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A morning not to be forgotten.

But his hands were groping my stomach and undersides of my tits, his hips grinding hard and non_rythymically into my backside. I was doing my best to not get knocked over by this over zealous dance partner, who had begun to get noticeably hard against me with his awkward humping. Dancing with him went from fun to funny to downright annoying within a few minutes. It began to get even more annoying having to stop this guy from sneaking a hand under my shirt to get at my tits, then having to redirect his hands from creeping up my skirt.

Being a girl used to this sort of thing happening at clubs, I played along for a few moments but all of a sudden started to feel really claustrophobic. I politely excused my self from wild humping guy, much to his disappointment, and went to get some fresh air. I thought too that I'd try figuring out where Trevor had run off to or maybe find Scott and chat for awhile. I probably needed a break anyway, as I'd been out dancing for a good hour or so at least.

I wandered around the party for a bit and couldn't believe how many people were actually there. Everywhere I looked there were people: drinking, talking, dancing, with the occasional couple paired off and getting intimate away from the big crowds. I couldn't see Trevor or Scott anywhere or any of the people I'd met while dancing either, so I decided to see if they were maybe out back in the pool and hot tub area. There were so many people to wade through to get back to the patio that I quickly gave up to go upstairs and use the balcony to spot Trevor and/or Scott from out there.

I made my way through the upstairs hallway, passing by a few doors on either side of me without notice. However, as I passed one of the bedrooms on my right, I heard some noises. Loud fucking noises, distinct male grunts and female moans with the unmistakable sounds of skin slapping together thrown in the mix. Obviously I was listening in on a couple having a really good time. I went to the door and listened for a second, being the curiously 'dirty_girl' I can sometimes be. I heard a guy's voice saying, "Yeah! Take that cock girl, ungh... ungh!" I could barely hear her all of a sudden, as though her moans were somewhat muffled_I figured from a pillow or something like that.

I was corrected when I heard another guy's voice say, "God man, she's deepthroating me! Keep fuckin her hard like that! Dude, this is somethin' else!! Ohhh yeah..." I was automatically getting really turned on, knowing there was a three way happening right inside the door! 'That trampy little bitch,' I thought to myself, 'she's no doubt getting royally worked over in there!' I wanted to stay and listen until they had their finale, but heard someone coming up the stairs and hightailed it to the balcony doors further down the long hallway.

When I got out on to the extremely spacious balcony, I couldn't help but see if it led past the bedroom from where I heard the threesome having some fun. I thought to myself, 'Trevor can wait, dammit. I have to see what these three are up to!' and went closer to investigate further. As luck would have it, I was right; the balcony bent around to the side of the house and had patio_style doors leading to the room. Better yet was the fact the doors had only partial blinds and was somewhat concealed on that side by a row of trees. 'Nice,' I thought, 'Nobody'll see me from the pool or hot tub either!' So I crept up to the window_doors and peeked in, being careful to keep myself hidden as much as possible.

As I got nearer, I could still hear them going at it and I started getting my all_too_familiar achy feeling in my nipples again.

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