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Kayla spends the afternoon with Bobby.

They eat cold fried chicken, potato salad and some stale cookies from the Minute Mart as they sip the cheap both of them feeling their eating a gourmet feast so enraptured are they of each other.

Laying on the blanket watching the clouds pointing out the shapes they see as the clouds drift overhead. Hands touching laughing lost in the joy of the moment.

She is looking at the clouds he is watching her. He leans over kissing her cheek caressing her hair. Whispering in her ear how beautiful she is, how perfect. She turn to look at him their eyes meet her lips move to his they kiss again long lingering gentle kisses whispered words of love his arms pulling he to him her small body so soft against his. Their hands caressing each other holding each other close. His hand slides over her chest cupping the soft mound of her heaving breast. She moans softly at his touch her body responding her nipples swelling hardening. His big hands gently squeeze the now stiff peak of her breast making her groan softly. He lips kissed down the angle of her jaw to her neck under her ear his tongue wetly teasing the soft skin of her neck. His hot breath whispering, "I love you" into her ear as he worshipfully caresses her body.

"Ohoooo," she moans her fingers twisting in his hair holding his head to her neck, her whole being savoring the exquisite feeling of his loving caress.

His fingers open the buttons of her blouse, his hand now caressing her bare skin his warm hand contrasting with the cool breeze that now also caress her exposed skin. She tugs at his shirt pulling it fro the waist of his pants touching his skin feeling the first sheen of sweat as her hand glides over his back.

He traces the outline of her hard nipple through the thin material of her bra. Her breast rising to his touch a moan of passion and need escaping her mouth. They part looking into each others eyes he helps her remove her blouse his hands gently caressing her shoulders and arms as he slides it off her arms. He watches as she reaches behind her unhooking her bra watches as the full cups sag as the band is released watching her delicate hands slide the straps off her shoulders holding the garment in place while she watches him remove his shirt. A thin sheen of sweat covers his well muscled torso making his body shine in the sunlight. He reaches out pulling the white cups from her breasts her nipples dark pink the large circle of her areola surrounded by tine goose bumps.

"You are so beautiful." He lightly traces the outer edge of her areola with his fingers. "How can I be so lucky to have the most beautiful woman in the world love me?"

"I'm the one who is lucky." She replies. "To have found a man who truly loves me."

His arms close around her pulling her to him their bare skin touching heated flesh to heated flesh. Their lips melding into another kiss filled with love and desire. Their hands roaming again over the others body as they hold each other writhing together on the blanket under the warm sun.

Their passion builds his lips moving down her neck again to the swell of her breast his tongue leaving a trail of wet fire that turn to burning ice in the cool air. No words are needed only the soft moans of pleasure that escape their lips urging the other on. He kisses down over her tummy his hands tugging at her shorts. Her hips rise helping him to roll her shorts and panties over her wider womanly hips down her smooth legs and off completely to join her blouse an bra in the grass beside the blanket.

He kisses up her leg hearing her giggle as his tongue and hands move ever higher, her soft inner thighs opening as he inches upward.

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