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A young violinist is chosen by a doomed race to be a savior.

She could not believe the pussy eating/licking skills that Hakim possessed.

Hakim figured that she was as ready as she was ever going to be for his dick. As Nicole continued to roll her head back on forth across the back of the couch, Hakim raised himself up and grasped his erect dick and began to smack the underside of his dick across her pussy lips making a lewd "splishy" sound.

Nicole opened her eyes and look down toward her stomach to see her splayed pussy lips being slapped with his thick dick. The sensation was causing her clit to harden and tingle.

"Mmmm....that feels good, Hakim," Nicole moaned between clenched teeth.

"Oh...SHIT! That's a big dick!" thought Nicole as she unconsciously spread her thighs further.

Hakim guided the large, spongy head of his dick to Nicole's yawning, sloppy wet pussy. As his heated hardness made contact with her willing wetness, they both looked at each other and moaned. He began to push the head of his dick into her, one slow inch at a time.

"Ooooohh...ahhhhhh....mmmmm.....ugh......ah...mmmm.....," Nicole sang out as his dick sank into her wetness causing her pussy lips to spread obscenely around his black, shiny girth. He slid 6 inches into with ease because of the lubrication her pussy had produced.

Her pussy felt like a wet, warm massage was being performed on his dick. He could feel her pussy clenching/unclenching as his dick progressed along her pussy channel. She was moaning nonstop with a look of awe on her face. He bent down and took a long 1/2-inch pink nipple between his lips and licked and sucked for all he was worth as he slid another 3-inches into her tight, wet pussy. He slid out slowly and then slammed 9-inches of dick back into her. Nicole came immediately, her pussy filling up with juices and squirting warm cum all around his dick!

"AAAhhhhhh.....oh my GOD! Ewwwww.....mmmmmm...ummmm.......I'm CUMMING so hard....ahhhhhh....don't stop.....mmmmmmm..," she screamed as she came.

Hakim reared back determined to get more of his dick into her slimy wet pussy. He pushed forward and gave her ANOTHER INCH to deal with. Her face screwed itself into a look of agony and then pure pleasure as she continued to cum and squirt around his dick! Her pink-colored pussy looked so sexy as his ebony, coal-black dick slid in and out of her. His dick was positively DRENCHED with her whitish colored cum. She had never seen her cum so clearly on a man's dick. It was thick and slimy and her pussy was producing a lot of it for him to fuck through. She further noticed that her nipples were so hard they hurt. She also could see her clit sticking farther out of its hood than it EVER had before.

"This pussy is good, baby! Keep that pussy cumming for me! You want some more of this dick inside of you?" Hakim asked as he slammed in another inch of his dick as he moved her thighs further back on the couch exposing all of her pussy to his onslaught.

"Yesssssss, I want it, pussy won't stop cummmmmmminnngggggggg!!" she screamed as Hakim began to quickly enter and exit her pussy pushing more dick into her until his balls slapped against her asshole.

Nicole felt as if her pussy was being turned inside out with all the orgasms and pounding it was taking. Hakim was manhandling her pussy and she loved it. Her pussy had never felt so full before! The pressure of all that dick being crammed between her thighs was unbelievable! She couldn't believe that her pussy had taken his entire dick but he was slamming himself in and out of at will. Her entire genital region was tingly from the multiple orgasms he was causing her to have. Nicole put her hand on her stomach and felt the entire length of his dick coursing through her lower belly. He had so much dick inside of her! The nerve endings in her pussy were screaming their pleasure!!

Hakim reached down and grabbed her asscheeks and began to move her body towards his as he entered her.

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