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He takes his love on a camping trip of firsts.

This was not how she wanted this conversation to go.

"No," he whispered. "I swore never to regret my decision but I do regret hurting you in the process. For that I am sorry."

He was still just a shadow to her. Throughout the day she had avoided thinking about him or the night before. When she finally let herself remember she was surprised at how many details she was able to recall. Staring at him from across the room she found that many of her memories proved accurate. He was obviously a tall man, wide across the chest and shoulders. She could see where his hair brushed the collar of his coat making it just this side of fashionable. While she had no idea what his face might look like his voice was deep and a little rough. That combined with his comments about business with her father led her to believe that he was of the merchant class. The apparently fine cut of his clothes, the cottage with its servants and the food suggesting that he had worked his way up rather far.

Squaring her shoulders, Sabrina blurted out, "I want you to make love to me."

Whatever it was he'd been expecting this was not it. So stunned was he by her request that it was several moments before he realized that she had continued talking.

"...never going to have a husband and last night definitely wasn't how I pictured my first time..."

"Stop." He held up his hand to emphasize the order. "Just stop, for one moment and back up." He could not have heard her correctly. "Let me see if I've got this right, you want me to make love to you? Me?"

Sabrina swallowed past the lump in her throat. "Yes. As I was saying, once I leave here I'll never again have the opportunity..."

"I'm sure there are any number of men that would gladly show you the ways of bed play."

"I'm sure," she agreed dryly. "But none of them are strangers and any...bed play...with them would ruin what little reputation I have left. You've made it clear that I will be allowed to return home. I assume since you haven't aired the bloody bedsheets in the window that you don't intend on making a public announcement as to the state of my virtue."

He snorted at her sarcasm. "And risk a public hanging, no thank you."

Sabrina ignored him. "That must mean that the only one you want to know about this," a wave of her hand took in the bedroom in which they stood, "is my father. Therefore you are the best choice if I want to know what it's like to experience pleasure."

This was all just too crazy. He needed to sit down, and a drink. "Did Jared bring up anything stronger then tea?"

Sabrina realized that she'd given him quite a turn. It was obvious that he required a moment to gather his wits. "Yes, there's brandy on the table."

"May I?" He asked, indicating the table. It was on her side of the room and would put him closer to her.

"Of course." Sabrina watched as he walked across the room, poured a rather large dose of brandy and then tossed it back.

His hands flat on the table, he waited while the brandy worked its way down the back of his throat. Turning to study her, he considered her request. She stood straight, almost defiant, with her shoulders thrown back. As the silence stretched out and he continued to watch her he saw her shudder violently. Straightening up, he turned and started for the door. "No."

So shocked at his denial, Sabrina almost missed catching him as reached the door. "Wait! Why?"

Running a hand through his hair, he turned back to her. "You can barely stand to have me look at you. I can't say that I blame you. I've done you a greivious harm but I can't undo it and I won't compound it. Now, I will leave you in peace for the rest of your stay. Goodnight."

"You bastard," she hissed never knowing how true she spoke. "So much for your willingness to grant my any request." Ashamed and embarrassed, Sabrina felt herself flush. It had taken all of her courage to make the request. She had never thought for a moment that he might say no. Ironically, she found herself feeling offended at his rejection.

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