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She welcomes him back after long separation.

I heard him let out a hiss and in a loud whisper insistently implored me, "don't stop!!" His face shone a hypnotic expression as my tongue firmly moved up his crotch, the fingers of my right hand now gently raising his nut sac for my tongue to massage its underside. Eager to feel the shape of his orbs in my mouth, I gently sucked in one ball and then the next, my tongue exploring all about the wrinkled sac that held them. My left hand now held his throbbing wet joystick, its heat pulsating into my palm. It was irresistible.

Patton's army could not prevent me from plunging this silky smooth heated firm roll of flesh into my mouth. He let out a sigh as I was instantly upon him. Tongue working feverishly, the intensity of his earthy man taste only inflamed my fervor. My throat instinctively opened to receive the head of the organ I was now obsessed with. His hips stopped thrusting as he meandered and twisted to change position. Soon I felt the warm length of his body lined up parallel to mine and I was looking down to swinging balls and chin occasionally thrusting against his tickling bush. He insistently thrust my own hips up over him, my cock drooling pre-cum on his neck and upper chest. As he reached to bend my own cock slightly, I knew what he wanted. Before grasping it in oral embrace he flipped us over on our sides.

Remarkably, I didn't miss a slurp and his manhood remained tightly trapped in my vacuum packed oral cavity. I felt his tongue swirl around my already drenched stretched dickhead with surprising intensity. As his hips thrust for my open throat to receive his springy ram rod, I felt his own tongue move my aching shaft deeper back into his own warm wet mouth. The feverish pitch of the combined exquisitely sensual activities alerted me to the first warnings in my bursting loins that the point of ecstatic explosion may be near. Suddenly I felt the flesh of his mouth instantly back away from my bathed excitement and I heard the unmistakable gagging of my partner. I backed off from the insistence of my own manipulations as if to signal him that all was well and nothing was expected or required of him in his initiation.

Bravely, it was less than a minute before he took me back into carnal oral contact and I resumed throat massaging his man meat with the same ferocity. Having gently reached out to caress his balls, I suddenly felt them spring back into his underside, alerting me to thrust his expanding gristle as far back as I could to receive his inevitable liquid offerings. Sure enough, I felt what must have been long silky ropes of heated man spooge surge down my gullet. I felt his nakedness was flexed with tension and heard his groan of pleasure as the convulsive spasms of his orgasmic organ stretched against the walls of my inviting throat again and again. He had stopped servicing the ardor in my own loins, presumably overcome with the intensity of his climax. Before he was completely relaxed, his tongue once again swirled around my persistently aroused protuberance. As his own member softened in my mouth, small streams of his musky cum swirled back into the base of my mouth. The most intimate tastes and smells of this vivacious male mixed with the now earnest attentions to my sex by tongue and sucking mouth caused me to swoon to the point of no return.

The unmistakable churning in my balls triggered the wave of heat that traveled through my groin, to the root of my cock, bursting out the passageway and out my gaping pee hole into the back of the mouth of my insistent partner. With jaw locked on me, I had no recourse but to squirt out this most intimate bodily function into his multi sensate orifice and hope he would not be offended by its pungency. To the contrary, he would not release me until I was nearly completely flaccid.

Breathing hard, we embraced and kissed passionately, exchanging our most personal body fluids: cum mixed with saliva.

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