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Aurora's hypnosis is getting out of control.

There was so much that needed to be discussed between the two of them but she didn't have any motivation to talk about anything right now. She laid next to him and listened to his deep breathing as he fell asleep, then she joined him in blissful unconsciousness.


Cain was confused for a moment when he woke up in an unfamiliar room. He had fallen asleep cuddled next to Malia. His arm was asleep under the weight of her head.

Cain felt like he was running on borrowed energy. The last three days had been the longest of his life. Even when the doctors had assured him that Malia was fine and would make a full recovery, he was a mess. When Tristan had been unconscious from hypothermia so many years ago the guilt had been insufferable. But when Malia was unconscious it hadn't been guilt that had tormented Cain, but an overwhelming sense of vulnerability

It hadn't helped his mood or energy level that he'd been forced to spend every waking hour in close proximity to Jack Yates. Malia's mother had turned out to be very pleasant. She had the same sense of humor as Malia as well as a kind heart she tried to hide behind an impressive outward strength. Her father, however, was proving to be and overbearing ass. Cain hadn't had a father figure for a long time, other than his occasional meetings with Eli McAllister, and he wasn't relishing Jack's patronizing attitude. He treated him like an unruly teenager and the ensuing power struggles between them reminded him of his less than idyllic adolescence.

Spending all of his time worrying about Malia and fighting with Jack, Cain hadn't had time to deal with his prisoners. He hadn't been lying when he'd told Malia that he'd done nothing to Dutari, Lutz, and Denizen. Denizen had been brought back to Milan manner instead of a jail holding cell, apparently under McAllister's order, though Cain hadn't spoken with him himself. For three days they had resided in his basement cells with no food and minimal water. He'd done nothing to them nor for them. They hadn't been on Cain's mind long enough for him to decide what he should do with them. He didn't know what Eli McAllister would allow him to decide. The general of the army couldn't condone him murdering three men out of revenge, but why hadn't he had the men transferred to a government jail? Cain didn't know if he still had a job or was going to get arrested any minute with the way he'd bombarded the unit and abused Denizen. He should be more worried, but knowing Malia was okay was too much of a relief to feel too much negativity at the moment.

He shifted beside her, moving his arm from underneath her head, and he went back to sleep.


Gwen woke up from a dreamless sleep. She was surprised that she hadn't had a nightmare about the shooting. It was probably due to the heavy medication she'd been receiving. The room was dim, but not dark. She immediately saw Tristan sitting next to her bed, asleep and snoring. Jeez no wonder she'd woken up.

She smiled to herself. He was still here in the hospital with her. It felt like she was too lucky, like it was all a dream she was going to wake up from. Considering she'd just had two bullets removed from her body the feeling was disorienting and surprising to her. Maybe the drugs were too strong.

Tristan and Jack had talked to her for hours about what had happened. Then she had to repeat everything word for word to Cain. Luckily Tristan had been in the room or she wasn't sure she would've been able to make it through, Cain still intimidated her greatly. The entire ordeal had exhausted her and she'd fallen asleep. She wanted to talk to Tristan about more personal matters but she also desperately wanted to avoid it.

What was going to happen now? Was she supposed to just go back to her cleaning job? Was she going to be able to compartmentalize her life into work and personal life while she was in the same place for both? She didn't think she would be able to have a romantic relationship with her boss.

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