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Lustful Amnesia verson 3.0 reboot.

Azrael on Tyler, Azrael in Tyler. Letting out another ferocious cry and about to break the bastard's stupid nose, Tyler drags me back.

"Ares, you're going to kill him." He presses his chest into my back and places a kiss on the same spot on the back of my neck where I kissed him. I calm instantly, the red haze lifting from my vision. Looking back to Azrael I assess the damage. His eye is swollen shut and there's blood dripping slowly from a cut on his cheek and above his eyebrow. Though his lips are swollen, they aren't split and for a second I'm actually disappointed that in my rage I haven't inflicted more damage. After that I'm just plain mad.

"You stupid, pathetic, fucking bastard." I snarl maliciously, despotizing him with my words. "You were going to rape him, weren't you?"

I feel Tyler shudder behind me and his grip tightens.

Despite being nearly battered to death, Azrael still manages to be an arsehole.

"I'd hardly call it rape." He retaliates sarcastically. "He was practically begging for it. Writhing and moaning under me like a bitch in heat."

I nearly lose it again but Tyler keeps me in check, whispering firmly into my ear that though justified in this case, murder is still illegal. I decide to ignore his last comment, offering him only the full measure of how much I despise him.

"I want you out of this room and out of my life." I retort lividly. "And if you so much as touch him again- Actually, no. If you so much as look at him or me for that matter in the wrong way again, I will not hesitate to kill you."

Maybe it's the way I'm snarling or the set of my face but I mange to penetrate his cool facade and he flinches. He drags himself up off the floor and makes for the door.

Still defiant he mutters, "This isn't over Snow White."

I stand up and practically hiss at him, "Oh, but it is." I slam the door and press my forehead to it, sighing heavily.

Tyler puts a hand on my shoulder and instantly I turn around, face buried in his neck, hugging him hard enough that he starts gasping for air.

"I'm sorry." I murmur into his neck.

He takes my face in his hands and we share our first kiss. Lips melding, his tongue licks lightly at my lips before I open my mouth and he gains entry, tentatively running his tongue over my teeth to duel with my own. I respond hungrily, pushing my fingers into his fiery hair, massaging his tongue with my own. We stay like this for a few more seconds before he gives a final suck of my tongue and we pull apart for breath.

"Wow!" I bluster breathlessly.

He grins widely. "You don't have to be sorry, Ares. I'm just glad you came back when you did, otherwise Azrael would be six feet under right now and you'd be occupying a certain 8 by 8 room, wearing a very unflattering jumpsuit."

I laugh but I'm thinking of the other consequence of what may have happened if I didn't return in time; the one he doesn't seem to be talking about. Tyler can read me so very well and he places a hand on my cheek.

"It didn't happen, Ares. Don't torment yourself thinking what may have happened. I don't want to think about it ever again and I want you to do the same. The thought's enough to twist my guts and make me retch."

I watch as he balks slightly in recollection.

I promise not to bring it up again.

"So...." He starts, "Do you still want to...?"

He blushes; his face matching the same colour as his hair. I run my fingers through it, a bit surprised that he still wants to continue from where we left off.

"Are you sure? I mean after Azrael and ...?"

He nods and offers me his hand. I take it hesitantly before leading him to the bedroom.

"You done this before?" I question.

"Once or twice but not with anyone I really liked."

"Do you like me?" I ask, humour lacing my voice.

"Is the sky blue?" He shoots back, making me laugh.
Very much so.

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