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Dean helps Jennifer Lopez relax before a concert.

"Do it now or I am leaving here now," In shame I reached out and took his cock in my hand. Like in all my stories it did feel so much bigger than my own cock. I was worried the man might object to my hand around his prick but he did not.

"Rub it up and down, feel what a real manhood feels like. Not like your small cock with its micro-load, You are so disgusting jerking off another man," she taunted.

She took a small waste paper basket from the corner of the room and pushed it towards me, putting it under my cock telling me that is where my seed belonged.

"Spit in your hand. Nice and wet. And keep jerking yourself off and when you cum it is going into that can. While his cum is going where it should all over my tits."

"Stroke that cock!" she ordered. "Faster! You fucking worthless wimp!" she said, I could feel his cock twitch and then he erupted spraying his seed all over my wife's tits and neck. His cum seemed to splash out forever.

She ordered me to squeeze the shaft to get every last drop out. I kept jerking him until he was limp and then I felt him pull back from the hole.

My wife looked down at me through her glasses, "Keep jerking! Come on! I want to see your little white cock cum. That's it! Put all that worthless cum into that garbage can where it belongs!" she said as I erupted into the garbage can with what felt like the biggest load of my life. All the time she taunted me as she rubbed his cum deeply into her tits.

When I recovered she put her tit back into her bra and pulled her sweater back down.

"Uh honey?" she said as another black cock emerged from the glory hole. At first I was not sure if it was the same one or not.

It wiggled and my wife looked at me as if she was nerving herself up. She turned back towards the hole and got onto her knees motioning for me to get down by her side.

Her hand reach around his cock getting a grip, then she yanked on it a few times, I could tell this was a different cock, it was thicker than the first but a bit shorter, though still bigger than mine. She reached over and gave my cock a firm long squeeze through my pants.

"I bet you have fantasies about watching me suck on a big black cock while you watch. Don't you? Well I will do it provided you kiss his cock first, come on you know you want to see me do it. Come on!" she said wiggling it in her hand as she pointed it at me.

A big part of the cuckold fantasy is the humiliation that the wife puts upon the husband followed by the jealousy the husband feels as he realizes the wife has the control of their sex life and chooses other men over him.

She waved the cock at me as she grabbed my head and pushed it towards his cock. I thought we were in private and alone and it was what she wanted. And the thought of her sucking on that fat cock was more than I could take. I leaned forward bracing myself, but at the last minute she pulled it away laughing.

"Yuck! You almost did it! Get away from me! You disgust me!" she said, I could not tell if she was acting or not as she made me sit in the corner of the booth furthest away from her. She looked at me again to make sure I was looking at her and then kissed his cock, she opened her mouth as wide as she could and took it in. Her face was distorted as her lips wrapped skintight around his cock. She jerked his cock and sucked his shaft, taking time out to verbally abuse me saying I should be there sucking his cock instead of her.

"You probably would hog all the cum!" she said then took his cock back in her mouth. She pulled up her sweater and bra up and rubbed his cock head all over her tits as she jerked and sucked him off.

When he started to moan she jammed his cock back in her mouth and took his load. She coughed once or twice but she swallowed his seed and kept sucking until his cock started to shrink.

The man on the other side pulled his cock back into the hole, then a piece of paper was tossed in.

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