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You feel up your daughter's big sexy ass.

She took the elevator up to the second floor and walked into daddy's office.

"Hi, baby!" He greeted her.

"Hi daddy. What do you have?"

"I've got a small part in Spain. You would be a model and half the cast would be chasing you."

"Okay. When does it start?"

"Next month. We'll get your passport, visa and shots. Be back here tomorrow at eight in the morning. Now I'll take you to lunch."

"Yes daddy."

The limo swept them away from the lot and downtown to a very posh restaurant. He was greeted warmly by the staff and escorted to a prime seat by the window. Debbi was impressed with they way that he treated the restaurant staff. She didn't remember daddy being this nice to anyone. She did remember how handsome he was. He looked like an actor. He smiled and held her hand across the table.

"I've missed you baby," he said.

"I miss you too daddy. About this job, do I have to audition? I'm tired of saying no and firing agents."

"I'm the only one you'll audition for and I'm sure you'll get the part."

"When is the audition?"

"It has already started. You can stay at the studio today and I'll take you to my house tonight and seal the deal," he smiled.

"Daddy, I may not act like it, but I do love you. You have never let me down."

"I love you too baby. Here's lunch."

She sat next to him in the limo as they drove back to the lot. He held her hand all the way. "Come on up to my office and I'll get someone to show you around."

She followed him to his office and sat in one of the big leather chairs. She closely watched him watching her. She knew she was beautiful and stacked. She was a honey blond, five feet three inches tall with very little body fat. She had nice thirty six C tits and a heart shaped butt.

An assistant appeared and took her on a studio tour. None of it was new to her. She had, literally thousands of hours in studios like this one. They were back in her daddy's office at five o'clock.

"I'll be just a few more minutes and then we'll be on our way."

"What about my car?"

"You can pick it up later or wait until tomorrow."

Hmm. Tomorrow?

They got into the limo again and he took her hand again. She was starting to like it. He gently rubbed her palms and fingers as they zoomed down the road. She looked at him, but he was looking out the window, smiling. The limo took them to a big, big mansion in Bel Aire. "Goodnight Jeff," daddy said to the limo driver and it sped away into the California evening.

"Daddy, how can I get my car? You dismissed the limo driver."

"I've got a couple of cars of my own. I can take you back or you can spend the night. I've got fifteen spare bedrooms."

They sat in the dark by the pool sipping their drinks. "Too bad you don't have a suit," he remarked.

"Yeah, too bad. I could always skinny dip," she giggled.

"No, no. You could give this old man a heart attack!"

"Oh, you're not so old. Besides, I'm your daughter. I'm sure you've seen me in the altogether many times."

"Well, yeah, but you were just a kid then. Now you are a full grown voluptuous woman with all the right equipment."

"Gee, daddy, are you saying you think I'm hot?"

"You know you are hot. You also know you are teasing me. That's a dangerous thing to do to your producer."

"Why daddy, I'm shocked! You wouldn't, would you?"

"If you weren't my daughter, I'd have you stretched out right now gnawing on your pussy."

Debbi's pussy was wet. She suddenly realized that she was getting hot thinking about her daddy. Being an adventurous soul, she remarked, "Well if you want it so bad, why don't you come get it?"

Quick as a cat he was out of his lounger and on top of her. "If you don't mean it, now's the time to stop. In a few minutes, I won't be able to."

"I don't want to stop daddy.

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