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Sam and Alex finish midterms and head home.

She stopped trying the suck the dick thrusting fast in her mouth and just kept her mouth open and her tongue out. Who ever was pinching her nipples had stopped and the tongue between her legs was replaced with fingers. Two thick fingers going in and out of her dirty whore cunt.

Matthew sat on the edge of other bed and looked over at his wife as she gagged on the cock in her mouth. Her back arching as Rick began to work 3 fingers into her pussy. The blonde haired man, Nick , had stopped pinching his wife's tits and went searching through the black duffel bag. He pulled out a pair of snake bite nipple suckers and went back to the bed where the brunette, Alexander had taken his big 8.5 cock out Nyla's mouth and was sitting on her face, forcing her to lick his ass. Nick licked and sucked on each of her nipples, getting them hard and wet before putting on the snakebites. Nyla let out a high pitched squeak when the snakebites latched on and arched. Rick grabbed her by her hips and roughly pulled her back down flat on the bed. Nick laughed and flicked Nyla's snake bitten nipples. She squeaked again and arched off the bed. Rick slapped him on the back of his head and Nick stopped.

"Get my dick ready for this cunt." he commanded Nick and held his dick in his hand.

Nick shook his head and told Rick to fuck off. Rick commanded him again and this time when Nick opened his mouth to protest, Rick grabbed him by his shaggy hair and forced Nick's open mouth on his dick.

Nick gagged and struggled but Rick held him tightly.

"Look Matthew! We got two bitches!' He smiled.

Nick finally stopped struggling and bobbed his head up and down Rick big hard cock. Rick threw back his head as Nick blew him.

"You're pretty good at this for a straight guy." Rick chuckled as he ran his fingers through Nick's hair. He grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled him off.

"Good enough" he said as he pushed Nick away and spread Nyla's legs. With a nasty smile on his face he slammed into her pussy and fucked her hard. Nyla cried out a bit but it was quickly muffled with Alexander's ass pressing her face into the bed. He bounced up and down on her tongue, his dick flapping against his stomach. Rick looked at Nick and Nick shook his head.

"I'm not gay!' he yelled.

"Never said you were bitch boy. You may not be gay but you are a toy to be used."

Alexander laughed and nodded. "True enough Rick but I think we should flip this slut over. You've hogged her pussy long enough. Let my dick in. You take the ass."

Nyla felt herself being position in doggy style. She laid on top of the man beneath her and moaned as she felt him slide his cock in her pussy.

"To be or not the be gently? That is the question." Rick smirked.

"Hey Nick! Get her ass ready for me. Lick it good."

Alexander had Nyla by her hips firmly and was thrusting in and out of this living sex doll. Nick climbed on the bed and started to licked her asshole. Nyla moaned louder.

"Play with my balls while you're down there!" Alexander commanded and Nick massaged them gently and occasionally licked the base of Alexander dick. Rick walked over to Matthew who was stroking himself as he watched his wife being used. Rick motioned him to stand up and they walked over behind Nick.

"Your wife's a fucking cum slut. A fucking dirty whore. I bet her ass wasn't even tight when you fucked it for the first time." Rick whispered into Matthew's ear.

Matthew shook his head. "It wasn't. She had been using her toys in her ass."

"There's nothing like a virgin ass." Rick continued to whisper. "Look at Nick's ass. So tight. Think about the way it would wrap around your dick. Squeezing it." Rick soon had a bottle of lube in his hand. He poured a generous amount in his hand and reached down in front of Matthew and rubbed it all over his hard cock.

Startled by Rick's action he jerked away but Rick tightened his grip on Matthew's cock. Matthew grabbed Rick's hand and stared him straight in the eyes.

"I'm not Nick.

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