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Toni & Phoebe establish new rules for Paul & his marriage.

I pushed it in further, until she started to gag, and marking that spot in my mind, I began to slowly ease my cock in and out and told her to suck lightly and stroke the rest of it with her fingertips. I pulled out for a second to ask if she was Ok, and when half whispered yes, I fed it back to her.

As I was sliding my dick back and forth across her tongue, I tilted her head up, so that she was looking into my eyes. Then I asked the age old question, if she knew how beautiful she looked with my cock in her mouth, and told her that I wished I could fuck her sexy lips all night long. But she was driving me crazy and I wasn't sure I could hold back much longer. So, did she want me to stop for a while, then fuck her mouth some more, or was she ready for me to cum in that mouth so she could swallow every drop of it? I know her moaned "cum, cum" was to get this part over with, instead of fucking her mouth all night. Still, I couldn't help fantasizing that she did want my sperm and was actually begging me to give it to her. So, I told her to start swallowing now, because it was time, and I didn't want her to choke on all the cream I was going to shoot down her throat.

As soon as I finished cumming in poor little Suzie's mouth, and pulled my cock out, my wife was kissing her to share my jizz. Until I pushed her away, and told her to get her damn ass back in the chair where it belonged. Then I told Suzie that while I might not be as good as my wife, I'd like to taste what my wife had been eating all afternoon. I didn't even have to tell her to go lie down, because she was on the bed with her legs spread in a heartbeat. As I started kissing up the inside of her thighs though, I looked up at her cunt, and had to comment about how wet it looked. In other words, I had to ask if me fucking her mouth had made her that horny, and she gave me one of those long drawn out maybes. Which I thought was kind of cute, especially as it was followed by a moan as I ran my tongue through that wetness. I also thought her having used strawberry shampoo in her pussy hair was kind of cute too, since it added just the right touch to her already delicious juices.

I really do have decent pussy eating skills, and was able to give Suzie three orgasms in less than 10 minutes to get her ready for the main event. As I was sliding up her body, she asked if losing her cherry would hurt a lot, and I told her I'd promised to be gentle, and I'd meant what I said. I lined my cock up and started slowly pushing into her, but I never found her cherry, although there was obviously some discomfort from the way my dick was spreading her open. She took it like a trouper though, never crying out, and with a small wait when I hit the bottom, she began the fucking herself, by pushing her hips upward against mine. I kissed her then, for the first time, and asked how it felt to be a woman, and as she returned that kiss, she whispered the magic words " fuck me".

Except, as I began to pick up speed, her cries picked up volume, until I had to start kissing her again to keep the whole motel from hearing her. And it wasn't just her mouth that screamed "fuck me", her body screamed it just as loud. Her legs were locked around my back, he hands were in constant motion, gripping me tight as she came, and her hips were naturally in sync with mine, no matter what speed I fucked her at. Despite that, and the way her tight pussy kept squeezing my cock, I lasted almost 30 minutes until my balls started tingling telling me I was seconds away from cumming. She picked up on it too, begging me not to make her pregnant, and I had barely enough time to tell her I was shooting blanks, before those blanks were shooting into her.

This time when my wife started to get out of the chair, I just told the bitch to go ahead and lap up the mess I made, and get Suzie ready for what was next while she was at it.

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