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The mystery woman's cyber signature spikes his heart rate.

I also put on a short black pleated school skirt that came a few inches above my knees. Whilst some of the girls opted for fishnet stockings and ripped tights I decided to show off my freshly shaven legs, but I did slip into a sexy black pair of heels. I also decided on my old black and red school tie, but unlike my old school uniform I wore the tie loosely around my neck with a couple of buttons undone, revealing my impressive cleavage.

I'd had a great time thus far but I really missed my fianc__. Tonight I wanted to feel sexy. Giving myself the once over in the mirror I smiled at my slutty make-up and felt hot.

Our last night was proving to be the best night. We all looked great and turned many heads, mostly male. The drink flowed and as men approached us Hannah fended them off, for once. Tonight was my night she said as we danced from bar to bar. Each bar we entered was followed by a free shot for the hens and I must have tasted every flavour under the sun before I eventually started to feel the effects.

As the music pumped through the club we had ended up in I became aware of how drunk I was. My head was starting to spin, I had hands grabbing at my arse and breasts as I danced and I knew I had to get out of there. I turned around in search of Hannah or anyone from my group but I found no one. In amongst the dancing and laughter I had managed to become separated from the girls.

Fighting through the crowd I approached the bar to see if I could find anyone, but none of the girls were there. I couldn't search any longer, I had to go outside and get some fresh air.

Once outside I crossed the road from all the bars and restaurants and walked towards the sea. The closer I got to the water the darker it became, but I felt so drunk and the cool Mediterranean breeze was doing wonders for my head I just carried on a littler further before finally sitting down on the sand.

For a moment it felt like I was back in Mexico with my fianc__. I closed my eyes and listened to the gentle crashes of the waves once more. I imagined that I was lying on that very beach.

As I began to drift with my thoughts, easing the pain my drunkenness was causing me, I felt my fianc__ kiss me softly on the lips. It felt so real lying there feeling his soft lips touching mine before moving down onto my neck. A sigh escaped my lips, signalling my enjoyment.

I then felt him, his hand warm on my knee and then on my leg as he continued to kiss my neck and ear lobe. He then moved back to my mouth and we continued kissing as I felt his hand slide between my legs rubbing my inner thigh.

"Don't stop." I mumbled, sinking deeper into the sand as if my dream were real.

Then, a strange sensation on my chest left me feeling confused. To make matters worse I thought I could hear male whispers close to my side. It didn't sound like my fianc__ but I couldn't open my eyes to see.

Suddenly I realised it was my blouse and the buttons on my blouse being opened. I counted as each one was delicately pulled apart, still I could not open my eyes. Was I dreaming? I thought.

It seemed to take forever before my blouse was eventually pulled apart and the sea air rushed against my hot skin. I felt fingers touching me as they slid softly across my body. Touching my tummy and chest back and forth, igniting my senses.

The fingers quickly turned to palms and I felt them running smoothly over my bra before stopping to cup each breast. The cups soon turned to caresses and I enjoyed the feeling as my heart began pumping faster and I felt my panties getting wet. Then the hands became heavier and a little rougher as if there were two or three hands feeling me. I found it hard to concentrate as the sensations between my legs drove me wild.

As I lay there it was like two mouths were kissing me, as if each kiss was a different person. Then a hand went inside my bra, my nipples stiffened as the feeling grew stronger and stronger.

Eventually my eyes

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