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Rebecca Fucks Ethan

My hands slip across your ass, pulling your panties from riding up your ass crack as I duck my head and you feel the wet suction of your panties pull away from your pussy, letting all the cool air meet your hot wet slit. wrapping your panties between my wrists like a pair of handcuffs.

I lean my head forward, my wrists bound and begin to suckle at the top of your pussy, you moan and arch your back slightly trying to get more of my tongue inside you as you lift yourself letting the chair begin to tilt back, I wrap my arms around it, my wrists bound together and let you slip forward off the chair and onto the cold floor tile, still servicing your pussy with my tongue as your hot ass touches the cool floor, your hair spreading behind you as you lean back, your legs trying to clench together, pinning my head and my face deep in your sex.

We're upon the floor now, the light of the moon comes in through the balcony window, running along my back as we are upon the floor as a beast with but one head. The line of moonlight frames your body centered to mine, illuminating just the finest edges of your pert nipples as you mouth, my mouth now nibbling on your pussy.

Letting you feel me sucking the very juices of your pleasure from within you as you arch your back. You put your hands along the base of your back and my tongue pierces deeper inside you, holding your pussy open so I might drink from you like a goblet of fine wine. You feel the passion, the heat, you feel sweat freezing as it touches the cool floor running down your back and across your brow.

Then you feel the shift of power as I slip your panties from my wrists to yours, your wrists firmly bound as I tighten them just enough as to hold you fast and slip myself up to your nipples suckling them gently as you bring your arms over your head both your hands clutching my head as you whimper, feeling your wetness running along the crack of your ass to the floor.

Finally your grasp my hair and pull my head back. You look upon my eyes with a seductive gaze, much like a wolf whom is stalking its prey or a lone huntress in the deepest jungles and you then slip your tied wrists down my cheeks and across my neck to my shirt and give a playful nudge as you sit upright unbalancing me forcing me to catch myself upon my palms.

I look at you, the moonlight dispels any image of innocence in your smirk as you look upon me, your eyes probe along my shirt and across my pants, almost as if you can see right through my pants and gaze directly at my cock straining against both my jeans and my shorts. You surge forward pulling me off my hands so I'm laying on the floor beneath your naked form and you lean down putting a finger to my lips before leaning forward, your ass arched into the air as you suckle upon my lips and let your tongue mingle with mine, your hands positioned across my chest holding yourself up and at the same time pulling my shirt free.

The moonlight cascades across the new bizarre sculpture we have formed as I know your teasing me, I hear you give your moans, the way you start low and gradually build up as you thrust yourself against a imaginary lover servicing you from behind as you pin me to the floor. I can feel your breath as a slow breeze building to a booming gale as you so do. You tilt your head down seeing the black outline of my arousal and slip your hands beneath you pressing your tits together to form a inviting valley of pleasure as I feel your nipples run across my now exposed chest.

I feel you kissing down my chest; it seems like a eternity as you come closer and closer to my pants. I eagerly expect your neck move and am again surprised, you turn yourself, I can tell your wrists are still together as I feel both your hands touch my balls lightly before hearing them slip along the floor.

I look down and see your ass, and the shadowy silhouette of your

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