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He decided to undress the sitter.

"Thank you, Ma'am..." Jason breathed. "Sorry, Ma'am."

Michaels slammed her pet's dazed head hard beneath the chin, and the naked boy sprang upright as best he could. His legs were spread, and his knees bowed, yet Jason tried to stand as straight as he could given how much pain his ass must have been in. Michaels couldn't help but cackle at him for a moment.

She slinked down from the couch onto her knees, her head at Jason's waist. Her middle finger slowly slipped inside her cunt as her lungs took in the musky, pleasantly sour scent of Jason's arousal. Michales gripped her pet's dribbling cock and gave it several violent pumps while staring up into his eyes. At last, she worked the hard cock towards her face, parted her lips...and spat with utter contempt onto Jason's erection.

"Ha!" she laughed up towards his face. "Not tonight, Jason! Not ever. No, no, not even if I was poisoned and dying, and your disgusting prick held the only antidote-no, not even then would I ever put this vile thing in my mouth."

Michaels shoved aside Jason's wet cock and instead concentrated on a patch of his hip, barely an inch from the outer fringe of his robust (if trimmed) pubic hair. It was an arbitrary place on the boy's body, notable only for the proximity to his crotch, a patch of thin, sensitive skin that Michaels licked at with a few quick swirls, earning a deep, guttural moan from Jason. She gripped the top of Jason's thigh hard, kissed several times at the wet patch she had made...

And sank her teeth into his flesh.

Jason's entire body tensed and began to tremble. He smacked his hands over his mouth and gasped several times before slowly, reluctantly crying out in eye-watering agony.

Michaels was only inspired to bite harder, and harder, teeth sinking into skin and muscle that seemed ever more deliciously fragile with every minute tightening of her jaw.

Finally, Michales pulled back to confront the most hideous bruise she had ever seen. There were her teeth, every one of them pressed so hard into Jason's body in blue, black, and red that it would be months before the proof of her faded from his skin. A half dozen tiny beads of blood began to well in the wound she had inflicted, and Dr. Michaels giggled-giggled!-in satisfaction. It was perfect. Jason was marked, and it was perfect.

Dr. Michaels' minds mind was suddenely a blank inferno of want. She sprung to her feet and began pushing Jason, shove after hard shove, towards the bedroom. Once inside, she yanked him around by the shoulders, slapped him, and slammed him atop the bed hard enough to wind him, and scrambled up herself while he wheezed. The bedroom was cool and dark, but the window above her bed always let in enough moonlight to work by. Tonight, Dr. Michaels wanted no foreplay, no banter, no games. She simply twisted atop Jason, her back to his face, grabbed that chubby cock hard, and stabbed it inside her body with a relieved growl.

Michaels massaged her clit and clawed at her own breasts as she ground on the pet's satisfying member. She seldom rode him reverse cowgirl-slapping, spitting, yanking, and tweaking the other side of his body was just too satisfying, and inevitably gave her the quickest, hardest orgasms. Yet sometimes...sometimes it was just more comfortable to pleasure herself with his body without looking at his face. And in any case, it was fun to feel the boy's dick rubbing against different parts of her pusssy with the altered angle.

The sex in this position was slower, calmer. Michaels took the time to focus deeply on the sensation of every buck of her hips. She tingled to the core with each swallow and release of Jason's cock into her twat. Even as she began to move faster, fiercer, each wet, pounding thrust remained somehow distinct, forming a constant series of burning joys that wove together into something transcending.

Michales yanked Jason's legs up and gripped his knees in each hand for leverage.

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