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Jesse and Kimmy commence with an unsuspecting visitor...

"First baby i must say i am sorry for reading your diary, but then after reading it. It gave me a wonderful idea for the perfect gift I could give to you. So Happy birthday baby." he whispered in my ear.

Dad's hands slid down my upper arms. He cupped my tits, squeezing them together. I closed my eyes, and i let out a loud moan pushing my tits into his hands.

Then i felt my blouse being ripped open, and dad was cutting my bra off. The 3 men grasped as my tits fell out.

"Don't worry baby, daddy will buy you more." he whispered, then he blindfold me.

I could feel dad moving away from me, and then hands touching me. Hands caressing my face sticking fingers in my mouth i would suck on them.

Hearing moans as i sucked twirling my tongue around each finger that slip in my mouth. Then i felt two different mouths and tongues on my tits and nipples. A bell dinged and they step away from me. Then I felt my arms being untied.

"Now baby reach out in front of you and pulled the boxers off. I want you to wrap your hand around his dick and give him your special love." dad said.

I did, as my finger tips travel back up his legs. I found his balls, huge and hanging down. I cupped them, massage them and licked and sucked them into my hot mouth. "mmmmmmmmmm." he moaned.

Sucking them for a few minutes, then i let his balls slip out of my mouth, then ran my tongue up the underside of his dick till i reached the tip, and i took him down till my throat wrap around his dickhead.

"OOHH FUCK!... YES!...SUCK ME BABY!" the guy yelled as he exploded.

Slowly i withdrew his dick from my mouth and leaned back. In a soft quite voice I said "next".

As each man took their place in my mouth i felt that each of the men had enormous dicks some were thicker or longer, but the last man was the biggest, and longer than the others.

"Alright gentlemen go into the study and fix yourselves a drink i will be right in." dad told the men.

"Now baby how do you like your gift so far?" he ask me as he took the blindfold off.

"I love it daddy, but what is next?" i asked.

"Well baby, daddy's friend are going to fuck you one by one tonight." he told me.

"Daddy?" I asked.

"Yes baby." daddy said.

"Daddy could i just have the first two guys tonight and the last guy by myself tomorrow night, all night?" i asked.

"Let me find out and will let you know. Now go up the back stairs and to the guest room lights off, but you can have the curtains open." he said with a playful slap on my ass.

I ran up the stairs went to the bathroom step in the shower and rinsed and, dry off then went to the guest room. I turned off the lights and opened both curtains to let the moonlight in.

The door open, and there stood a man with the lights shining from behind him. He looked like a bodybuilder.

"Hmm, honey I can't wait to play with you." the man told me.

Meanwhile down stairs in the study.

He told the first guy to go up to the guest room.

"Well gentlemen what do you think of my baby girl?" he asked.

"She can suck like a dream, I can't wait to slide my dick deep in her pussy." the second man said.

The third man said nothing.

"Hey man. Have you been with her?" the 2nd man ask her dad.

"Nope haven't touched her yet, but i will sometime." dad told him.

The men sat around watching porn while they waited.

In the Guest room.

She watched as he walk up to the bed, stopping at the foot.

"Come here Honey, i want to feel that mouth of yours kissing my dick." he said.

She crawled to him. Not using her hands, she flicked her tongue over his dick head before closing her mouth on his dick. Sliding her mouth down slowly to the base of his dick. Making swallowing motion on his dick head with her throat.

"OHHH FUCK" he groan.

Slowly he fucked her mouth. She move her fingers to his balls squeezing them gently with her other hand she slip a finger to his ass, and pushed in.

She slowly finger fuck his asshole first one finger then she pushed another finger.

Suddenly he pull out of her mouth and step back.

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