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We continued to dance for what seemed like hours. I was entranced by the music and the scene, and of course the alcohol. Then something happened on the dance floor that set off a chain reaction, and gave me my first real dose of what being wild and spontaneous was all about. While dancing I happened to look over at Violet and Gemma, they were grinding on each other, which I notice a lot of girls do at clubs so I thought nothing of it. But then minutes later I looked back and saw that they were kissing one another. This was no everyday kiss, their mouths were open, tongues tracing one another's full lips, and I could easily tell they had done this before. I pulled Violet into the bathroom; I had to know what was going on.

"What was that?" I said, trying to sound non-judgmental.

"What, oh the kiss, I thought I told you before that Gemma and I had fooled around."

"No, you didn't! I think I would remember you telling me something like that," I said.

"Oh, well I'm sorry, we'll stop if it's making you uncomfortable," Violet said kindly.

"No, its okay, I'm okay. Let's just go back out to the dance floor, I was actually having a really good time."

When I said it I knew I was being truthful but I was also very nervous. What I hadn't told Violet was how much it had turned me on watching her and Gemma kiss. I had thought about girls in the past but had never acted on it. Seeing the girls kiss right in front of me was something I had never experience in person before, and something that seem to light a fire in me. Though it was completely crazy for me to think this, I reminded myself what this trip was all about to begin with, letting lose. I was going to see where the night would take me, and for once I would hold nothing back.

We got back to the hotel around 2 am and not one of us was tired so we decided to stay up and continue the party in our hotel room. Gemma had gone down to grab some liquor from the gift shop so it was the perfect time to talk to Violet about my feelings at the club.

"Violet, can I tell you something that may shock you, I mean I don't want to freak you out though so please keep an open mind."

"Yeah, of course, you know you can always tell me anything Riley."

"Okay, well you know when you and Gemma were kissing at the club...."

"Yeah, I'm sorry about that we didn't mean to weird you out."

"No, that not it, I, well I wanted to tell you that it actually really got me going. Watching the two of you kiss made me want to join in to tell you the truth," I said nervously.

Right before Violet could answer Gemma walked in with the bubbly.

"Alright girls, let's keep this party going," Gemma said.

We continued to drink and dance in the room, talking about all our favorite college memories. The time when I fell asleep in the lab room only to find myself drooling in front of the entire class come morning, or even better when Voilet gave a lap dance to the teacher so she could pass freshman English! We had all been lying on the bed talking and laughing for hours when I noticed how close Violet and Gemma were becoming. They were almost lying on top of each other at one point; it was as if I wasn't there. Gemma had begun to reach out to kiss Voilet but then I guess remembered I was right there and began to pull back. I notice Voilet shoot me a sly grin, and she pulled Gemma in closer, all the while looking at me making sure I was okay with it. I gave her a wink that I most certainly was.

Gemma and Violet began making out right in front of me. Their lips open, tongues flowing in and out of each others mouths. Voilet began to trace Gemma's full lips with her tongue and I could hardly stand it, I was getting so wet but I was still highly nervous, this was something I never pictured happening on our trip. They continued to kiss and touch all over one another when I realized that Gemma was reaching out for me to join in! I was highly tempted but was still too shy and I think Violet noticed this right away.

"You know Riley, if you're a bit too shy to j

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