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A gentleman ensnares a virgin in his ploy for revenge

He grabbed her ankle, reaching down beside the bed and pulling out a shackle which he placed around her ankle. He repeated the process with the other ankle and then he smiled, his hands running from her ankles to the inside of her thighs, now spread wide for him.

Her hand had moved from where it had been so busily rubbing her clit and she reached out toward him. "What are you doing?"

Christian smiled at the confusion in her voice. "I'm loving you, Kinlye." He moved closer to her fur covered mound, gently parting her curls until he could see the pink flesh underneath. He heard her gasp as his lips placed a single kiss upon the top of her mound before diving into her wetness with an almost feral voracity.

The feeling was amazing, the taste of her almost more than he could bear. The beast wanted him to devour and tear, to revel in her blood, but he forced that side of him down. This was for her, for her pleasure and that's what he intended to do, give her pleasure.

He carefully pushed one finger into her sheath, feeling the tightness of her woman's veil around his finger. It sent a spiraling jolt of lust through him. He wanted her so badly, he wanted to be the first to take that veil, to make her his. He longed to be her first, to be her only. But it wasn't for him and he would take care to keep that tiny piece of flesh intact.

But his thumb rubbed with delicious ferocity at the tiny pink nub of nerves that topped that gloriously wet slit. He listened to her cry out, to the way her breathing grew even more ragged, her hips moving under his hand.

"Christian," she sobbed. "What are you doing to me?"

He smiled and then bent his head, inhaling the sweetness of her pink pussy. His moan of pleasure sent a shock of bliss through her. "I want to please you, to show you the kind of pleasure that only I can give you."

"Yes," Kinlye breathed, arching her back into the strength of his hands. "Make me yours."

His lips slid over one taut tip before stopping to play with the other. "Are you sure that is what you want?"

After hesitating for just an instant, a telling instant in Christian's mind, Kinlye continued. "Yes. I want to belong to you."

Christian smiled. He circled his thumb over her clit, smiling even wider as her cries grew more uncontrolled. Then he bent his head, his mouth sinking into her pink flesh, his tongue swiping through the delectable taste of her secretions. He traced the thin inner lips before curling his tongue and pushing it against that thin veil of her flesh. It would take so little to pierce that veil, to take her innocence and make her his truly, in every aspect of the word.

But he wouldn't do it. He couldn't. He forced his tongue away, using it against her tiny clit. He flicked it, suckling it into his mouth. He could feel her hands in his hair, fisting and releasing as she reached for the pleasure he held just beyond her reach.

"Christian," she cried. "Make me yours. I want to be yours. Please!"

He could feel the surge of pleasure that her words sent through his body and feel the precum that now leaked from his cock, staining his pants. It would be so easy to pull off those pants, rip them off if need be, and thrust into her spread form. It was all he could think of, all the beast inside of him could think of as well. But the beast wanted more. It wanted to take her to climax and then bite deeply into her neck, drink of her blood. It sent him pictures of him, his body thrusting desperately into her pretty cunt, his mouth tearing at the flesh of her neck. Worse yet, it showed her hands grasping on to him, pulling on him to force him to thrust harder.

He pulled away from her, tearing himself off of her body and had his back against the wall, his hand coming up to his mouth, hiding his teeth. The canines had elongated at the whim of the beast and he fought to force them back into his gums. "No," he growled. "I won't do that. I won't."

He closed his eyes, blocking out the sight of Kinlye, of the beauty of her that was unforgettable.

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