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A warm night, a drive alone that leads to something more.

Reaching lower, she paused to look up at him. "Beg me."

"Kiva..." She began licking again, sending shivers of desire through his body. "Kiva... please... take me...." Music to her ears. Her mouth hovered over his large cock for merely a moment. Her tongue slid around his head, her alien musculature allowing her to wrap it around his shaft like a small snake. He reacted favorably, beginning to squirm but she held his hips with both hands, pinning him under her control.

She took him into her mouth, slowly, inch by inch, her tongue massaging him. She had gotten excellent at deep-throating and had all of him into her, lubricating him and drinking in his moans of pleasure. Kyle put a hand on her head to force her down, but she sat up regardless a moment later, licking her lips. "Do you want this? Do you need this?" She demanded, her gaze piercing the human.

He nodded, his own eyes communicating his desire and his desperation. "I need this..." She smirked impishly and fulfilled his wish. Kiva was an expert, inducing constant spasms of pleasure. His stamina was admirable, and he struggled to hold in his impressive load as long as he could, wrapping his thin legs around her shoulders.

She frowned at this selfishness, and worked twice as hard. He didn't last long after, and came, screaming her name and filling her alien mouth with a large quantity of human sperm. The warmth and taste of his liquid were still somewhat exotic, and she shuddered, savoring it for a moment before swallowing it all in a single gulp.

As she licked her lips in an attempt to get any stray drops, she noticed penis was still fully erect. Advances over hundreds of years in nanotechnology allowed millions of tiny machines to be implanted inside the bloodstream, to enhance the immune system and cure diseases. Since blood collected to the penis in an erection, it brought much of the medical technology into his cock. The nanites sensed he was missing sperm, and generated him new sperm, at the same time maintaining the heightened blood levels. The practical result of this was that a regular man could have five orgasms and keep coming before the machines realized a loss of sperm wouldn't be harmful, and blood levels returned to normal. Kyle Starblade was no ordinary man; he had the stamina of a superhuman.

That was somehow fitting- near superhuman getting a literal superhuman. Kiva wanted to share an orgasm with her mate now, and slid smoothly over him. Her skin tingled at the contact, and he shuddered as his shaft of heat was dragged across her chest, down her stomach. Her mouth swallowed his and they shared another passionate kiss that seemed never to end. The brigade colonel tasted himself in her mouth and found that oddly attractive.

Eventually it did end, but any feeling of disappointment this left him with quickly vanished. She aligned her curvaceous hips over his, her chest now directly in her face. He smirked and reached out with his tongue, running it across a bare nipple. She gasped, and the peaks of the vast flesh mountains, already hard in arousal, were treated to pleasure.

In his haze of passion, Kyle nearly forgot that she didn't have a pussy where humans did- luckily instinct and memory took over. He reached up, flipping over the alien girl so that she was laying with her back over him. Beta Centurions had two assholes- one for wastes, the other for reproduction. Even so, both of them were highly sensitive areas, and he wished to be in both of them.

Not for the first time, he cursed whatever genome had decided that humans only got one cock. Impressive though he was, he was going to need some help for this. Reaching blindly over to a nightstand adjacent the bed, his hand wrapped around a cylindrical glass object- a portable nano-machine container.

Interfacing his cyberbrain with the machines, he ordered them to convert the glass into the shape of a penis, which would be roughly his own length, and the texture of flesh.

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