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Conclusion of this short police drama story.

We had gotten a lot of regulars in last night and my boss decided to have a lock-in which means that a select few of regulars and the publican hang around behind locked doors and keep drinking for as long as the possibly can. I get a few extra bucks if I stay back and keep pouring drinks and keep an eye on the tills and doors until its over. This one lock-in lasted until 7am when the last of the guys finally called it quits and passed out in some of the upstairs rooms.

The cop could barely keep his eyes off my tits. I don't blame him though. I only got them done a few months ago and I always stand in the mirror admiring how big and perky they look now.

The cop cleared his throat and asked for my licence. I gave it to him and had a chance to study him for a few moments while he checked out my details. He wasn't too bad looking either. My guess would be around min 30's. He came back and gave me my license.

"I'm afraid i'm going to have to ask you to step out of the car Miss."

"What for?" I asked, a little scared that I was in a lot of trouble.

"As I said earlier, the speed that you were going is an automatic loss of license so you will have to leave your car here and make some arrangements with family or friends to have it picked up and taken wherever you need it to go."

I absolutely hate getting in trouble so I meekly took my seatbelt off and climbed out of my car. I moved to the bonnet of my car so I could prop myself up on the bonnet while he finished taking down my rego.

"I don't have any friends or family close to here to pick me up though."

"Well thats ok, I can give you a ride home before I head back to the station."

"Thanks" I said, in a squeaky voice. I was so close to crying that I didn't want to talk incase tears started streaming down my face. The cop came back to where I was sitting and gave me my ticket. He saw my eyes had welled up and tried to be nice to me. He put his hand on my shoulder.

"Don't worry, you aren't the first or last person to speed. You will get your licence back in three months."

"I just feel like a fool, sorry i'm crying. I must look like a little girl right now."

"Actually you couldn't look anymore like a woman even if you tried."

I looked up at his face and he was looking directly at my cleavage. He saw that he had been caught and turned his head and walked a little in front of me to get some distance between us.

I looked down and saw that he had gotten a little hard staring at my tits.

Maybe I could use this as an advantage and try to get out of a ticket.

I flicked my hair so that it cascaded behind my shoulders and arched my back, making my knockers seem even bigger. The cop looked back at me and his mouth fell open. I took the opportunity to open my legs a little so he could see my new white lacy panties.

"You know you are pretty cute for a cop. Why don't you come over here and show me your pistol?"

This is either going to work or get me arrested I thought. It looked like he was reacting to me at least, his dick was now easy to make out underneath his blue trousers. It looked to be a fair size too. Maybe today was actually my lucky day!

He didn't move so I got up off the car and stood right in front of him. "You know, I've always loved a man in uniform."

I slowly moved my mouth closer and closer to his without actually touching. His hands were balled into fists at his sides. I was now only an inch away from him and I exhaled softly over his lips. He gave into me and lowered his lips down onto mine.

His tongue was dancing with mine as he deepened the kiss.

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