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Intense underarm caresses continue.

If Master wanted to strip her down in front of people, allow someone else to touch her, would she enjoy it? Her mind said no, but the throbbing wetness between her legs said yes.

He bent to her and kissed her hungrily, uncaring of the people around them, as his mouth opened her lips to him and he took her breath away with a deeply passionate kiss. Alanna's fingers tugged at the lapels of his jacket as she kissed him back, her body pressing against him as much as possible. Master kissed her until she really thought she might fall down in a faint, too wound up in his arousal and excitement to be able to concentrate on breathing properly.

When his lips finally left hers and he pulled her against him, her head on his shoulder as she quivered, he whispered into her ear.

"Did that turn you on little one? Did you like watching? Or were you picturing yourself in Cassandra's shoes?"

Being called "little one" instead of "Pussy" made Alanna's eyes tear up... Master must be very pleased with her. But she wasn't sure if she could talk yet so she just nodded, her head rubbing against his shoulder.

"Both?" he asked, and she nodded again. The deep chuckle that went through her Master's body vibrated in her ear drums, and she knew that he was planning something that would make her both uncomfortable and satisfy her completely. She felt Master's muscles shift against her as he turned his head.

"Henry, Patricia, would you like to join us in one of the rooms upstairs?"

Alanna peeked in the direction that her Master was looking, and blushed deeply as she saw the couple that was entwined next to them. It was the blonde woman in the green dress who had kissed her, standing next to the woman was the young man who had touched her breasts. They looked as though they had just been entwined in a passionate embrace.

"Are you sharing?" Henry asked curiously, his eyes acquisitive as he looked Alanna over. To her surprise Patricia didn't look jealous at Henry's interest, her own eyes were lit up at the suggestion.

"For touching," her Master said, and Alanna stifled a moan. She wasn't sure if she was afraid or excited. "But mostly for watching. And I think she might enjoy an audience."

"I see," Henry said. He glanced at Patricia and laughed, seeing the naked lust on her face as she looked at David's slave. "I think we'd both enjoy that as well."

David's arm held Alanna tightly against him as he led her down the hall, his hand had a firm grip on the leash attached to her collar. Not that she seemed to be thinking about running. Truthfully, as much as he enjoyed watching Lyle and Cassandra, he preferred the position of a voyeur to performer. And he'd rather not share Alanna with anyone, but at least Henry and Patricia were friends and this would help prepare Alanna for Monday when he would require her to perform in front of Curtis. This way her first time being on display and following his orders in front of other people would be pleasurable.

And he certainly had no qualms about watching Henry and Patricia together. They were a lovely couple, not at all adverse to showing off a little, although they didn't seem to be able to make a real relationship out of their trysts. Alanna had already met them, so to speak, and he trusted them not to take advantage of his willingness to let them touch her.

As soon as they got behind closed doors, in a sumptuous bedroom with a very large bed covered in purple fabric that almost matched the purple in Alanna's dress, Patricia eagerly stepped in front of Alanna and kissed her again. Alanna shuddered, feeling both excited and anxious over this turn of events, but her Master's comforting presence stayed close. He stepped behind her again, his body pressing her forward into Patricia's. The other woman moaned into Alanna's mouth, and she opened her eyes to see Henry kissing Patricia's neck. The two women were sandwiched between the men.

Patricia's nimble fingers began unlacing Alanna's bodice, as Henry untied the strap of Patricia's gown that was resting on the back of her neck.

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