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Demon Pi Part Eleven

ssion in his eyes:

"Real men don't do that shit wimp."

I moved back to my chair and Mark got back on the bed and looked over at me, "Watch how a real man fucks a woman" and then he buried his cock in Penny and started fucking her. He was banging away and Penny started talking again:

"Oh god baby, he is so good. He is fucking me so hard. I love it baby, I love it."

"Tell him how much you love my cock."

"I love his cock baby, it is so hard and it feels so good."

"Tell him how good it is to have a real man fuck you."

"I love it, I love how you are fucking me."

"Isn't it nice to have a real man for a change?"

"Oh god, I love it."

"Am I a real man?"

"Oh yes lover, a real man, a stud, a fucking bull. Fuck me lover, fuck me with your big cock."

"Do I fuck you better than the wimp?"

Penny giggled and said, "Don't talk about him like that, he's my husband. You fuck me hard, you fuck me fast, you make me cum."

"But do I fuck you better than the wimp?"

"God yes, make me cum lover, make me cum."

My cock, which had been harder than an iron bar suddenly wilted. I got up off the chair and left the bedroom and went downstairs and made a stiff drink. I nursed it for a bit and then downed it and went over and sat down on the couch and stared at the wall as I listened to Penny scream and cry as the asshole fucked her and eventually I fell asleep on the couch.


When I woke up in the morning I had a blanket over me. Penny must have come down sometime during the night and covered me. I had a standing golf date every Sunday morning and Mark was still there when I left the house. The mood I was in as I drove to the golf course was not good. The night had been both exciting and disquieting. I had a hard on most of the time, but I left it in my pants after seeing Mark's sneer when I ate Penny's pussy. No way I was going to stroke off and give the asshole another shot at me. But my hard on wilted when he started trash talking and Penny went along with it. What I wanted to do was grab the asshole by the neck and toss him out the bedroom window, but what I did was get up and leave which he probably saw as wimp behavior on my part.

I was on the first tee doing my practice swings when suddenly my blood turned cold. I remembered Mark getting up to go to the bathroom. The master bedroom has three doors besides the entry. My walk in closet, Penny's walk in closet and the bathroom. All three doors are identical and all three doors were closed. When Mark got off the bed to go to the bathroom he didn't hesitate and look at all three doors and then ask which one was the bathroom - he went straight to it. He had been there before! It was at that moment that I knew, finally knew, that Penny had been cheating on me. No more denial, no more burying my head in the sand; Penny was cheating on me with Mark for certain and probably with Dave.

It was the worst eighteen holes I ever played in my life. My drives sucked, I shanked my fairway woods, I took five and six strokes trying to get out of sand traps and I couldn't putt for shit. My mind was in turmoil about what to do about Penny. She had lied to me, swore, not once but twice, that I was the only one since taking her vows, and all the time she was fucking Mark and God only knows who else.


It was one in the afternoon when I got home and as I turned onto my street I saw Mark backing out of our driveway. The bastard had stayed and fucked Penny after I had gone and I wondered what Penny would have to say about that. I was home two hours earlier than normal because I was in a rotten mood and didn't feel like sticking around for drinks at the nineteenth hole when we were done. On a whim I drove on by the house and headed for the public library where I killed two hours until it usual time to go home. While sitting in the library I was able to calm myself down and I made the decision not to confront Penny until I had a little more information.

When I walked in the door I hollered out "Honey, I'm home", bu

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