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Foot-fetish friends find a girl to play with.


For the first time Julie reached up and touched his face warmly smiling and said, "You are such a kind and wonderful husband and father. You know, the children treat me like hired help, and dote on you all the time."

"They love you, too, Julie. You know that. May I fix you some brunch, dear," asked Robb, forcing himself to smile and be inviting?

She said, "Yes - sausage, eggs, and toast with coffee. Please wait downstairs for me, will you dear?"


Monday morning as he walked into his office the phone rang and his administrative assistant stuck her head in the door and said, "Its the old man calling from his home in Houston!"

Picking up the phone, Robb forced a smile and said, "Good morning, Mr. Grimes."

"Robb, I convinced the majority stockholder to open up an office in the Bakken oil fields in the Dakotas. I have three manager trainees here and I want you to come down and choose which one we send. Or choose that we get another if you don't think either can handle a start up. "
Robb replied, "How soon should I come?"

"Can you come down this afternoon and come into the office early in the morning?"

"I will see you in the morning, Mr. Grimes."

The circuit was broken and Robb called out, "Gwen! Get me on the latest flight today to Houston Hobby and a room for three nights."

Robb picked up his phone and called the Private Investigator his company used after a warehouse theft a year ago. "Marcus please, this is Robb Corbin."

"Hello Mr. Corbin, long time since we have heard from you. Thanks for calling."

"Marcus, I don't have much time and want to buy your lunch today, say 12:30 at the Bodega. Can you make it?"

"See you there," and both circuits went dead simultaneously.

"Gwen, Please ask Millicent Flowers to step in here when she gets a minute."

Miss Flowers sat across from Robb while he finished a phone call. When he hung up the phone, the cuckolded husband looked at his old flame and started thinking of a Seinfeld comedy skit just to keep from crying. He picked up two folders and said, "I have been summoned to Houston for three days and I need another set of eyes to look at these seismic reports before next Monday. Have you got any time that you could spend?"

She replied, "I really don't, Robb, unless I look at them at night. The new hire has some time though. What about her?"

"Milli, I am going to interview candidates to set up the new office that will open in the Bakken. I really need to be studying their work experience day and evening to be fair to them. But, it's only your eyes I am interested in. I will think of something. Thanks, anyway."

The lady stood up and looked straight into Robb's eyes and said, "I will study those print outs, gladly, if you can convince the Old Man to add my curriculum vitae to the group for consideration."

"Hey, Millie! We are talking about the Dakotas - as in freeze to death. You sure?"

She took the folders from his hands and said, "What do you think I have been doing for seven years," as she hurriedly left his office.


When Robb and Marcus' lunch was finished, Robb said, "Thanks for coming, but this is not a business matter. I am being cuckolded, I am almost certain. But I need proof. That is where you come in. Interested?"

Marcus grimaced and said, "We only take commercial clients. However, there is a champion investigator on my staff who wants to hang her own shingle. You know start-ups always work stakeouts and divorce cases. She is quite capable. Let me send her over to your office?"

Robb replied, "Ask her to come about 3:00 if that would work."

Marcus excused himself as if to go to the men's room, and returned shortly. He said, "Shirley Spike from General Mechanical and Electrical Services will call on you at 3:00, Robb."

Back in his office three messages awaited Robb, and one was from his wife. He didn't get around to returning her call until just after 2:00 P.M.

"Hi Dear."

"Damn it! Gwen just copied me on your Houston itinerary, is it pos

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