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A boys first love.

She stroked it furiously as she came again on Alan's fingers."

I pushed Keisha back on the couch and climbed between her legs. "God you are making me hot!" I exclaimed. "I need to fuck you, I need you now."

She pushed me away with an impish grin on her face. She squeezed my cock and smiled. "Not yet sugar... You asked about your wife and now you're going to hear it." Stroking my cock, she smiled at me. "I'll play with it, I'll even give it a lick now and then, but you can't put it in me until I finish telling your wife's story."

I drove two fingers in her cunt and took her clit in my lips. She moaned. I had to fuck her. I went straight for her G-spot and her eyes rolled back as she came. As her orgasm slowed, I climbed up and positioned my cock at her pussy. I thought that after that, she would be ready for a fuck, but I was wrong. She pushed me away and back on the couch.

"I told you that you were going to wait now didn't I?"

She took my cock in her mouth, looked up at me and smiled. "Let me finish telling you about your innocent little wife." My cock disappeared and reappeared in her mouth. "You can fuck me when I'm done... If you can hold out that long..."

"Go on" I said. "Tell me more..."

She gave me a long lick from my balls to the head as she continued:

"Alan withdrew his hand as her climax passed. She caught her breath and he stood before her. Again, she took both cocks in her hands and gently stroked them. 'What else do you fantasize about' he asked her. 'Tell us what else makes you hot."

"She kissed them both and answered: 'I want to be the Queen Bee. I want to be the center of your attentions. I want you both to make me come. I want you to suck my nipples, I want you to lick my pussy, I want you to rub your cocks all over my body, on my face, on my tits, around my pussy, everywhere. Make me come and I'll take care of you... both of you.' She licked her lips as she stroked their cocks.

"Tom moved behind her, wrapping his arms around her, caressing her breasts. He kissed her neck and stroked her torso as she jacked Alan's dick. 'Tell us how you're going to take care of us' he whispered in her ear."

"Alan sat back on the picnic table. Terri held his cock and cooed as Tom stroked her bush and squeezed her tit. 'Tell us how you're going to do him' he asked. 'Tell us then show us."

"She kissed him. 'I want to kiss you' she said. 'I want to taste you. I want to kiss my way down your body.' She bit his lip and began to make a trail of small kisses down his chin, along his neck. She took his cock in both hands, looking up at him. 'I want to watch the come shoot out of your cock. I want to rub it into my tits as it flows from your beautiful cock.' She continued her trail of kisses down his chest, stopping at his nipples. She took one in her mouth, sucking and licking. Alan gasped and she squeezed his cock tighter. 'Do you like that? Do you like it when I suck on your nipples? Am I making you hot?' she teased. She bent down and took his other nipple and her boobs raked across his cock. Alan moaned as his cock was buried with her tits. 'Does that excite you?' she asked. 'Do you want to fuck my tits?' She squeezed them together around his cock for a second and then released. 'Are they warm and soft like a pussy? Bill loves to fuck my titties and I love it when he does.' Alan mashed her boobs together against his cock and thrust. Tom let her tits go and began to finger her pussy as she returned to sucking Alan's nipples."

I looked at Keisha. "How do you know so much detail?" I asked.

She took a long suck on my cock and held the head between her teeth, smiling at me.

"Your wife has told me this story a thousand times. It always gets me so hot" she answered. "She tells me her stories as I go down on her. I love the way she tastes and I love to hear her tell of her escapades, and she seems to like telling me about them. Our best sex has started off this way..."

I slowed my pace somewhat so she could continue. "Go on."

Keisha wrapped my cock in her breasts, massaging it with them, fucking me w

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