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The second in the "Carol Learns About Spanking" series.

"Swallow it."

The next thing that happened was that Gordon reached into the back of the car. He had a plastic supermarket bag with the cane sticking out of it. He told me to get out of the car. I was scared, embarrassed and just a little bit cold, but so much had happened that I didn't even consider questioning his instruction. He took the new wrist cuffs from the bag and I could see that he had joined them together with a length of light chain. He put one on my wrist, threaded the other through the car door handle and then fixed it to my other wrist so that my arms were loosely behind my back.


The four men were all standing close to me and they were wanking slowly while they looked me up and down. I knelt on the hard ground and they moved in closer. They were all staring at my tortured tits. None made any move to touch me. Now all I could see were the aroused pricks surrounding my face just a couple of feet away. They seemed to be following some sort of rules. My head was swimming. I no longer seemed to be in the real world, it was like a strange dream.

"OK guys. If you want to have her mouth, she'll do the same job for you as she has just done for me. Just take her in turns, but you can give it to her as hard as you want."

Without me even having time to take in what he said or open my mouth, the nearest guy grabbed my hair. It was a big prick that filled my mouth more than any I had experienced before. He wanted to fuck my throat. I was trying to remember how many times this had happened over the last few hours, but I couldn't. I knew that I was sore and aching. This was not the time to complain and I was going to have to take even more before I could go home. With my arms secured I had no control at all. The huge glans stretched my throat and my nose flattened against a hairy pubic bone. I was desperate for breath and wriggling before he let me pull back. This guy knew what he wanted and was obviously used to having his big prick in a woman's throat.

While he was throat fucking me he starting talking to my husband. It was so surreal. Just as if they were having a chat over a pint in a bar they talked while my face was pounded. The others were joining in as well.

"How often was I beaten? Did he put me out for use regularly? Could they use anything other than my mouth?"

This sea of strangeness was flowing through my head when I choked on an unexpected flood of cum in my mouth. Listening to the talk I had lost concentration. Cum spattered from my mouth over Big Dick's trousers. I desperately tried to recover myself. I closed my lips while the coughs and spasms subsided, then I opened my mouth to display what I had left in my mouth. When I looked up a t Big Dick he grinned.

Gordon told me to swallow, but then grabbed one nipple and whacked my tit with his cane.

"You can do better than that."

The second guy was already at my face. I opened my mouth for him. Thankfully he wasn't quite as large, but he took his guide from the first man and gave me a hard face fuck. I handled his load OK. The last two were little more than a blur. I was no more than a cum swallowing machine by now.

When I showed and swallowed my fourth mouthful of cum at the car park I noticed with horror that there were now six men surrounding me rather than the four there were. If I had just one more prick in my throat I was sure it would bleed and my jaw felt as though I couldn't even speak, it was so stiff and aching.

"Hope you like what you see fellas. Shame you were just a bit too late to use her tonight. Maybe next time." I saw a shadow of disappointment on the two new faces, but neither said a word.

Relief washed over me although I was being offered for a future date.

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