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A half-hour later and I was ready to go again.

I had him bend over the back of the chair I had been sitting in making his asshole a perfect target for the head of my cock. I had lubed it up and grabbed both of his hips while I slid it in a few inches. He moaned a bit and I began a slow in and out thrusting while I worked my cock in him to the hilt. When I had bottomed out I started the same kind of movement I had used on him when I had fucked his ass out in Oregon.

Things were going along just fine when I heard a God awful shriek and looked over at the door of the room and there was a woman standing there with one hand over her mouth and gasping.

"Dad, what the hell is going on?" she screamed.

With this kind of distraction my cock shriveled up to plain soft and slipped out of his ass. He pushed back and went over to the woman saying,

"Sarah, I'm sorry you had to see this." Jim almost cried. She was his twenty-four year old daughter who had just come in unexpectedly from out of town. It turned out she was going to be moving back to this area and thought she'd just drop in on her folks and surprise them.

"Yeah so am I. How long have you been doing this kind of stuff?" she answered.

"It's been a long time honey. Your mom and I don't get along sexually very well and I needed some relief so I turned to men."

So Sarah was obviously his daughter and he was caught. She kept staring at my now soft cock and I was wondering if she was going to take over where her father left off. She looked like a beauty that I would love to fuck.

"Dad, I am devastated by what I just saw and I am about to cause you the same pain." Looking at me she asked, "What's your name stud?"

"It's Tom."

"Well Tom, unless you want me to blow the whistle on you and him, you and I are going to get it on. Agree?"

"Sure, but I don't have any condoms." I replied.

"No sweat, I had my tubes tied some time ago. No little bambinos for me."

"Sarah, don't do this. You'll regret it forever." Jim yelled.

"What about you Dad, the only thing you are going to regret is that I caught you with his cock up your ass. Now just sit there and watch your precious daughter get fucked by the same cock you were enjoying."

As she was saying this she was stripping and stacking her clothes on the chair I used when I was fucking her Dad's ass.

Damn, Sarah had a nice body under those wraps. Her tits weren't world class but her nipples sure were. They were sticking out and just begging to be sucked. She couldn't weigh more than 120 and had a super shape to match.

"Tom, sit over there on the sofa and I am going to kneel straddling you and you're going to ram that beautiful cock deep inside of me," she purred.

And that's exactly what happened. I didn't know if the screams she was letting out were to piss off her father or whether or not they were real but either way every time I rammed my cock to the bottom she let out a huge squeal. She sounded as if she was one of those professional tennis players every time they returned a ball. She had reached to the back of my head and pulled my mouth to her tits and I did my job and flicked my tongue over those lovely nipples and then sucked them soft and tenderly.

"Oh Tom, this isn't going to be the last time we do this. You're terrific."

As she said those words her father just groaned but when I looked over at him his cock was standing at attention. Watching his daughter getting laid had turned him on.

I whispered this to Sarah and she turned and just said, "Dad, do you want to fuck me next? How depraved are you?"

I thought I would add something to this and said,

"Jim, be patient. When Sarah and I are finished I'll let you lick the juices of her and I off my cock. That should satisfy the urges you are feeling."

Sarah couldn't just sit there getting laid in front of him she had to add something to what I said,

"Dad, rather than lick our juices off his cock you can get your mouth over here

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