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A Parable.

Her body was stretched tight, leaving her no ability to writhe in any direction. The smell of smoke presaged what her next torture was to be.

Heat burned at her back as wax was dripped onto her from a mere six inch distance. It felt like every square inch of her back was being bathed in the hot liquid; and in fact, it was. After 30 minutes and a steady path down her back, the waxworks had reached her ass. Hands pulled her ass cheeks apart and Valerie cried out at what she knew was coming. The next drops of wax hit her exposed anus directly, causing Val to scream in pain as the unaccustomed heat hit her exposed inner flesh. As always with wax, the heat faded quickly to a warmth that could be quite pleasant, if not for the new drops that landed too soon for such relief.

By the time the waxing had finished, Valerie was gently sobbing on the table, unable to muster the strength to move herself when the bindings were removed. She was tied down to another table, this one more of a bench, and the wax peeled from her body (a far more pleasant experience than having it applied). When a tongue started to caress her pussy, Valerie sighed in pleasure, though she knew another orgasm would be the end of her tonight. Resigned to being their plaything, she soaked up the sensations and let her arousal build unchallenged. When the licking stopped before she could cum, Valerie didn't even plead; she stifled a sob and tried to relax.

She was left alone, tied to the bench, for quite some time, while sounds of sex and enjoyment went on around her. Occasionally Val would tug at her bindings and try to stimulate herself, but for the most part, she lay there, listening and getting turned on again; just nowhere near enough to cum. The sounds faded and Valerie was sure she heard the sounds of footsteps moving away when her bindings released again. She was led again, this time to the showers where her hood was removed to reveal just Charles.

"Master," she cried, "was I pleasing tonight?"

"Yes, Valerie. You were very pleasing. Only two more commands tonight. Bathe me, and join me in my bed freshly bathed yourself."

Valerie carefully washed Charles from head to toe, lavishing attention on each part of his body. She wished she could perform this duty more often than she did. The feel of his body under her hands as she soaped and scrubbed him was enticing and erotic, yet seldom led to sex itself. Knowing how much she enjoyed doing this for Charles encouraged Valerie to have Sally wash her often. Val was pleased to note that Charles did get partially erect during the shower and hoped that meant something for the night.

By the time Val was alone and washing herself, there wasn't much left to clean. She was thorough, though, and made sure every part of her was clean and ready for whatever he would demand of her in his bed. There were times when He simply wanted a woman to hold and fondle while he slept. Other than Sally, there was no one Valerie would rather be in the arms of at night.

Upstairs, Charles was waiting for her in his bed. He lifted the covers invitingly and Valerie crawled in with him. He pulled her to him and kissed her, his tongue forcing its way into her willing mouth. His right hand held her head to his own, not letting her get away (as if she would want to). His other hand caressed her back and ass while holding the rest of her body tightly. Valerie moaned into his mouth, her arousal climbing at the subtle control Charles was affecting. Her own hands caressed his body, trying to give pleasure to her Master. Feeling his cock grow increasingly hard made her moan all the more and made her cunt juice in anticipation of penetration.

Charles broke the kiss and pushed Val flat against the bed, holding her down as his mouth sought out her breasts.

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