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Filthy Frank receives a surprise visit from a teenage girl.


He stepped in the back of the truck. With them both already wearing gloves due to the cold weather, they were free from leaving any fingerprints as evidence to their identities.

"Duh, Anthony? It's a Brink's truck. What do you think would be in there, fish? Stop wasting time and hurry. Get the key. One of the guards has a key to the locked gate in the back of the truck. That's where the big money is. I wouldn't even bother with anything towards the front of the truck," said Emma as if she had robbed a Brink's truck before. "In comparison, the rest of the money is all chump change, mostly donation monies they collect from churches."

Anthony hoped down from the back of the truck and checked Vinnie's belt before he found the key in John's shirt pocket.

"I got it," he said hoping back in the truck.

He opened the locked gate where they kept the bags of their largest depositors, BJ's Wholesale, Costco, Target, T. J. Maxx, Sam's Club, and Wal-Mart.

"Take only the bags of cash. Forget the coin and receipts. You can tell one from the other by the feel and the weight of the bags. The receipts are in the waterproof, leather bags. Leave those. Take only the cash," she said again as if she had robbed a Brink's trunk before.

No doubt, with them leaving bags of lessor amounts of cash, and with them hitting the locked part of the truck that separated the larger bags of cash, the police and FBI would obviously know that this was a professional job. With everyone murdered and with there no witnesses, the police and FBI would obviously know that this was an inside job and/or a double cross. They'd never be suspecting and/or looking at a hitman's wife and his son as armored car robbers. They last people they'd accuse is a stepmother and her stepson. They'd never be looking for a woman for this horrific robbery.

As if he was Santa Claus giving money to the homeless, Anthony tossed bag after bag of money out of the truck while his stepmother loaded the bags in the backseat and in the trunk of his huge car. Working as a team, by not taking the coin, because the interior and the trunk of the car was so huge and with the self-leveling rear air suspense keeping the car level, they were able to take most of the bags of cash. They would have taken more but not wanting to be greedy and get caught, they made good their getaway before the police came.

They drove straight home and, from their private elevator that opened to their condo, they made several trips back and forth with a two-wheeler covered with a blanket. Thinking that they were transporting Christmas gifts, no one who saw them thought anything of a two-wheeler covered with a blanket. Once inside, as if they were sandbagging the wall in preparation of a flood, they stacked the bags and bags of money against the far wall in the living room.

"I wonder how much money there is," said Anthony turning on the TV and flipping for the news. "There's nothing on TV about the robbery. Obviously, the incident hadn't been reported yet."

Tying up loose ends and leaving nothing to chance, Emma tossed her son his car keys.

"Your car is hot. If not now, it will be soon. Get rid of it. Once the FBI analyzes the video and does tire tread analysis, something that will lead them right to us, they'll be looking for your car. With the car in the name of one of Don Vito's businesses, they won't immediately trace it back to us but eventually they will. Get rid of it now while we still have chance and still have the time," said Emma.

Even though he loved his car, Anthony nodded his head without argument.

"Okay, Ma," he said.

As if telling him that he was a good son without words, she gave him a warm smile.

"I'll buy you a new car later, a new Lincoln Continental.

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