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Two girl friends relieve their frustrations.

Squirming on my tummy rather like a snake, I get as close to Her as my leash allows. I flip my hair out of my eyes again and lick Her shoes slowly, carefully, with long lingering licks. I kiss all of Her shoe laces one at a time, then run my tongue around the edge of the sole in the front where I can reach.

She bends Her knees, twists slightly, squatting rather gracefully in my opinion, reaches down and caresses my hair, gently brushing it out of my eyes. I almost purr.

"Good girl," She says pleasantly.

I'm honored. I'm thrilled. She's so nice to me. I lick fervently, devoutly, very respectfully, eagerly.

She grabs a handful of my hair and drags me to my knees. That hurts of course but I don't mind. She's a Domme. I'm a slave. I expect this. It's just how we are handled.

She strokes my hair and looks at me. She must like my hair. I bet that's how I was selected today. I'm very proud She likes it. After looking me up and down, She actually smiles at me. I feel flushed. My pussy get sopping wet again.

But I'm also thirsty and hungry. I figure I could beg now.

"Mistress?" I whisper meekly, " May this slave speak please?"

She nods and ruffles my hair in a good natured way. "Yes, granted. What do you want slave?" She asks not cruel or nasty at all.

"Slave begs to be fed please Mistress. This girl is hungry and oh so dry," I beg softly, just above a whisper, my eyes down submissively, maybe a bit coy and seductive too, I hope. As I lower my head my hair cascades across my shoulder, down my bosom "all on it's own." I try not to grin, having manipulated that as cleverly as I could.

"Of course dear. Granted," Nancy says with a smile. Carolyn smiles too. i'm happy as a lark that I've apparently succeed at being sultry and seductive. The hundreds of whiplashes at my training are paying off!

Mistress Nancy slides Her hands under the back of Her skirt, bends gracefully at the knees, sits on the edge of the settee. She settles in comfortably and lifts Her skirt, leans back smiling.

I see immediately that She's as smooth and hairless as I am "down there." I'm a bit surprised that She uses pussy makeup just like a slave. Her labia lips are shiny pink with lip gloss. I'm impressed. Very pretty.

Mistress Carolyn pours Herself a glass of Pepsi over ice, reclines on the settee too, also smiling pleasantly. To enjoy the show I guess, my show.

I wiggle closer on my knees. my ankle shackle chain jingling as I shimmy across the carpet. my leash chain brushing across my tits as it dangles from my collar to the ring. I lean my head and respectfully kiss Her twat, slavishly begging permission to continue.

She reaches down between Her legs and opens Herself for me with Her fingertips. She has lovely nail polish I notice. Immediately I'm sopping sloppy wet. I kiss Her clit and slide my tongue the length of Her slit. She opens and moistens. This makes me very happy. I get to work in earnest.

I run my tongue all around Her love canal, opening Her more. I feel Her heat, smell Her delightful scent. She's wetter already.

I slide my tongue deep in Her. She moans softly, demurely, not like a slave slut like me. I reach in and up, going for her "G spot." I feel the lovely soft spongy membrane with the tip of my tongue. I reach farther and feel like a little bean. She moans. I'm happy. I seem to be doing well. She leans back a bit and pushes Her cunt onto my face more. I massage Her lovingly with my tongue.

She's fucking wet as hell now. I kiss all of Her into my mouth and suckle for a moment. This is what we talk about when slaves are caged together, "Mistress wine." We love it. We can't get enough. Personally, I think it's addictive. It might have something to do with that fact that slaves are rarely, if ever, given anything to drink. I'm thrilled to be allowed to drink Her and start lapping like the bitch I am. I want all of it. It's a very nutritious part of a girl's diet. I know that for certain cause my Trainers told me.

I lick deep.

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