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Crystal is punished for resisting.

I moved my fingers in and out, slowly, then gradually faster. I touched her G-spot and she squeezed me hard with her arms. I moistened my thumb in her juices, and I began to move it in circles around her clitoris, gradually getting closer to it.

My fingers were moving in and out fairly fast, and I was rubbing her G-spot each time. I felt her vagina begin to clamp down on my fingers, and I started sliding my thumb back and forth across her clitoris. I moved my fingers a little faster.

I felt pulsing tremors in Laura's vagina. She clawed my back with her fingers and pulled with her legs against my thighs as if she were trying to get my legs inside her. She yelled, "OOOOOOH!" Then paused, then yelled again several times, probably seven or eight times together. I wasn't counting. I was looking at her face as it contorted in each orgasm.

I suddenly felt moisture on my chest, and looked down. With each of her screams there was a stream of milk jetting about four inches out of each of her nipples. The flow of milk would stop as she came down, then resume as she screamed. My fingers were being squeezed by her pulsing vagina, and the pressure was hardest as the screamed. Laura was an incredibly erotic woman, very much in tune with her sexuality, although she had apparently repressed that side of herself until now.

At some point in the middle of her orgasms I had ejaculated. I could feel a sticky pool of my cum between our bodies, just above her navel. Laura slowly came back down, and I gently removed my fingers from her vagina.

Laura was watching me through half-closed eyes. I licked her juices from my fingers and smiled. I raised my eyebrows in a question, and she nodded. I reached down and got my fingers wet inside her. Then she licked and sucked my fingers. She had another, brief orgasm, and she pulled me against her, screaming "OOOOOH!"

When Laura's breathing became more normal, I tongue-cleaned my cum from her stomach, again sharing it with her. I scooped up her juice, and we took turns licking it off my fingers. Her legs dangled over the sides of the narrow bed, leaving her vulva completely open. My thighs pressed against it as I leaned forward to kiss her. Laura was reveling in our post-orgasmic cuddling.

Finally I just held her and kissed her. "There were clearly some things we did that were new for you. Tell me what you feel!"

Laura let out a long breath. "I've never had an orgasm like that before! It felt like my whole body was going to fly apart!" She kissed me and hummed.


"I've never seen a man masturbate before. And I've never held his penis while he did!"

"Taste?" I prompted.

"Of course I've never tasted semen or my own vagina before! Why didn't somebody tell me they both tasted so wonderful? I thought it was supposed to taste bad!"

We kissed and cuddled some more, still tasting our juices in our mouths.

"You saw me masturbate this morning." She said. "But nobody has ever used his fingers to do what you just did!"

She kissed me hard.

"Even though we didn't have intercourse, I know I've just been unfaithful to John." She said. "You know far more about what turns me on and what I really need and want than he does, and he's my husband." Tears began to well up on her eyes. "And I love him!"

"Shhh! Don't cry!" I whispered. I licked up her tears. "You just need to teach him how to make love to you the way you want! Just take it slow, and he'll catch on!"

I heard a clock chime, and I realized we had been making out for nearly two hours. "I've got to get cleaned up to go meet with the department!" I said. "I guess this means I don't get breakfast or lunch, right?"

Laura laughed. We kissed again, and I raised myself off her. Her labia were still spread wide apart, her sex open to my view. As she sat up, I pointed to the couch. "While I'm gone, you may want to work on this big spot here where you dripped pussy juice, and these spots here where your milk ran out!"

Laura blushed.

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