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She finds toys and ropes are not fun.


Amarisa led Nikki by the hand down the hallway and into their bedroom. When Amarisa turned on the nightstand light, Nikki looked around at the large king sized bed, the large grey furred rug and doorway to the bathroom. There was a shelf with Amarisa's possessions and a comfy looking reading chair. There was also a tv on the far wall facing the bed. The warm wood colored room made Nikki feel very comfortable and she sat down on the bed as Amarisa shut the door.

Nikki looked around at the things, at the books and items on the shelf. Amarisa had lived here before, her intoxicating scent was still here, like back at the apartment. When Amarisa joined her on the bed she pressed her lips against Amarisa's eagerly. It felt so good to kiss her, wrapped up in Amarisa's arms Nikki couldn't help but press herself up against the other woman. They hadn't had sex the night before, since they had gone to bed early to prepare for the long drive, and now she could feel the urge, so strong that it made the area below her stomach clench in anticipation.

Amarisa leaned forward and Nikki lay down on the pillow, parting her legs as Amarisa rested herself between them, still kissing her, her tongue teasing and massaging Nikki's lower lip. As they kissed they started to take each other's clothes off, and when Amarisa started to take off Nikki's bra she reached forward to stroke the large bulge in Amarisa's jeans. Amarisa let out a low rumble of pleasure as Nikki unbuttoned her jeans, reaching inside to stroke her. What she felt was a shock to her, as Amarisa's member had increased in size. The last time Amarisa had the sizable increase was last year, when she had met Amarisa in her mermaid form and they had fucked almost every day on that long weekend camping trip.

Even the thought of the incredible pleasure the enormous cock had brought her made her wet, and Nikki raised her hips, grinding her pelvis up against Amarisa's in longing. As Amarisa took off her bra Nikki pushed down the taller brunette's jeans, exposing the pink lacey underwear that could barely contain her engorged member. She pushed aside the fabric and Amarisa's cock popped out, its owner letting out a sigh of relief.

Nikki couldn't help but touch it, admiring the straight, thick cock, so much larger than Amarisa's normal size, the broad cockhead looking so enticing with its sheen of mermaid precum covering it.

Amarisa groaned as Nikki stroked the shaft, Amarisa's cock was warm, almost hot, and she longed to press her lips against it, but Amarisa had other plans, pressing her breast against Nikki's lips so she could suck her nipple, tasting the unique milk that came out. It was like all these changes happening to Amarisa's body were designed to give Nikki incredible pleasure, to pull her in and make her want to mate again and again. As she lapped at the substance, she could feel a tingling in her body and a heat that rose inside herself. She could feel herself becoming wetter already, a dizziness in her mind, a high like from drinking a lot of caffeine or alcohol.

They kissed some more, fiercely, longing for that physical connection. They rubbed their tits together, and Nikki continued to stroke Amarisa's cock, the velvet softness wrapped around rock hard muscle. Amarisa had her thigh between her legs so she rubbed up against it, using her leg to stimulate herself. She heard Amarisa let out a low rumble when she felt Nikki's wetness on her leg.

"I don't think I can take it anymore." Amarisa moaned, taking her cock and positioning it at Nikki's entrance. Nikki squirmed when she felt the tip pressing up against her, she could already feel her nipples stiffening as Amarisa carefully entered her, too slowly for Nikki.


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