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Peter shows off his control over his wife to friends.

As she drank, she talked appreciatively about the evening so far while looking around the room. Anytime she made eye contact with me, she got this huge, silly grin on her face. That nicely stroked my male ego.

When she finished her Pepsi and half the chocolate, she quickly disappeared into the bathroom. I turned down the lights significantly, piled the pillows up and lay back with my shoulders on the pile. I lay there contemplating what to do next when she returned and sat on the bed's edge. She started to stroke my thighs. "Ok!" she announced firmly, "Your turn. I don't think you've cum yet. What can I do for you? What's your favorite way to take a woman?"

"With a look of joy on her face!" I shot back laughing.

"That's assured in any case," she replied seriously, "so the question still stands."

I thought for a moment. I'm not used to asking for anything. Usually I'm too busy figuring out what "she" wants. My attention gradually focused on her size. She was smaller than any other woman I'd been with. I had often wondered what it would be like to have a small woman riding me, where I could take hold of her and move her to my needs. "I know it's a wee bit conventional, but right now I want to start with you riding me. Then I can watch you slide up and down my cock while I play with your beautiful body. When I'm ready, I'll take the top and do my best to nail your ass to the bed frame!"

Ummm ..." she said with the smirk coming back and one eyebrow cocked, "sounds like a plan! Now relax and let me get it started."

She shifted up the bed and kissed me, softly dragging her lips and tongue back and forth across my lips. With one hand behind my head, the other wandered my body. I love being caressed all over and I told her so. Soon she trailed tender kisses down my neck and shoulders. She rubbed her face in my chest, softly kissed, nipped and sucked my tiny but highly reactive nipples. All the while her hands caressed my sides, belly, chest, thighs inside and out, plus my cock and balls.

My cock hadn't completely relaxed. Swiftly it rose now to the occasion. It jumped to each touch and stroke. A few times, she slurped it into her mouth and I momentarily would lose it. Once she grabbed around the base with thumb and forefinger, pulling that tight ring all the way up its length. A large, glistening, clear drop formed at the tip.

"Oh look, pre-cum!" she announced with an excited little girl voice. Then she proceeded to spread it all over the head with her thumb. When done she then licked it all back off like a child with an ice cream cone.

My body was rigid more often than not by this point.

"Ok, big boy," she announced, "show time!" She straddled my hips but held her body high enough so she could drag the head of my cock up and down her slit. I watched fascinated as a drop of her lubrication collected on the head and ran down the shaft. I moved my hips futilely trying to thrust up into her. After a while my body was rigid again and my head thrown back.

"Watch closely." She nearly whispered. I looked down just in time as she held me at the threshold, rotated her hips to start my penetration, lifted and dropped short distances. Slowly she took my cock completely inside her body. I have no idea how I maintained control. She held me deep and continued to rotate her hips while feeling the fullness within her. I saw a quick shudder pass through her.

"I'd forgotten how good that moment feels," she said softly, barely moving. Once she was ready, I used my hands to guide her. I started her lifting until I could see and feel the circumcision ridge pop past her opening. Then I had her drop back down, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly. I watched mesmerized as her body stroked the full length of my cock over and over. It was one of those moments when one happily could die. As in my imagination, her small size allowed her to be much more active than I was accustomed to. I was lost in the perfection of the moment.

I threw my head back.

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