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Valentine's Day.

Minute by minute my fingers reached inner circle, pulled her left lip and caressed then right one. Pushed her panty out of her body, she raised her hip to discard her last piece of cloth. She is total bare, I sat up on bed and moved to her lower body. Her pink cunt was glistening with her flowing juice. Parted her tiny lips of fresh vagina inserted my little finger into her tiny hole. She was jumping continuously.

There was no much resistance as Shwana had opened up a bit by her fingers as I had advised her to prepare.

Shwana was still playing with her sis's tits while I was caressing her lower body. My finger went into her tight snatch for about two inches, there I stopped because I wanted to open further part with my massive cock. I started finger fucking her Sanya was producing moans they had become rather rough now. Finger moved swiftly into her tight vagina it became easy as her juice was leaking. I increased speed her body started convulsing as juice seeped through her pink slit. I could understand as she is nearing her climax.

I increased speed so I inserted thumb. I know even if hurts her she can't stop me at this level. Her hand moved to my hand to push, it was feeble attempt. I ignored her and continued fingering. She moved her body violently and reached her climax. It was first time I was seeing her climaxing. I pulled my hand from her snatch and let her take some rest. I pulled Shwana and gave a smooch. She was all ready hot by her sister's play. I didn't wanted to start fucking session so soon. So, I fingered Shwana also to climax.

She didn't take much time before she discharged.

We went for food Shwana was topless and Sanya was total nude. I didn't allow both of them to go for clothes. By now Sanya had accustomed to show he body. I took her on my lap and fed her while Shwana sat at other side. We enjoyed food feeding each other while joking each other. Always my hand was on her nude body playing with one or other organ.

I played with Shwana's tits while Sanya feed me and vice versa. Watched TV for some time till both girls cleaned kitchen and did dishes. Once they are through they settled beside me. One leaned on me while sitting beside and another sat on my lap.

Till now I was fully clothed. Sanya was eager to go inside bedroom for further acts. Shwana was calm after some time Sanya could no more bear it. She pulled both of us to bedroom. We followed her, once inside Sanya opened my shirt and Shwana my pant. Within no time I was nude. Shwana threw her clothes and spread over bed.

I asked Sanya to do her, whatever she had done. Like a obedient student she settled with her sister breast and I gave smooch to Shwana. It was going to make wonderful threesome. Later I positioned my hard rod into Shwana's mouth and asked Sanya to watch. Two nude nubile was too much to bear. Since hours I was playing with erect rod.

Shwana gave a wonderful blowjob. Sanya was watching sitting in close quarter. She was eager to try it for herself. She pushed me from her sister and took charge of my erection. She copied what her sister had done. She didn't bother for coat of saliva of her sis.

Shwana pushed me on my back and mounted me to put her hot snatch to my mouth. She sat on my face I inserted my

Tongue into her dripping cunt.

Shwana too was in heat by al acts she did to her sister, I licked her love lips one after another. Pink hole was invitingly beautiful. Licking inner lips sent her shivering, within couple of minutes she tightened her body. My tongue was locked into her hole.

I could not even withdrew. She had tightened her muscles, as if to suck me entire body through her bottom mouth. I was squeezing ball of each girl with each hand. Shwana relaxed her body to release gush of her juice. It washed my face, she always releases juice in liters. She didn't move till her juices stopped flowing. I drank all the juice with interest.

Now Shwana positioned between her sisters open legs.

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