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The secluded beach wasn't the only good thing!

She was squeezing his fingers so tightly between her thighs they began to ache from the pressure. Her legs closed tightly around his head as she jerked from side to side. Jack stayed in that position as she came, right through the aftershocks, until she finally began to calm down, then he chuckled as another slight flick of his tongue started her off again. She cried out, almost in shock, as she felt the orgasmic waves renew themselves. At this stage her feelings were so intense that she wondered if she was going to faint. Jack let his fingers slip out of her and placed a last kiss on her pussy, licking up the juices that had flowed out of her. Slowly he kissed his way back up her body, until he was face to face with her. He kissed her mouth and then, poised above her, he looked into her eyes, telling her, "Watch me as I put my cock into you."

Their eyes locked as he hovered above her. He pressed the head of his pulsing cock against her cunt, and she gasped slightly as he pushed in the first inch. Her eyes started to close in reaction, but he called her name, and her eyes again opened fully to watch him. His eyes blazed with passion and need as he plunged fully into her for the first time. Her breath escaped her in a gasping sigh. "That feels so good, it's incredible!" she cried out.

He chuckled, cut short by a moan as her legs wrapped around him and he began moving in and out of her. He felt her squeezing rhythmically around him as her hips rose and fell in response and her fingers dug into his back as she felt herself moving again along the path to orgasm. He lay fully on her, his lips taking hers once more, his fingers feverishly exploring every inch of her body that he could reach. Faster and faster their movements became, fuelled by the passion raging between them. He moved, his lips descending to lick at her nipples as he plunged into her once more. He slipped a hand under her, pulling her to him, gently squeezing and probing, adding to the intensity.

She clutched at him, on the brink once more. Minutes passed and then she was there, once more poised on the edge, till he moved his hips in a sideways motion as he pressed down upon her. She cried out as her whole being became concentrated on those inches between her legs, as her world exploded in a kaleidoscope of colors, as she shuddered, as her inner muscles squeezed around him. "Come with me!" she begged, looking into his eyes as he sat up a little to ride her better.

He smiled down into her eyes, then he plunged deeply into her once more. One second held still on the edge and then she rippled around him, and he cried out, "Oh yes! Oh yes! Yes! Yes!" She felt his cock pulse inside her, and then his cum exploded into her. It felt so intense that she screamed as she came once more around his swollen dick. They moaned as they climaxed together, almost simultaneously, one triggered by the other. Slowly they came down from their peak, holding each other, the sheen of sweat making them glow in the soft sunlight filtering through the drapes. He kissed her, gently, lingeringly, not wanting to withdraw from her. Minutes passed, and she felt him soften within her, reluctantly slipping from her. He rolled over, pulling her into his arms. They lay together, satisfied, and she sighed. He smiled, sitting up just long enough to pull the covers up over their bodies, still glistening with sweat and then they lay not moving, just content to hold each other tight, basking in the after-glow of their fuck. After a little while Jack said, "Angela, I have to tell you have the greatest tits I've ever seen! They are so beautiful! How come they're not like that at school?"

"Actually, I keep them bound and that is what gives them bounce!"

"Well, they're great! Hey, that was the best blowjob I ever had. You suck cock real good!

"Thanks, Jack.

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