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One thing leads to another...

I check quite often, that's why I was so certain something was wrong, that lump is definitely new."

I began running my fingers gently around the circumference of Beth's breast, assessing the perfectly smooth globe and feeling her fluttering heartbeat through my fingertips. I started shrinking my circles, drawing ever nearer her steadily stiffening nipple. Finally, after drawing it out for as long as possible I arrived at Beth's nipple, taking it between my thumb and forefinger, I gave it enough of a squeeze to cause Beth's plump lower lip to become caught between her teeth.

"Sorry, just checking to make sure there's no discharge."

Beth wrinkled her nose and gave me a small smile.

"Well, there's nothing wrong with your left breast Beth; it is absolutely perfect."

Beth's smile widened and if possible her blush deepened; I felt for her, while I was enjoying this situation hugely, it must be quite distressing for such a reserved girl.

"On with the show. My hands aren't too cold are they?"

"No, they're just fine."

"Okay, lean back a little more."

Beth turned her chest towards me, inviting me to touch her left breast; some of her embarrassment was forgotten as her legs spread a little wider. I began my unhurried, languid circles again, building up torturously slowly until I reached Beth's nipple, which since it was erect, I gave a teasing twist.

"Well, I don't know what you were worried about Beth, you have two perfect breasts."

"What do you mean? I found a lump, you must have missed it."

"If you mean this tiny little lump here Beth..."

(I massaged an area of Beth's right breast, about an inch to the left of her nipple.)

"...Then you have nothing to worry about because that is no growth, it is just perfectly harmless little breast gland."

"You're sure? Oh thank you so much Ben, what a relief, I was so worried, I thought...Oh, thank you so much."

Caught up in the emotion of the moment, Beth threw her arms around my neck and pulled me tight to her, I was reminded of my forgetfulness in putting on a t-shirt after Beth's arrival by the provocative grazing of her nipples across my chest. I curled my arms protectively around her middle and kissed her bare shoulder as again her emotions overcame her and tears dripped down my back. Beth's snivelling stopped yet she kept hold of me and I her. I had drawn her up so that she was virtually straddling my lap and our embrace was tight enough for her breasts to have been flattened completely against the hardness of my chest. I loosened my grip enough to run a hand up the side of her ribcage, calming her much like one would the flank of a horse.

"You can stop worrying Beth, your going to be fine. I'll still come with you if you want to get checked out in the morning; but I'm sure it's nothing."

Beth's tear streaked face looked up at me with a depth of gratitude in her sparkling eyes.

"Thank you Ben, this really means so much to me, I was thinking such awful things; I really can't afford to lose George and I know something like this would really drive him away."

I snapped.

"Beth, if you really think that, then why the fuck are you still with him? He is an absolute piece of shit and he doesn't deserve you-why are you whoring yourself out to him?"

Beth jumped out of my lap and grabbed her bra, fire burning in her eyes.

"What I do is my business. Now I would appreciate it if we keep this a secret, I will not be requiring your assistance in seeing the doctor tomorrow."

Beth violently yanked up the zipper on her dress. I was dazed, she was a whirlwind of activity and before I knew it she was on her way out the door.

"Beth, wait, I'm sor..."

She was gone.

I sat with my head in my hands, where had it all gone so wrong? Oh yeah, calling a girl a whore is rarely a good idea. It just wound me up so much; the fact that she would still stay with George, knowing that in her hour of need he would discard her. I still didn't understand why Beth would debase herself by staying with George.

* * *

A week passed.

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