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She's humiliated by tattoos.


"Whew," Nicole thought. "I like this guy."

They continued to converse through out the day. Jacob told her about school, sports and his girlfriend. Nicole countered by telling him about her ex-boyfriend and her children. They chatted easily, like old friends.

Nicole looked at her watch "How did three hours pass so quickly?"

"Jacob, I have to go to work. I am on the overnight shift at the hospital." Nicole started changing into her green scrubs while she waited on Jacob's reply. Without realizing it, Nicole put on her favorite black lace bra and tanga lace panties.

Jacob's heart sank until he read, "Let me get settled into work then I will send you a message. It is supposed to be slow tonight."

Soon, they were chatting again. Nicole was alone in the radiology department, while Jacob was sprawled across his bed. The time flew by, soon it was 5:00 am and they had been chatting all night.

As they chatted, Jacob continued to browse Nicole's pictures. Each picture was more exciting than the next. She had smooth, brown skin, a nice ass wonderfully displayed in a pair of tight jeans, and long, supple legs. His favorite picture showed her in a tight black dress that revealed just enough skin to attract the eye and excite the imagination. Without thinking, Jacob began to gently massage his stiffening cock.

He finally decided to take a chance - to see what would happen if he pushed the boundaries of the conversation. "Nicole, I love this picture of you in the black dress. It shows just enough cleavage and a hint of those sexy legs. Too bad it's a bit blurry. P.S. I would love to know what's under that dress!"

Nicole blushed. "I am glad you like it. I felt really sexy in that dress. That was a good night - a very, very good night! P.S. What's underneath would drive you crazy!"

Jacob replied, "Describe a good night for me! You have my full attention. By the way, you are already driving me crazy!"

Nicole replied, "Well, you would come home to a dark bedroom glowing in the light of several candles. I would be waiting on the bed on all fours. My firm, round breasts barely contained by my lacy bra - my hard nipples poking though the thin fabric --and a garter belt that frames my smooth pussy."

Jacob gulped, rubbing his hard cock a little less gently. "Ms. Nicole, you are having quite the effect on me. Please complete the visual for me."

"Well, those legs of mine that you love would be on full display. The tiny thong I wore for you really shows them off. You would get a nice view of my ass, too. Do you like my tan lines?" Nicole sat back, suddenly flushed with excitement reading her own words.

"Nicole, my dick is so hard right now. Between your pictures and words, my cock is aching for you." Jacob pushed his shorts to the side, freeing his hard, uncut cock. His cock was not massive, but certainly more than enough. The large, pink head was glistening with the first signs if his arousal. He began slowly stroke it up and down.

Nicole's hand began to wander down between her legs. She slowly massaged her mound though the thin green scrubs. "I really would like to get fucked tonight," she thought. "Jacob, did I mention my stilettos? I would keep them on for you. They raise my ass in the air, presenting it to you." Nicole continued, "but, I do have one rule for you."

"Tell me, please. You're killing me." Jacob said this as he begins to more roughly jack his cock for her. "Tell me more about your pussy, too."

"My rule is... I have to suck your cock first. I want to take it deep in my mouth. I want to taste you." Nicole licked her lips, imaging Jacob's dick in her mouth. "That really revs me up. As for my pussy, it is smooth, tight and always wet --it is a little slice of heaven."

"I should mention that I like my hair pulled and a little spanking? Every now and then it is good to be treated like a naughty slut.

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