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Recently broken updumped, they confide in each other.

"My folks hate it when anyone wastes hot water."

Emily stepped into the stall to join Tricia, closing the glass door behind her. The enclosure was big enough for the two of them, but just barely. Tricia was already lathering up her hair with shampoo, an act which raised her arms up and caused her breasts to perk up noticeably. Emily certainly noticed.

Bottles of shampoo and bodywash were tossed back and forth playfully, and soon the girls' bodies had regained their clean and healthy-looking glow. Tricia soaped up her own breasts, tweaking her nipples to clean them, and then moved her hands down to give the same sort of attention to her clean-shaven pussy. Then she raised one leg up, placed her foot on a low seat built into the shower wall, and proceeded to wash the area around her anus. Emily followed suit, trying not to stare too obviously at her cousin's beautiful body.

"I'll scrub your back, Em," said Tricia.

Emily had no sooner turned her back to Tricia when she felt the older girl's soapy hands on her, massaging her tired shoulders and working their way down to the small of her back. As Tricia's hands moved further down, out onto the swells of Emily's hips and ass cheeks, Emily felt relaxed and excited at the same time, but she wasn't prepared for what Tricia did next.

Tricia had moved up so close behind Emily that her breasts and belly were pressed against Emily's back. Tricia's now reached her hands around Emily's waist, resting on the younger girl's gently rounded belly, and her face was pressed into the fragrant softness of Emily's hair. Emily felt Tricia's lips brush her cheek and then move to leave a trail of kisses along her neck and shoulders. She felt the older girl's hair tumbling over her cheek. Tricia was whispering something into Emily's ear, and Emily had to tilt her head and strain to hear it above the sound of the powerful water spray.

"That incest stuff really turned me on," Tricia was saying, very softly. "And it made me want to be this close to you."

Emily didn't know what to say or do, so she said and did nothing as one of Tricia's hands moved to fondle Emily's left breast and the other moved down to the mound between Emily's legs. Emily felt her left nipple being pinched. A finger traced the line between her outer pussy lips. Emily shuddered with pleasure, fully aroused and feeling sexual desire without knowing quite how to deal with it. Tricia kissed Emily's face and neck as she continued to whisper into Emily's ear.

"I'm doing to you what I've often dreamed of having your father and your brother do to me," Tricia went on, her fingertip now inserting itself between Emily's swollen labia. "Would you want to watch one of them fucking me, Em?"

Emily nodded silently. Tricia now had two fingers deep inside her cousin's pussy.

"Imagine watching me guiding one of their lovely big cocks into my pussy ... now imagine yourself taking my place ..."

Emily groaned, "Oh yes, yessss..."

"Only it's my father's cock thrusting into you ... your Uncle Ralph's cock ... it's a magnificent cock ... and he'd love to pleasure you with it ... " Tricia's fingers were touching Emily's swollen clitoris, softly, teasingly, wonderfully.

Emily felt an orgasm building in her, and hardly heard whatever Tricia was saying now. "Don't stop, Trish," she begged, almost sobbing in her need for relief.

"Imagine all the fun you could have, Em darling ... with my father's cock ... and with your father's cock ... and with your brother's cock ..."

Emily was nearly wild with her lustful thoughts, but Tricia continued mercilessly. And with even greater raunchiness.

"... and with my mother ... and with your mother ... and with me ... especially with me ..."

It was all too much for Emily, whose body lurched awkwardly into an orgasm that slammed her shaking body against one of the shower stall walls and caused her to shriek so loudly that Tricia was momentarily and unnecessarily worried about her.

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