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Add more excitement to a blow job.

I laid where I was on my back, uncertain as to what she had planned next. She joined me up on the bed, but remained up on all fours. Her breasts returned to me as she lowered herself down, facing towards my feet.

I shamelessly grabbed at her tits with both hands and pulled them to my mouth again as if they contained the very air I needed to breath. I was so pleased to have them back I forgot the pretense of draining my mom of her milk and, instead, lapped at her raw nipples, licking ever tightening circles around each one in turn.

I had not fully understood her intention until I hear her say, "It's only fair we do like for like, baby. Hold still."

Then a liquid heat swallowed up my cock. I groaned at the sheer luxuriousness of my mother's mouth sucking down on my shaft. Even her over-large tits were stretched to their utmost to allow me to allow me to suck on them while she tended to my hard-on.

I could feel her rough suction, feel the soft rasp of her tongue over the sensitive spot where my glans split just below the urethra, and feel a stream of her saliva running down my length and cooling on my contracted balls.

While I tongued her breasts she gripped my cock in her right hand, and rocked her head back and forth on my length.

I was surrounded by her, every part of me seemed to be filled with her. Her scent, her soft skin, her taste. It was all too much. No one had ever sucked my dick with such dedicated enthusiasm.

I knew it was wrong. I knew I should have tried to halt it, but she had barely started and she had already taken me too far. I was a cartoon coyote who has not realised he has run off the edge of a canyon until he looks down.

Then I fell.

The weight of her breasts on me was enormous. I could no longer breath. The thought of suffocation hardly seemed worth noting though, because I was unravelling at the seams up inside of her. Rather than fight it I filled my mouth with her closest nipple and sucked down as hard as I could, not caring if it caused her pain any more.

As the white, hot, viscous fluid filled my mouth, the same was happening for her down below. A stream of sticky come sprayed out of me, coating the inside of her mouth, her tongue and the back of her throat. Filling her as she filled me.

As I drank from her, she swallowed each hot blast from me with an equal greediness.

Strangest of all, even after I had unloaded everything it seemed I could possibly have inside me, she continued to nibble and lick at my cock, cleaning off every last remnant of my seed.

I have to admit to feeling a little lightheaded from the sudden orgasm and from being sated on my mother's milk. Otherwise I would never have done what I did next.

While she cleaned me up I continued to roll her nipples around in my mouth, rubbing the roughened back of my tongue over each hardened nub. She made little cooing noises under my constant attention.

My hands, without consulting my brain, had begun to roam down her sides. I felt a little renewed spark in my groin when I realised her towel had fallen away and she was now kneeling over me completely naked.

Those same conniving hands of mine slid over the curves of her narrow waist to where her hips swelled out. They did not stop until they began to sink into the soft flesh of her naked bottom. It was cool to the touch and wonderfully mushy, with just the right amount of firmness.

I found my head gravitating towards my hands, which had implanted themselves firmly in the soft flesh of her backside. My head tilted back, first kissing the underside of her pendulous breasts, and then down. Her belly had firmed up almost completely to how it had been before she had had Ian. I found the residual plumpness incredibly sexy, and showed my appreciation by circling her navel with an eel-like tongue.

When she gave no indication that I should stop, I wriggled my hips to slide down a little further until I was kissing the small, raised pink scar that marked the spot through which both my brother and I had entered this world.

My nose nestled in the sof

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