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What I would do to you if you were here.

I wore my boots to the party and a short min skirt that just came to the top of the boots, it had a low cut neck line that showed my tits even when I didn't bend over. I went with no bra and just a black thong. I was the only female in the private dinning room and all the men were coming up to me and telling me how beautiful I was in Italian and one or two could speak a little English, but I got the message " You are a master piece!" The more the wine flowed the more they wanted to hug me and kiss my hand and you know how Italian men can get they want to be your friend, lover, they just want to fuck you.

The party was over sometime after 2 in the morning and how I got back to the hotel I'll never know. I found myself in bed and had hands and lips all over me which was par for the course, but I had no idea who the hell it was.

Fingertips touch her nipples, caressing them through the flimsy fabric of her top. She gasps in surprise but does not move, as his fingertip trace the outline of her face, her neck, her breasts, stomach, down to the wet slit only covered by a patch of cloth, my thong. Then Marca feels a round, warm piece of flesh rub against the side of her face. She feels the head caressing her earlobe, then move across her chin and down her neck, leaving an invisible trace of moisture. Than he whispered in a low deep voice!

"You like the way my cock feels against your face don't you?"

He rubs his cock on her forehead, face, neck, avoiding her mouth. She whimpers as his hands play with her nipples. Marca is burning with desire but remains on her back, unmoving, desiring suddenly to be taken, fucked and fucked and fucked by the stranger. She moans with desire, a yelping, almost animal sound.

With his Italian accent, "Tell me what you want," he says as his cock whips across her face, slapping the cheekbones, "Come my little fuck toy, tell daddy what you want"?

"I..." she stars to talk, pausing for a moment as she trembles with desire, "I...I want to please...I want to please you."

"Tell me what you want?"

"Your cock."

"Good girl. Where do you want me to put it, Marca?"

"In ...my mouth."

"You going to suck it hard?"

"Yes...any way you want. In my cunt...anyway."

This SOB was getting ready to go down on me and he could tell I did not have a five o'clock shadow, not even lent was on it. He had me moaning, God he was good! Suddenly she groaned as his tongue reached out and flicked over her thick vaginal lips. Just as I moved my cunt lips up for him to kiss he moved into a 69 position and I had his cock in my face. It was big, long and definitely a monster size when I tried to put my finger around it, damn! Marca reached out and touched his cock. Tentative at first she lightly stroked up and down the length of his prick, feeling it as it grew and hardened under her touch. "Oh my God!" she gasped when he was fully erect. "You're huge!" She took his cock into her hand and began to stroke it with long, loving strokes. I could feel the hard veins and an uncircumcised head. Marca worshipped that cock. Groaning her need as she licked the entire shaft and kissed and stroked each of his balls. All the while he was touching her body. That beautiful body

"Oh no.... Oh God Please Yes."

The feel of his tongue on her pussy sent shivers though out her body.

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