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Ville meets a sad girl.

"Yeah." 'You have no idea, my friend. Today just might be the day that you'll find out.'

Xander and Oz were dressed in their trunks and were waiting for the other two so they could head out and meet the girls.


The girls were in their room getting dressed as well when Faith decided to tease the young blonde.

"So Buffy, this might be your moment to be with my brother."

"Faith, could you just shut up." Buffy was getting irritated with the brunette. She was constantly nagging Buffy about her and Angel being intimate. 'If she only knew what really happened to me she wouldn't be acting like a bitch.'

"Don't worry about Faith, Buffy. She's just jealous that you found a man that is totally in love with you," Willow said.

"You got that right."


Everyone arrived at the beach and set their chairs up. They sky was clear, sun shinning brightly and the beautiful white clouds were vast and endless for miles. The sand was a shade of tan that wasn't too hot on your bare feet as your toes touched the granites rubbed against them.

Buffy laid on her back with a towel, placed her blue sunglasses on and closed her eyes. She felt the warm heat of the sun's rays penetrate right through her skin. She had already taken off her shirt to reveal herself in a blue bikini.

"Buffy, honey I'm going to the water. You wanna join me?"

"Okay," she said as she lowered her sunglasses to check him out. Angel was wearing black trunks that were short enough and tight enough. As she followed Angel she could see how firm his ass was. 'Ooh I can't wait to see what's underneath those shorts. Bad Buffy.'

They entered the ocean and started swimming. As Buffy looked around her she couldn't believe the sight of the water. It was blue as the sky with hints of turquoise. She faced Angel as he embraced her body with his hands wrapped around her waist.

"Did I tell you how beautiful you looked in your bikini?"

"Actually now that I think about it. No, you didn't."

"You...look...beautiful," he said in between kisses. She moaned softly under his gently kisses as her fingers threaded through the short hairs on the nape of his neck. They both parted from the heated kiss and gazed into each other's eyes. He took her hand in his and both out of the water and went straight to the towel that was laid on the sand.

As Buffy lay down on the blue beach towel while Angel was on top of her with his elbows at each of her sides. His brown eyes gazed down upon those green eyes and saw how much love she had for him and vice versa. He leaned down and began kissing her. Both their bodies were flushed, lips fused together and legs tangled with one another. They were so caught up into their emotions that they rolled around in the sand just being content with one another. Their moans from the other's ministrations grew louder that they didn't even notice a person appearing before them.

"Oh, Angel!" Xander said imitating Buffy. Buffy and Angel spread apart to see the smirk on Xander's face.

"Xander! What do you want?" Buffy asked.

"Nothing actually. I thought I'd say hi. Oh, and also you two should tone it down a bit. You are in a public place."

"Xander, just leave. I'm in no mood to joke around," Angel said.

"Fine. I'll go."

"Angel, honey I just realized that I've got sand stuck all over my body."

"So do I. Let's go take a shower," he said taking her hand in his.


They headed over the shower and washed the sand away. Angel decided that it was best to share one shower instead of two so other people on the beach could use it.

"I like my idea. Two of us, one shower," he said grinning.

"I totally agree with you. It's best not to waste water," she replied smiling back.


It was the day before everyone had to leave back to Sunnydale so everyone decided to head back to the beach once more and have a bonfire at night.

Angel was walking around the beach feeling the sunrays against his back and the warm feeling of sand beneath his toes.

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