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Another chapter is the to the story of almost the same name.

Key glared.

"Fine.... You wanna play hard-ball?" Key smirked. "I'll give you hard-ball...."

Key left one hand to caress Jonghyun's inner thigh, but let the other wonder a bit, up to the top of Jonghyun's pants before pausing.

"Still nothing?" Key frowned. "Alright then.... You know I'll do it....."

Jonghyun didn't move.

"Fine...." Key sighed.

Key let his hand slowly snake it's way into Jonghyun's pants and past his boxers to roam the length of his member.

Jonghyun shuddered, but refused to move.

"I can do this all without you if you'd like...." Key teased. "But it would be more fun with you.... 'helping' me; if you know what I mean...."

Jonghyun shuddered again as Key ran his thin fingers down Jonghyun's length once more.

Finally, he couldn't take it any longer;

Jonghyun snapped, turning quickly in one twirl and pulling Key into him, smashing their lips together and immediately slipping his tongue into the warmth of Key's mouth.

Key moaned slightly with both shock and pleasure as he began stroking Jonghyun harder.

"Jonghyun...." He moaned aloud.

"Key... hold on...." Jonghyun suddenly commanded.

Jonghyun leaned back and undid his belt and pants, quickly stripping them of his body and pressed himself closer to Key.

"Now it's easier...." He smirked. Key stared for a moment before he smirked as well and grabbed for Jonghyun's member once more.

"Ah.... Kibum...." Jonghyun moaned as Key began stroking faster and harder. "Ah.... Ohhh.... Key...."

"Jonghyun...." Key moaned in return.

Key had taken one hand back to start undoing his own pants and slowly stripping them off. Finally, Jonghyun reached down and slid them off of him for him, rubbing his member against Key's as he did so.

"Ah!" Key moaned, head lulling back in both shock and pleasure once again.

Jonghyun inched a finger to Key's entrance and paused.

"Are you ready for this, Key?" He asked suddenly. Key turned his flushed face fully to Jonghyun a moment with a faint smile.

"I always am...." He grinned. Jonghyun took a moment to smile back before slowly pushing one finger into Key's entrance. Key moaned, allowing his head to lull back once more in the pleasure.

Jonghyun roamed inside him slightly before entering another finger.

And another....

And another....

"Ah.... Jonghyun.... Oh...." Key moaned. "I-I.... I'm ready...."

"Are you sure, Kibum?" Jonghyun verified and he nodded.

"Yes...." He panted. "I need you inside me now, Jonghyun...."

Jonghyun hardened even more, though he was sure that was nearly impossible right now, at the statement and pulled his fingers out.

"You look cute in the reflection...." Jounghyun mused as he cornered Key into the mirrors. "Maybe you should watch my image for a little while...."

Key's eyes involuntarily drifted to Jonghyun's reflection as he positioned himself against Key's hips. Though it seemed so wrong, Key couldn't tear his eyes off the image as Jonghyun quickly thrust into him- quick and to the point.... Like always....

Key cried out, finally able to look away from the reflection and grasp tightly onto Jonghyun's hips as he roamed inside of him.

Slowly, Jonghyun picked up pace, thrusting faster and deeper into Key with each push and pull....

"Oh God....Jonghyun!" Key allowed himself to scream the name, knowing full well the room was sound-proof.

Jonghyun smirked in both pride and pleasure when suddenly;

Key pressed a hand to Jonghyun's chest and he paused.

"Can I.... Can I do it?" He finally asked, still panting wildly. "At least... at least until we both come?"

Jonghyun stared at Key a moment from his odd request before nodding.

"If you want to.... I don't mind...." Jonghyun shrugged, pulling himself out of Key once again. "Although..... I've always been on top.... I don't know what to do...."

"Neither do I...." Key chuckled. "I've always been bottom.... But.... But I wanna give it a try.... Please? All you have to do is sit there and take it...."

Jonghyun smirked.

"Kinky." He teased and Key rolled his eyes.

"We've done this enough that I think we can d

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