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Server at the diner turns up more heat than expected.

Kevin's head was reeling, but not so much that he wasn't acutely aware of the blood pumping directly to his cock. Fuck, fuck and triple fuck. How was he going to bring this to its conclusion? They couldn't have intercourse. Intercourse? Call it what it was. Fuck. They couldn't fuck. He didn't have a condom, and ... well, they just couldn't. It wouldn't be right. Not like they had done anything right that morning. Kevin couldn't suppress a smile. The predator within told him that much of what he was doing to her was just perfect. And she wasn't making many sexual missteps either.

A quick glance at the clock once more told them they were almost out of time. Now, certainly, they had ten minutes at best. Maybe he could just smile and walk away. That would be mysterious and face saving. Later on they could have the talk. Later on he could be firm in the way he approached her. Of course, he was quite firm just then.

Laura smiled and nodded. What did that mean?

The answer came as Laura unsnapped her jeans in the same motion of kicking off her shoes. Kevin spared another look at the clock. This wasn't going to work, and now his stomach was once more knotted as all the wrong alarms sounded throughout his body. Only his cock insisted that everything would be fine.

Just make her cum, the wolf inside him growled. Just make her cum and then you can stop. You have time for that. He was sure that he did. He knew his deft touch would be magic on her clit. He knew her wet pussy was going to yield to his ministrations. He knew he could play her. Make her cum and then he could walk away. Then the moment would be complete like it was meant to be.

Kevin reached down her panties, one finger easing through the folds of her wet pussy. Her pubic hair was fuzzy-soft like a peach. Obviously it was her norm to shave her pussy clean and merely hadn't in the last few days. Stacey kept her bush trim, but there was always a bush. In that moment, Kevin decided he liked the idea of a shaven pussy.

The folds of her pussy weren't just wet, but swollen. Her clit protruded and it was easy to find. Not like Stacey's pussy. Stacey's pussy was more like a rose that refused to bloom and needed some coaxing. Laura's pussy was open and receptive and inviting. Kevin couldn't wait. He hurried to slide two fingers deep inside her pussy, curling his touch to rub where he knew her mythical g-spot would be.

Laura growled, and when her green eyes rolled up, the wolf within howled. Kevin pressed his body against her, pinning his hand inside her pussy, his fingers twisting and pulling. He kissed her almost violently, and she mewled in response. He was only dimly aware of her hands pushing her panties down somewhere near her ankles.

They kissed furiously, both of them gasping for air in short groans when they could. There was an urgency to their passion, even as he meticulously and carefully pulled his fingers from her pussy to rub his thumb over her clit. Her eyes rolled up again. Fuck, but he was starting to love that about her. He imagined every upward roll of her green fiery eyes was a step closer to her orgasm. And fuck if it didn't make him harder.

Laura sensed it, too, and started tugging at his belt. Oh, yes, his cock was begging to be freed. His cock was begging to plunge into this pussy. His cock was begging to explode.
No. That wasn't going to happen. He was going to get her off and then they would be done. They only had about eight minutes, and he was sure he could make her scream.

She started to tug his slacks down, just enough to get to his boxers. Those were soon tugged down as well. Their lips were still locked. Let her stroke him. He probably wouldn't cum, but at least he could get a little pleasure if not release.

Laura hoisted herself up on the table behind her.

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