far away stare in his eyes for a moment. Eileen gasp slightly as her fire fought for control of her body. The sound brought Prometheus's gaze back to her angelic face, along with his sexy grin.

"So why have you not been out in a while, everyone needs a little fun time.

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