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Bound captive subjected to a teasing interrogation.

Circling round and loving the way each blow made him whimper, she took special care to aim her slipper at any pale patches on his reddened skin, then finished off with a couple of good stingers across both bottom cheeks.

No sooner had Fifi been returned to the gym than the belly-smeared Zo__ fell foul of events. Halfway along the high-beam whilst doing a monkey-swing the frantic gyrations of his legs ceased and he suddenly paused and hung motionless like a pale pink 'Y'. He couldn't utter a sound of course, but his eyes staring wildly and his underarms, bathed in a slight sheen of perspiration, betrayed whirling emotions. Even in distress he was a gorgeous sight. His smooth slender stomach was made to seem even more delicate by the narrow, hairless chest that heaved above it, while his penis, as rigid as a steel bolt, was pointing straight out and oozing precum. Suddenly the tense cock twitched, and without the aid of any exterior stimulation it pumped forth a spout of cream.

With an expression of hopelessness clouding his face he dropped lightly to the floor where he was able to grasp the wayward gland in his fist and give himself a few moments of extended bliss before being directed over to Miss Twist.

He had only just been draped over the hurdle when Jennifer's voice was calling out again. Trudy Jones had lasted only a further half-lap before the tip of his throbbing member spontaneously bubbled with the appalling juice of manhood, and he too was sent over to Emma.

The doughty young schoolmistress had no intention of allowing a queue to form or of giving her current victim any respite, so she scooped him up bodily and stacked him face down on top of Zo__, pushing him well forward and pulling his legs astride so that Zo__'s bottom was exposed beneath his own. With two sets of bared buttocks piled one on top of the other she continued as she'd intended, merely alternating her blows between them, an improvisation that she found so erotic that she did a cum in her pants. But it happened quietly and in secret, of course.

Soon afterwards Bambi too succumbed to the terrible sensitivity that assailed his penis. With the smooth skin of his abdomen taut from continuous repetitious exercise, his body sagged too low as he strained to fulfil a quota of push-ups, and the tender drooling tip of his youthful boner dug into the rubber mat. A spasm shot through him, and seized by erotic tremors his fingers clawed at the ball-gag and clutched at his pulsing cock. Breathing raggedly, nostrils flaring as he snorkelled for air, he was quite unable to prevent a copious discharge spurting forth, and even before his ejaculation had finished Jennifer was calling out, "Forfeit!"

Wearily he wiped away saliva forming on the edge of his imprisoned mouth as he staggered across to where Miss Twist waited to upend him over her hurdle. She gazed with secret relish at his helplessness and the endearing way his smooth legs appeared to be about to give way.

"Ah yes. Bambi!" the tutor murmured as she hauled him over. "I seem to recall you missed out on the first set of warmers earlier, and that being the case you'll get extra smacks now."

When Jennifer closed the circuit Emma hustled the five sobbing, sore-bottomed sissy-princess's together like a litter of puppies, and had them face the wall bars so she could survey their crimson bare bottoms. She was pleased with the result. So many gentle fingers now trying to soothe the heat from so many scorched buttocks. They were unable to talk, but they clearly shared a common anxiety of what would happen next.

"The effects of matron's, um, tonic is yet to wear off completely," she said to Jennifer, indicating the still upstanding line of youthful cocks, "I'll run them around the garden until it dissipates."

"Good idea," Jennifer said.

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