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Orin and I introduce a new girl to anal.

"Did you come to help?", I asked.

"Yeah, to help myself", she said, grabbing my ass. "I can't stay long. I'm just supposed to be brushing my teeth, but on my way back I noticed you come down here and had to see you." She kissed me hard.

"This is torture", I said.

"I so want to suck your cock", she said, already breathless.

"I wouldn't say no. But you might need to brush again." She didn't even wait until I'd finished my sentence before my cock was out and in her mouth. Her tongue, it seemed to be coked up. It zipped around my cock head, up and down the front, across each of by balls with unbelievable speed and dexterity, I was so turned on so fast - I guess she meant it when she said she could only stay a while. I longed to pull her top off and fondle those magnificent tits, but I knew we'd end up getting carried away. I was getting close to the mark when she suddenly stopped and reached into her toiletries and retrieved a bottle of hand lotion. She applied it liberally to her finger, then resumed her awesome blow job. I second later I felt her finger massaging my anus, then gently entering me, while she started sucking me really hard. The sensation was incredible. I felt like a volcano.

"Oh god, Natalie, yesss... I'm gonna come...ahhhhhhh..." She pulled her mouth off my cock just in time for the first jet of come to fly past her face and land on the tree behind her. Several more decorated the adjacent trees and the ground beside her. She dexterously avoided getting any on her.

"Oh my fucking lord, that was amazing", I said. Thank you, you are my queen forever." She got up and gave me a long kiss.

"Nothing you don't deserve, my love. Gotta go! See you tomorrow." With that she ran off, leaving me to blissfully contemplate the ecstasy she'd just bestowed on me.

The next morning after breakfast we all went to the beach. Although Natalie had a body worthy of organized worship, she never wore a bikini, opting instead for a stylish but more modest one-piece. Like Emma, she was practical, and not hung up on impressing the boys. Unlike Emma, she had a middle eastern complexion that didn't burn that easily, and she wasn't afraid of spending lots of time in the sun. Emma had brought a giant beach umbrella, and she and the boys sat under it building a sandcastle city, while Jed, Natalie and I swam and threw a Frisbee in the water. We'd chosen this campground partly because the shallow lake was always so warm, especially later in the summer. Considering how empty the campground was, the swimming area was remarkably busy - I guess everyone had the same idea as us. The three of us ended up moving further out into the lake to avoid hitting bystanders. We could still see the tiny figures of Emma and the kids, and we kept an eye out in case they waved for us. Between the swimmers and screaming kids on the beach, the jet-skis and boats and water skiers, the lake was a noisy chaotic place today. Around 11 Jed started yawning repeatedly.

"You OK, bud?", I asked.

"Oh yeah. It's just this new medication. They warned me about this. When you first go on it, it upsets your sleep cycle. I kept waking up last night. Actually, I think I'll go lie down on the beach for a while." He swam in to shore. I was glad Emma was there to keep an eye on him - anything to do with medication scared me. Natalie swam over to me.

"Where's Jed going?"

"For a nap on the beach."

"Oh. Yeah, he was tossing and turning like a salmon last night." I looked at her lasciviously.

"I wouldn't be able to sleep either if you were beside me." I put my arm around her under water. We were distant enough from shore that we could probably get away with anything, but I wasn't taking any chances. Natalie touched my hand.

"Just being around you makes me so horny", she said quietly.

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