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The civilized side of the job.


She laughed out loud and said "Ok, then let me take it off then."

I said "Mind if I help", and moved towards her.

I bent over her shoulder and loosened up the thread holding her blouse. She smelled so good from so near. The moment the I could open the lace knot and before I could barely see her beautiful melons she hugged me tight pressing her chest against mine overcome with shyness. The feeling of her soft naked breasts against me was so intense and strong. I instantly felt as if the definition of pleasure was this. I too hugged her tight crushing her with all my might. I could guess its been long while she had sex with the way gladly and willingly she moved into my embrace. I could feel her whole body getting squeezed into mine. I slowly loosened up her lahenga and it fell to her feet. I now held her by her ass and pushed her even closer to me. My dick under the pants was poking out and pressing her mound. I slapped gently and mockingly on her butt with my hand and I felt an immediate feeling of being a master and she my sweet slave. She said ouch and bit me on my shoulders.

I slowly released her of my arms to have a good look at her breasts. It was a feast for my eyes. They were so round and well shaped. They were neither too huge nor small. They were of perfect size. The areoles were right in the middle of the breasts and the nipples were jutting out as if they were cherries kept on the top of a round cake. The flesh was of milky white and the nipples made a beautiful contrast of pinkish color.

She turned back and walked towards my bed room. I could see her hips swinging and she resembled a sexy Arabian Horse ready to be mounted on for a ride of the life. I quickly followed her scrambling and stumbling trying to undress myself in a jiffy. I saw her lying on the bed with one leg folded and one leg stretched. She looked like a painting of female beauty coming alive on my bed. I stood there in sheer fascination and kept looking at her nakedness for a long time savoring each and every curve of her body. I just lied by her side.

she asked me "now do you think the old bastard would pay me 50,000?"

I chuckled and said "Well, he would pay a lakh rupees if you are as good in bed as you are in your physique."

She just rolled and climbed on to me with both her legs on either side of my body. She held my cock as if it is a Joy stick and she is ready to play a sexy video game. She gave it a few gentle massage strokes and then rubbed it against her cunt making circles and zig zag movements....

I was rock hard by now my dick was oozing pre cum. She peeled the skin back and ran her finger gently over it touching the pre cum and licked her finger saying 'ummm'. I was speech less. There was this beautiful, innocent, delicate looking housewife whom I used to feel guilty lusting, and here she is totally a different lady almost like a bitch in heat.

She asked me "Is his dick as big as yours?"

I got chocked and said "How am I to know, you better let me know once he fucks you to his hearts content".

She said "I will see that too" measuring my dick with her thumb and little finger and then reached over to me.

She started licking my nipples gently and slowly running her tongue over them. It was as if some electric pulses were hitting my body. I never knew that my nipples were such sensual spots. I just held her by her hair to have some anchoring control while I was getting into a state of bliss.

She then moved down kissing, smooching, biting, nibbling my upper chest down till she reached between my thighs. She rolled to the side and tickled my balls with her long slender fingers. I could not take it any longer. I said suck me you bitch. Show me you are a slut who can give the best blow job in the town.

She laughed and said " does that would cost that old bastard an extra 20000?"

I said " well he would, if you suck him as good as his secretary does.

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