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The girls strut their stuff and more.

..mmmm...just the thought of fingering myself while someone watches...makes me wet just thinking about it...

As I start to play with my pussy, I notice a large, burly trucker approach my truck, I pretend not to notice as he sneaks into the cab of my truck. He forces me down into the bunk his large rough hands all over my body. He ties my hands above my head with a bandana from his pocket, he puts his large finger to his lips and says..."shhhhhhh". I act as though I am trying to struggle but he grabs my face and shakes his head and waves his finger in my face. Then he begins to look at me, looking at my body. I feel my face begin to feel flushed with embarrassment. He starts to rub my tits hard, squeezing my nipples, massaging both of them with his calloused hands. He then runs his fingers down my sides causing me to squirm, making his way down to my hips.

He slides his hands between my legs and spreads them apart, wide. My pussy begins to get wet at the thought of being so exposed. He starts to run his fingers down the insides of my thighs causing me to be covered in goose bumps and shiver. He then flips me over quickly, causing the bandana around my wrists to tighten a bit. Pushing my head down he raises my hips so that I am on my knees and my ass is high in the air. I can feel his hot breath on me as he begins to examine my shaved, smooth cunt. He begins to squeeze my ass cheeks spreading them far apart as his tongue starts to explore my pussy. His tongue is so long and hot. He licks it and sucks it, I feel him start to lick me from font to back, circling my asshole with his tongue, I am squirming and arching...

He continues to massage my ass and lick and suck driving me wild...I am on the verge of exploding when he stops and I hear the zipper of his jeans. I try to turn to see him but he turns my head away. I can only imagine the size of his cock...his fingers and hands are so large and rough...he continues to probe my soaking pussy with his tongue...he sticks one of his big, rough fingers into my cunt...the roughness of it only makes me hotter. He removes his finger and I feel the head of his cock at the opening of my tight, wet pussy. He slides it in slowly, it is so huge, I bury my face in the bunk as not to let out a scream. His engorged dick fills my pussy...he starts to slide it in and out slowly...never speaking...only moaning and sighing deeply, enjoying taking me. I start to back against his huge cock, letting him know how much I am enjoying it. He then fucks me...fucking me hard...he is loving the feel of my tight pussy squeezing his dick.

He reaches up to untie my hands and I am free...free to feel him. I reach my hands underneath me and between my legs wrapping my fingers around his cock. He lets out a deep groan as I begin to stroke it while he fucks me. I reach down to his balls and massage them, squeezing, causing him to arch backwards with pleasure. He slaps my ass and I let out a squeal, not expecting it, but enjoying it. He keeps spanking and squeezing my ass as he pounds his big, thick dick into me. I can tell he is ready to cum inside me and I pull away from him quickly, turning to face him, still on my hands and knees. I grab his cock and shove it down my throat, gagging, making him shout out "Oh God"...I shove his entire cock deep in my throat and with my tongue, lick his thick shaft all the way to the tip, as I pull it out. I can feel his dick begin to throb and I swallow it down again, keeping my face buried in his hairy belly...I keep swallowing and swallowing the suction causing him to explode into my mouth...I slowly slide it from my throat and jack his cum all over my face, rubbing his dick around my mouth and cheeks. I see his eyes roll back in his head...and it makes me grin...I enjoy pleasing him...

I give him a chance to catch his breath, crawling away from him, ass still in the air.

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