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Making a baby.

I so much wanted to go down on him, I did unbutton and unzip his pants, he tried to stop me. I reached in and started stroking his cock, he leaned back in the seat and closed his eyes. I was kissing on his neck while stroking him. I could tell he was getting close, I took a quick look around and quickly dove down on him as he started to cum. When I came back up off of him, or waiter was standing at the table, I just smiled and made sure I didn't have any cum in the corners of my mouth or chin, and then ordered us another round of drinks. The waiter just smiled and left to get our order. I looked at the Doc and he was so red in the face, I had to laugh.
"I can't believe you did that to me, Toby, I am so embarrassed."

"Doc, it wasn't the first time he has seen that and it won't be his last. God if you only knew how many guys were fucking in the dark corners or the bathroom."

"Can we go?"

"You don't want your drink?"

"No, can we just go?"

"Yeah Doc, let me pay for the drinks and we can go."

The waiter came back over with our drinks, and I paid for them, the Doc grabbed his up and drink it right down, I feel bad that I embarrassed him, only a little. When we made it to the car, he got in the passenger side and me in the drivers. As soon as I got him he was on me, kissing my neck and opening my pants and pulling out my cock, the next thing I knew he was in my lap with my cock down his throat.

"Doc, oh my god." I put my hands on his head, I didn't push or anything, I also looked around the parking structure to make sure there was no one near our car. "Oh shit, I'm cumming." I blew and it was amazing, I just sat back in my seat, drained. "God Doc, that was great."

"You started it." He smirked at me, put my cock back into my boxers, zipped up my pants and sat back in his seat. "Are you going to take us home?" He laughed at me.

"Wow, pushy you are, can you give me a second to recover here?" I sat up straight, buckled my belt and started the car. When we got home, I had my hands all over the Doc when we walked in and pushed him up against the door. I was kissing him when someone cleared their throat, I stopped kissing and put my forehead to the Doc's. I do know how to embarrass the Doc, I kissed him once more on the lips then turned and looked into living room. There sat my parents and some of their friends, ok now I was embarrassed, so much that my hard cock was soft in two seconds flat.

"Hello, wasn't expecting anyone to still be up."

"We aren't that old, Toby?" My Dad responded.

"Yeah Dad, I will have to remember that, I think we will go to bed now."

"Ok, just don't be loud."

"I don't think you will have to worry about that." I pulled the Doc up the stairs with me, and all we could hear from the living room was laughing.

"Let's take showers and go to bed. And when I mean showers, I mean separate." The Doc stated.

"I understand Doc, I have embarrassed both of us tonight enough. You shower in the main bathroom, I will us my parents. Meet you back here in a bit." I kissed him on the lips grabbed up a clean pair of boxers and stuff for the shower and walked out of the room or my parents. I heard the water turn on in the main bathroom before I turned on the shower in my parents.

When I came back into the room, I found the Doc already in the bed, he looked to be sleeping but when I sat my things down and put my dirties in the corner of my room, he looked at me and smiled. "Let's go to bed Toby." I just nodded my head, got in behind him and snuggled up to him. It didn't take long before we were both sleeping, or I should say until I was sleeping, I think the Doc fell to sleep before me, but I am not sure.

The next morning we both got up early when we wandered down the stairs we could smell my Mom's cooking, she must have heard us on the stairs because she told us to come down and have breakfast before they left for the day.

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