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18yo discovers the pleasure of sex with sis and 2 cousins.

I then began to work my tongue in and out in a thrusting motion, tongue fucking Ben's asshole. I felt his asshole clinch around my tongue, as I did this. His moans had groan in volume now.

Dan was furiously slamming his long hard cock in and out of my ass. I could feel his deepest thrusts force his cock head into my intestines. I let out a deep guttural grunt every time I felt his cock head enter my insides. I then changed back to an up and down motion with my tonguing of Ben's asshole. I began to hit his prostate. Ben now moaned loud and deep every time I swept my tongue over his swollen prostate. Ben's moaning was mixed with my guttural grunts and Dan's deep grunts, as I was still forced to lick Ben's asshole while Dan fucked me hard and deep.

Dan then began to pick up more speed. I guessed he would soon cum. My licking of Ben's asshole was becoming difficult, as I was so roughly fucked from behind. Ben laughed and turned around, saying, "Don't worry, boy. It won't be long now. Just think, pretty soon Dan is going to fill your ass with his hot man seed. Then I get to have my turn up that cute ass. Are you looking forward to taking my monster cock up your asshole."

I moaned out, "No. You're too big for me. I can't handle you up my ass."

Ben laughed as he said, "Oh don't you worry. I will have plenty of Dan's hut cum to use a lube, when I slide my cock up your boy hole. And I think from now on, you should call us both "Sir." That has a nice ring to it. Its always best for a boy to be respectful of real men. What's Dan doing to you, boy?"

I grunted out, "He's fucking me, Sir."

Ben smirked at my answer, saying, "Where is he fucking you, boy?"

I again grunted out, "He's fucking me up my ass, Sir."

Ben had sat back on the couch , now. He then placed my head in his lap, as he told me, "I want details, boy. I want you to describe what he is doing to you. I want you to tell me exactly how it feels when a man fills your insides with his hot cum."

I hung my head, as I realized they wanted me to describe my degradation. I grunted out, "My asshole is burning, Sir. It feels like he is stretching my asshole tight."

Dan answered me saying, "Oh, I am stretching your asshole tight around my hard cock, boy. Keep talking, while I fuck you."

I gasped out, "I can feel him pounding my insides. He's so deep, too deep. I feel like he is punching my guts, every time he pushes inside me."

Dan smirked as he enjoyed my description, knowing that Ben's cock would be even bigger than his own. Dan felt his balls begin to pull up and his cock head become super sensitive. He knew he would soon fill this little boy's ass with his hot cum. Dan and Ben had done this often. There was nothing better to them, than roughly tag teaming a boy. Dan's grunts and moans had grown steadily louder, as his cock was driven deeper and faster into my ass.

I felt Dan's cock being forced into my intestines, as he inched closer to cumming. Finally Dan gripped my hips with all his might and jammed his cock all the way past my ass and right into my intestines, as I felt his cock twitch. I was held in place as I felt the first spurt of cum shoot right into my insides. I imagined my intestines being filled with his hot cum. It felt like he was doing just that. I felt Dan's cock erupt into my bowels with a flood of his cum. His cock jerked every time it let out another spurt of man seed.

Dan had stopped moaning now, and was letting his cock fill my insides with his cum. With a final moan, he began to slowly pull his cock out. I felt him thrust his softening cock a few more times in and out of my ass, as he milked his cum out. I felt a few more spurts of his cum fly into my ass, before it stopped. I hoped that his cum, would offer some relief and lubrication when Ben started to fuck me. I was breathing slower now, with my head still in Ben's lap as he continued to stroke my head.

Ben was looking down at me as he said, "Tell me what you feel, boy."

I moaned out, "It's not as bad now, Sir.

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