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Rama and Kamesh - fuck like rabbits before the Nessa Orgy.

And nubile young girls whose bodies were changing or had recently changed were all fascinated by tits. How could they not be, as these amazing mounds sprouted from their previously flat chests , and as their nipples developed an exquisite sensitivity that was hotwired directly to the clitoris that was the vital core of female sexuality?

As she worked on the tit on her side, Susan was letting her hands wander over the rest of the smaller teen's body. She stroked the girl's stomach and thighs, brushing her pubic hairs and dipping quickly in and out of the extra-sensitive flesh of the inner thigh. Susan was teasing and ramping Jean up, and it didn't take much to do so. Jean had fully abandoned herself to the lesbian tryst she had been drawn into. She had already sucked pussy, and experienced the powerful feeling of having brought another woman to orgasm. She was hot and bothered - bothered that Susan kept coming near her well soaked pussy, but not all the way.

Unlike Sophie, Jean had experienced orgasms, and knew it. She knew because she masturbated herself to orgasm almost every night, and loved it. Indeed, in the emotional and financial semi-poverty in which she lived, self administered sex was one of Jean's most treasured activities. She was starting to think that lesbian sex might replace it as number one on her list, though - if that woman would just TOUCH MY PUSSY!

Susan knew Jean had arrived at just that level of insistent sexual need to which she had worked to bring her. She sat up, and indicated that Sophie should suspend her nipple play also.

"C'mere, Sophie. I want you to watch closely. I'm going to suck Jean's pussy now." Jean moaned as she heard the lewd announcement. She even bucked her hips a bit, lifting her butt off the bed and thrusting her pussy in Susan's direction. Where Sophie and assumed a dreamy look when stimulated, Jean's eyes were wide open and intense.

"See, Sophie, she's ready. Look how wet her pussy is." Susan cupped her palm reached under the girl's vagina, scooping from the perineum between her pussy and asshole, where juices had accumulated, and upwards all the way from honey pot to pubic mound, simultaneously gathering and spreading the clear, viscous liquid. Jean moaned, and Susan raised the wetted hand to her own mouth, licking the fingers clean, loving the fresh young teen-taste.

Jean's eye's were begging now, and Susan was almost, but not quite ready to relent. "What do you want, Jean?" Jean thrust her crotch again insistently in Susan's direction. "No, you greedy little slut. I want to hear you say it! Say you want this lesbian woman to lick your cunt!"

Jean had no hesitation: "Please, Susan. Lick my cunt! Please!" Susan's stomach did a little flip-flop with excitement at the way the pretty young teenage girl was begging for lesbian pussy sucking, but she hesitated just one brief moment longer. She lowered her forehead onto the girl's pubic mound, and breathed deep, soaking up the smell and sight of the heart-shaped genitals, the adolescent pussy lips engorged with lust, and a tiny little clit trying to peek out from its protective hood, but too dainty to succeed by itself. Susan tilted her head and brushed her cheek where her hand had stroked upwards along the lips, wetting her face with the girl's flooding quim juice. These were the moments that Susan lived for - her first taste of a nubile teenage girl, a teenage girl who was begging to have her dripping vulva sucked by her experienced lesbian lover! Susan dove in.

She buried her face in the girl's sex, mashing her chin and mouth and nose into the dripping genitalia, her face instantly becoming thoroughly drenched with the feminine passion juice.

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