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The three ladies begin their Sunday morning with a threesome.

I reached down and pulled out her cuffs. I dangled them in front of her eyes and her eyes locked on them like a radar guided missile. I reached down and pulled her left hand up and pushed it through the bars. I reached around and put the cuff on her wrist.


The cuffs snapped in place and Diane shuddered like she had just cum. She gulped in air and she gave off a whine as I eased her right hand through the bars and put the other cuff on her.


She gasped and shuddered and moaned. Her whole body convulsed and I moved back and watched her shudder in pleasure for a few moments.

I then moved up and pulled back her hair. I nuzzled her neck and whispered "You are mine Diane. Now and forever. Your heart, your soul, your mind, all mine. You are my thrall, my servant; you exist to serve me forever."

Diane shuddered again and gasped out "Yes Master! I am YOURS!"

With that I started to undo her belt. I unbuckled it and tossed it on the bench. I then reached around and undid her pants belt, her pants and fly and then eased them down. I laughed when I saw that Diane, for all her tough cop act, was wearing a lovely little black lace thong panty with a little bow on it. I gave her a nice slap on the ass and she shuddered again. I then realized that she HAD cum. At least once anyway, her panties were soaked and she reeked of happy girl "I have cum" smell.

I've said before S and M isn't really my thing, but I loved this. The power trip was fucking off the chain. I had a police sergeant, cuffed to her own holding cell, swearing loyalty to me forever, and cumming just by me chaining her up and talking dirty to her.

I ripped her panties off her tight ass with one jerk and she let out a loud gasp. I pulled her back a bit so she was bent over and I placed my hands on her hips. "Diane, I'm going to take you now. Once I have fucked you, you are mine forever."

Diane moaned and then sucked her breath in with a sharp hiss as I pushed my rock hard cock into her. I pushed up until my balls touched and then slowly pulled out again. Diane trembled the entire time and grunted when I pumped back in. I picked it up and she moaned and grunted.
Like I had hoped, her pussy was nice and tight and her muscles were in great shape. She soon matched my pace and pushed back as I pushed in and pulled out as I pulled back. Aside from Jessica, she was (and still is) the best at matching my pace. I soon got the pace set and I was happily banging away from behind as she moaned and grunted and then began to growl and get louder.

"Fuck me Sir! Fuck your Chief of Security! Fuck me! Chain me, make me helpless! Take me like a helpless little twat! I'm your weak little slave! Claim me!"

I started to get worried that the other cop might hear us. I told her to keep it down and she laughed. "The substation is closed sir! I sent him out on a round and he won't be back for another ten minutes! So FUCK MEEEEE!!"

So I did. I picked it up and gave her one last massive pump from the rear and I heard her make a sound like a gasp, a laugh, and a moan all at once and I am pretty sure that I made her eyes cross. Then I came and so did she. She was a squirter and she made one hell of a mess. Well, so did I, so really it was both our faults. I staggered back and sat down on the bench hard.

I caught my breath and looked over at my latest thrall. Diane was on her knees shuddering and gasping. Her hands were cuffed over her head through the bars and she was a stinking mess. I could see her legs gleaming with sweat, cum and juices, her panties were in the corner where I had tossed them, and her pants were soaked. I was in as bad a shape with my lower body stained and stinking. The cell reeked.

FYI, I still fuck her like this. She kept that set of cuffs and carries it with her everywhere she goes so I can cuff her to something and take her.

After a few moments, I got up and pulled my pants up.

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