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Janie seduces Betsy.

Your pretty face is streaked with cum and flushed with lust. Fuck me, your eyes say, and I push my cock forward to slip into you. You are wet and ready. You accept the second cock to enter you in your lifetime with a sigh of pleasure.

Tom stares at our genitals - my stiff cock and your wet pussy - now linked together in the illicit consummation of our carnal desires. I shove my cock in and out with growing rapidity and force. Tom's limp penis still drips cum. You pull him into your mouth as he quickly inflates again. Your cheeks bulge out from the pressure of his cock head. We each reach for one of your nipples which we knead and twist as you encourage us with a string of sexually charged expletives. You cum again hard just as I shoot a load of hot sperm into your quivering body. Your womb is now flooded with the fertile sperm of a man who is not your husband.

I roll you over on your back as I slide my cock out. I see the thick sperm ooze out of your vagina. I'm limp now, but Tom is still stiff. He asks you if you liked being fucked by another cock. You smile softly. We have fulfilled our desires without any regrets.

As you wipe off a strand of cum from your cheek, your wedding ring catches the light and sparkles. You have entered a new phase of your life. You now have another man in your life. You are wearing one man's wedding ring, and you have another man's sperm flooding your womb.

"There's no stopping now, darling," Tom yells, in utter excitement, "Oh my god! You're going to be my slut wife."

The wicked grin on your face says it all.

I am content. I have just made love to a beautiful woman and helped a young married couple to expand their relationship.

Tina, the rest of the evening is for you and Tom to imagine. I had a lot of fun thinking of you reading these words and then making love to your husband. As a favor to me, call your husband Morris as frequently as you can while making love to him tonight. Imagine that you are making love to me.

I hope to hear from both of you soon.

Your not so secret admirer,


I did not want to show Morris's e-mail to Tina right in the middle of the week. I knew the kind of effect it would have on my sexually overcharged wife. I knew that it would be tough handling her in that state during working days.

So I suggested sending the kids over to their grandma's on Friday evening and decided to bring the e-mail to her notice that night. That would leave me with a whole weekend to enjoy the after-shocks of showing the email to Tina.

It's difficult to describe in words how aroused my wife was as she read the e-mail. She read it out aloud and her voice became very unsteady as she reached the explicit descriptions of her seduction by Morris.

Listening to her reading the e-mail was a mind-blowing experience for me. It was almost as if my wife was reading a secret letter from an illicit lover. And this time I knew that this letter was from a real man, not a fictitious concoction of my wife's mind.

Tina managed to read the e-mail only up to the part where Morris pushed his nose between her labial folds. After that, she was already burning in the fire of lust and passion, and I had to get to work on her.

"I can't bear it any more!" she exclaimed, "I need his cock inside me!"

She was really hot in bed and kept calling me 'Morris'. And I played along by taking on the role of 'Morris'. We had a long session of 'illicit' sex and then drifted off to sleep.

Later in the night - I'm not sure what time it was - she woke me up with kisses all over my face and whispered that she wanted to finish reading the e-mail.

We sat in front of the computer, both completely naked, and read the letter from the beginning to the end. Tina was absolutely out of control, and I had a raging hard-on again. We had another round of fantastic sex with my wife again repeatedly referring to me as 'Morris'.
Before we fell asleep I asked Tina how she felt about being fucked by her new lover. I asked her if she liked having another man's sperm inside her womb.


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