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Julie takes her husband back to a summer in her past.

It was hard to keep the old man down.

"I can't believe we all went through with it," Michael said, as if on autopilot. But he was speaking everyone's thoughts.

"Okay, girls, put your panties in this basket here," Francesca said, pointing at one of two laundry baskets sitting at the edge of the room. "Guys, put your underwear in that one. I'll tell you why later."

They all did as they were asked.

Francesca continued. "Okay," she said. "As you all have probably found out by now, tonight is all about setting you guys up. I'm not saying any relationships we start here are going to work out, but it'll be fun to try, huh? So here's some ground rules: you can't leave the games unless you're a couple. Deal?"

"Deal," they all agreed in unison.

Wow. This was seriously serious. Michael shrugged, he supposed that ultimately most people this age who was single didn't want to be single. And looking around those present, none of them were exactly unattractive. Plus the influence of the alcohol: it looked like tonight could well set up a lot of couples. Eight girls, Michael counted. Seven guys - no, eight, including himself. Well, that was pretty handy.

"But if two of you feel the need, you can leave together at any point," the petite blonde said. Jonny was still wearing boxers. Still, he wasn't part of the game, after all, so Michael supposed it didn't matter. He seemed to be moving some of the dining room chairs into the living room as Francesca laid down what was going to happen.

"Okay, we need to break some ice here, I think, and get you girls introduced to you guys," Francesca said. True enough, it was slightly awkward, everyone standing there trying to keep their crotches covered, taking the odd slurp of beer or punch.

"So," she went on, "the first game is musical chairs. Guys, you all take a chair..."

They did so: the chairs were back to back, two rows of four. Michael sat with his hands in his lap, aiding the concealment of his penis. A glimpse either side, and he noted that the other guys were doing exactly the same. Now when had musical chairs ever been played like this?

"Girls, you're going to sit on someone's lap here, and when the music plays, you and your partner are going to French kiss. When the music stops, you move on to another guy, and go with him as the music plays - and so on."

Well, here it started. Michael shifted his cock so that it was tucked safely between his thighs. He noticed that the other guys did likewise. Now the girls came and stood by each of the guys. A sweet brunette came up to Michael, and following the example of the other girls, sat down on his lap. He couldn't help but get a seriously good view of her pussy as she did so, and he was very thankful his cock was tucked away.

"Hi, I'm Samantha," she said with a nervous smile.

"Michael," he replied with a smile that tried to be encouraging. "Wild party, huh?"

"Yeah," she nodded. "I've never done anything like this before."

He tried not to look as though he was inspecting her in anyway, checking out her supple breasts, looking down to the little triangle of brown hair between her thighs, but it was difficult not to when you had a beautiful naked girl on your lap. It was going to be a weird night.

He wondered if he was going to get the chance to kiss Lucy. Chances were that she would pick someone before she got to be with him. Who knew? Part of the excitement that made his heart tremble was knowing that he was going to end up with someone that night, but not knowing who.

"Okay, ready?" Francesca asked them. "Then let the games begin!"

The music began - fairly slushy stuff, David Gray, maybe, Michael guessed, not bad he had to admit, especially for this romantic occasion.

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