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Surprise sweethearts little rendezvous are wild.

It felt freezing cold, I used the sponge as quickly as I could to clean myself all over, no soap was supplied, and the hose was kept trained on me throughout.

Once finished, Kathy turned off the hose and handed me back the towel,

I was shivering feverishly.

Sir spoke!

Bring her down to the dungeons when she's finished drying off Kathy, its time for her to get accustomed to them ready for tomorrow.

When I'd dried off, Kathy handed me a thin torn ragged grey/white dress that had seen better day's, and told me to put it on, saying that it actually belonged to one of the female staff many years ago, in this very castle.

I was led back into the corridor and back down the steps into the courtyard, where I had a quick glance at my red Ferrari before being ushered through an opening with a sign above that said simply. 'Dungeons'!

Down another flight of stone stairs, I was barefoot and only wearing the tatty dress, it was cold down here.

At the bottom of the stairs was a passageway with doors on both sides, I was led into one of them, another stone walled, stone floored room about 30 feet square, with various shackles and handcuffs along the far wall, another one of those horse things near the left side wall, and a variety of canes, whips, and leather belts etc. along the right wall.

I had just about time to take everything in when 'Sir' entered.

He grabbed my arm and virtually dragged me to the far wall telling me to stand with my back to it.

Arms above your head! He ordered.

My wrists were secured to two of the shackles.

You will be left here for a while to take in the atmosphere of the dungeon.

Ready for tomorrows lesson in 'physical discipline'

Yes Sir

Both he and Kathy went out, and the heavy wooden door was closed and locked.

The ceiling must have been about thirty feet high, and at the very top of the wall were some small openings for the light, obviously just above ground level.

I had no idea how long I was going to be left here; I tried to occupy my mind by looking all around, especially at the instruments of torture on the one wall. I noticed that about half of them looked as if they had been used fairly recently, but the rest looked dirty and covered in cobwebs and grime, with rust on the metal parts. So I concentrated on studying the ones that looked as if they were still used.
Two canes, both about three feet long, one about an inch thick, the other very thin, a riding crop, two leather belts, one about two inches wide, the other about one inch wide, and what looked very similar to the old

'cat o' nine tails', a stout stick with about half a dozen thin strips of leather that were about a foot and a half in length. Quite a choice!

I then pictured myself tied to the horse again, as I was earlier for the enema, and receiving a beating with the different items mentioned.

Most people would be shaking with terror at the thought.

Me? I was tingling with excitement; my wet pussy was proof of that.

I must have been here over an hour now, my arms weren't aching, they felt dead, and I was dying to use the loo again.

I then heard the key in the door, and in walked Sir and Kathy.

Neither of them spoke, they just came over and undid my restraints; my arms flopped down to my side to allow the blood to circulate again.

Then Sir spoke to Kathy,

I want to see her in my room as arranged. Then he headed to the door.

Please Sir! I shouted.

He stopped and turned, staring hard at me.

I want a wee please Sir!

He just stared at me and then walked up quickly till he was right in front of me with a very angry expression on his face.

I didn't expect or see it coming,

He gave me an almighty slap across my face; I reeled and nearly fell over.

I told you not to speak unless spoken to, did I not?

Yes Sir, I'm sorry Sir!

Then he stepped back a couple of paces, and still staring hard at me said-

If you wish to urinate, then do it now. And don't keep me waiting.

I looked him in the eye and just did it,

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