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Virginity is lost in three days of passion.

You can seduce him and invite him to share you with me in bed. I'm, sure he'll want you so badly that he won't hesitate. Then when you've got him totally turned on, you can pull out his cock and start sucking it. I'll lift the hem of your dress from behind and start fucking you, and then before he cums in your mouth, we can switch positions, being careful to guide his cock straight into your ass and while he is fucking you, I'll guide his hand to your cock. He'll realize that you're a boy only after he is in the midst of fucking you and will be unable to stop."

Tom has gotten totally excited by the idea and as he is explaining his plan, his hand is fondling my panty clad cock through the leather of my dress. "What do you think of my plan"? he asks.

"I love the idea of having both opf you guys in bed at the same time, and the thought of sucking a cock and being fucked at the same time is a total turn on, but I'm still worried about what Dale will do once he discovers I'm a boy!"

"Let me worry about that Jessica. I'm bigger than he is and I wouldn't let him hurt you. Just concentrate on what it's going to feel like to have two men at the same time."

"OK," I answer nervously. Tom pulls into the parking lot of a big mall then and taking my hand as we leave the car leads me in. It is a totally new experience to walk through the hallways of a mall I have often gone to, while transformed into a foxy girl dressed in ultra sexy clothes. I wonder what my reaction will be if I run into someone I know. The tap of my heels reverberates on the marble, and when Tom makes mention of it, I hastily carry my purse in such a way that it covers the visible bulge of my cock against the front of my dress.

As we walk through the hallways, I become conscious of people, mainly men, glancing my way and following me with my gaze. I realize with a thrill that it's not just the site of a pretty girl that's attracting their attention, it is the sight of a pretty girl dressed in a hot pink leather minidress and thigh high boots that is holding their attention. The men are glancing at me with thinly concealed desire, while the women are staring and making what I imagine must be snide comments about my outfit.

Tom leads me into a beauty parlor to have my nails done. I worry briefly about getting the nail polish off later, but I am too caught up in this whole adventure to refuse. The woman who works on my nails is a gorgeous young Asian-American girl who talks the whole time she is working. She comments on my pretty outfit and I thank her for the compliment. Once I have started, my soft feminine girls voice is easy to maintain and feels like a natural part of me. I do my best to mimic feminine gestures like tossing my hair, etc. The strange thing is that I find myself really attracted to this girl. At one point I realize that I have started to flirt with her and I quickly back off a bit. She paints my nails a pretty shade of pink, which matches my dress and my lip gloss.

When I'm all done, Tom whispers to me that there is money in the purse and opening it, I am shocked to find several hundred dollar bills. After paying the girl, Tom leads me off to Frederick's of Hollywood to buy lingerie.

As I walk into the store, I am overwhelmed by all of the sexy and pretty lingerie. When we come to a display of corsets, I hold one up that is identical to the one I am wearing under my dress against me and say to Tom, "Now I know where you do your shopping."

"You can buy anything you want Jessica. In fact, I don't want you to leave this store without at least a dozen complete ensembles. I want you to buy bra's, garter belts, stockings, more corsets and nightgowns," he says with a smile. "I also want you to buy a few more pairs of boots."

What a dream come true! A few hours ago, I wouldn't have given a thought to these sexy feminine clothes, other than to wish to see a girl in them.

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