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Mom sees more than she bargains for.

Lulu was happy to fetch and carry and get her ass slapped by several hands. She sometimes imagined that Master allowed more, ordering Lulu to her knees and inviting his buddies to pull out their cocks and make use of Lulu's mouth. Sometimes when Lulu was bid to sit under the table at Master's feet she stared at the crotches of his friends, noting who was hard and how often they reached down to adjust or stroke themselves. Lulu was often tempted to reach for the nearest bulge and help it grow even bigger, but did not have Master's permission to do this.

As a dog, Lulu does not have much interest in cards, though she does like watching people and getting lots of attention. As a dog, Lulu would enjoy poker night, as there would be that many more hands to offer treats, pat her head, or scratch an ear. Lulu likes nachos and likes to lick the cheese off of Master's fingers, and would like this just as much if Master's friends offered Lulu snacks under the table.

As for the other component, dogs do enjoy sniffing crotches, and Lulu would enjoy this as well. To bury is nose in a hard crotch, feeling the erection as she snuffled for the scent of sex and desire. Lulu would very much enjoy this, and would get so hot from it that she would want to hump Master's leg under the table, and would beg Master later to take her hard and fast until she screamed while coming on his cock.

Lulu begs Master to understand that she is doing her very best to be a good dog. She will try not to want human things any more, but it is so hard. Lulu gets so lonely left at home all day, that she has to think, and in all that thinking she remembers. Lulu is only her Master's dog, and loves being a playful puppy. Lulu is obedient to all of Master's desires and begs only to serve him for all of her days.


Lulu is very excited to write about her day, which was very unusual. Master decided that Lulu had been a good puppy of late, and needed a special treat. Lulu was bathed in the usual fashion, scrubbed and then hosed down, and then was allowed to dress. At first Lulu was very confused, as Lulu normally went naked but for collar and tail, but Lulu was allowed clothes and ordered to dress quickly. Master selected a short blue skirt, fishnet stockings, a silky black blouse that was to be left mostly unbuttoned, and a very tiny black thong. Lulu put on her nicest black boots and was allowed to walk as a slave-girl.

This excited Lulu very much, though it also felt weird after spending so much time on her knees. The perspective, even after just a few weeks, was jarring, as though Lulu had had a growth spurt and the world had shrunk a bit. Lulu almost felt dizzy from it all.

Master let Lulu sit in the passenger seat and drove them into town. Lulu was allowed to roll her window down and told to put her head out every now and then, panting to remind her of her place. Today was special as Lulu was allowed to sit in the front seat, but she was still a dog.

Master did not forget Lulu's leash, though it was tucked in his pocket, a slim length of chain that was kept polished to catch the light and gleam, winking as Lulu moved. First to the park, for a nice walk. Lulu was allowed to smell several bushes and some flowers and bark at other dogs. Sometimes Lulu felt a bit strange doing this, as the dogs' Masters would turn and look, staring at the woman that barked animatedly at their pets. Lulu blushed but carried out her Master's orders, as pleasing him was always his slave's first priority.

Master met a friend of his in the park, out walking his dog, and Lulu was told to sit quietly. Lulu stood very still in her chain, watching the other dog sniff about, panting, then commencing to lick himself. Lulu flushed and looked away, feeling a little rush move over her skin. Master had said before that Lulu needed to be more flexible, that she would please him greatly to lick herself, but she simply could not reach.

Master then tugged hard on Lulu's leash, admonis

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