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Talia and I take a walk on the beach and discover The Grotto.

"Yum, I like sucking you dick"

"Babe, don't talk with your mouth full. Oh yes that's really good. Keep that up and you'll have more than my dick in the back of your throat. Oh jeez"

"I hope so"

The line ahead moves and we draw level with the bus again. No one watching. Your hand pounds out a steady rhythm in my lap, your tongue giving me pleasure, licking around the head of my swollen shaft. I can't resist. I hold you head steady and start thrusting into your mouth. The pressure is building with every thrust, you suck hard pulling the seed from my balls with every stroke.

"Ah yes go on Babe I'm gona cum, go on yes that's it"

I hold your head and push my cock into your mouth again and explode. Spasms rocks my body as load after load of hot spunk pumps into your mouth. I grab hold of the wheel and squeeze hard. You pump my cock again and more cum spurts into your mouth. Again I spunk into your throat.

"Oh shit Babe your going to suck me dry, ah" another load shoots forth.

"Mmmmm, more please" you say giving a long hard suck on my spending rod.

There's a load blast of horn from the car behind. Crap the traffic has moved. I close the gap and we are back beside the bus again. The woman is looking at us, smiling, the guy is waving a camera giving us the thumbs up.

"Well Babe I guess the windows aren't as dark as we thought."

"I don't care" you say smiling "I kind of like it, it's so naughty"

"Wana give them another shot for their album?"


You hold my cock to your lips and we both look up at the two voyeurs and smile. The guy already has his camera ready, flash, and other thumbs up. The girl is beaming.

"Guess we made their day too Babe, finally we're moving"

We pull ahead of the bus and into faster traffic, my cock still hard as you caress it. Past several other buses and a couple of jeepees but we're moving to quickly for anyone to notice the half naked driver, his cock being fondled by the sexy woman next to him.

We drive on, ahead is a tollbooth. No time to pull my shorts up.

"Babe cover my lap with something, I think they charge extra for stiffies."

"There you go; I'm done reading it anyway"

"What! Oh come on; People Magazine, you've not got anything with some porn in it? It's official, men find People Magazine a turn on" I say in fake news announcers voice. "Guess it'll have to do."

I lower the window just enough to get my arm out , Christ I hope they can't see in. Thankfully the attendant isn't interested, just sticking his hand out for the fee. I hand him some notes and he mumbles something.

"What? What did he say honey?"

"Don't know"

Leaning across me with your head out the window you ask him to repeat what he said. Now's my chance. I slip my hand up your skirt and play with your ass. I find the edge of your knickers, there soaking wet, and pull them to one side exposing your mound.

"Sorry that's the smallest we AAaaaaave"

Two fingers slide easily into your hole.

"Told you I'd get you back" I whisper in your ear. I pull them out and find your clit and start to rub.

"Stop it"

"What?" The attendant says, oblivious to the girl with a cock in one hand and two fingers in her cunt.

"Nothing, aaah"

My fingers slip in and out of your hole, my thumb playing with you button.

Our change comes.

"Mmmm yes Babe"

For the first time the attendant looks at you. I hit the gas and leave him sitting there with a puzzled look.

"Babe find somewhere you get off, I want you inside me now"

"Ok, there's a petrol station in a few miles"

The time drags. My cock oozing pre-cum, my fingers wet with your juices. Finally the station appears and we pull off and drive right to the end of the parking area. There's a large semi, I park on the far side.

"Leave your knickers on Babe get over here on my cock"

It slides in straight away as you straddle my seat slowly lowering you hot pussy onto my throbbing tool. Holding onto the seat back you lean against the wheel and grind against my rod.

"Come on Babe fuck my dick, can you feel it in side you, can yo

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