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Mother, Son & Julie explore how much they can get away with.

"What do you mean by that?" she demanded.

"Just that you're going to be my compensation," I explained. "I'm going to spend a little quality time with you. Won't that be fun?

It seems to me that you have three choices. Are you going to cooperate?"

Hayley's shocked look and fiercely shaken head answered that.

"In that case you can either put up a real fight or just resist by struggling. I'd suggest that you make it resistance by struggling rather than try a proper fight. I'd hate to have to knock you out."

Hayley still didn't say anything, but she was watching me like a hawk as I undid my trousers. As soon as they were halfway down she was off the bed and trying to dart past me. It didn't help, as I'd been expecting it.

I caught her arm as she was scrambling up and let my tangled trousers trip me onto her, pinning her to the bed. A few kicks and I was free of them.

Hayley was wriggling in earnest now, trying to get out from under me. She could feel my erection pressing against her stomach and she'd decided she wanted no part of it. A pity, because she was about to get all of it.

I caught her hands and held them easily in one of mine. My other hand was busy checking out her breasts, which were very pleasant to hold. Oddly enough, Hayley wasn't squealing or yelling, just saving her breath for the struggle.

After a while I transferred my attention downstairs. My weight had easily parted her legs and my wandering hand had free access to her soft flesh. When I started caressing it Hayley did start squealing, calling me several names between squeals.

I decided that it was time to get down to business. Hayley's swearing and squealing came louder now as she felt me parting her lips. Then my cock was pushing between them into her tight, hot, wetness, slowly forcing its way in.

Hayley heaved and twisted under me, trying to get out from under the invasion but, bit by bit, I sank deeper into her. Finally one last push and I smacked home.

For a moment we lay like that. Hayley spread out, glaring up at me but neatly pinned to the bed, while I looked down at her smiling my triumph.

I could feel her shifting slightly, adjusting to the feel of me in her. Now to give her a little surprise.

I slowly withdrew, watching her face as she unwillingly reacted to the feeling of my cock dragging against her inner flesh. I almost laughed at the look of astonishment on her face when I withdrew completely.

Hayley just relaxed for a moment as I rolled off her, relieved. She'd relaxed too soon, as it gave me a chance to roll her over onto her tummy. She gave a shriek of rage as she felt me positioning her. I hoisted her bottom up, pushing her knees under her. She was still trying to roll away from me when my cock hit her pussy and started pushing home again.

It was quite interesting for the next few moments. The new position gave her more room to wriggle and try to avoid being stuck, as it were, but she was a lot wetter now and had already been stretched into shape.

Hayley wriggled and cursed and found that my cock was steadily advancing until once again I had her firmly nailed. Now that she was nailed, I let go her hips and reached down to cup her breasts, holding them firmly while pressing hard against her pussy.

I again did a slow withdrawal, squeezing her breasts as I did so. This time I paused with my head just inside her, held it for a moment and felt her start to tense as Hayley awaited my drive into her. So I pulled out again.

This time when I rolled her back onto her back Hayley went willingly. I think she wanted to tell me a few home truths to my face. I had other plans.

I took hold of Hayley's ankles and lifted her legs up and out, effectively bending her in two. In that position she was absolutely helpless, unable even to struggle, and all she could do was watch and swear at me as my cock once again made itself at home inside her.

This time when I pulled free yet again Hayley was livid.

"Just what do you think you're doing, damn you," she yelled at me.

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