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Columbus has fallen victim to an 'unknown' viral disease.

"What's up, pretty lady?" I called out to her.

"Hey! How are you doing?" Mimi said excitedly. "I'm surprise to see you this early."

"Baby girl, you know I'm everywhere."

"Are you up for a race?"

"What?" I was surprised. "This is not the highway."

"Yeah, I know. It'll be more interesting." Mimi expressed. "Now I can really see how good you are on the road."

"You are crazy. What are the stakes?" I asked Mimi.

"You name it." Mimi put forward.

"This is your idea. You're the one who want to do this."

Mimi smiled as she thought about it. Finally, she said, "Okay, if you win, I'll let you fuck me. And if I win, you owe me $500."

I laughed. "$500, huh, what's the finish line?"

"The finish line is at One Hundred and Twenty-Second Street, where the park is."

"Let's go!" I agreed.

When the light turned green, we immediately began speeding. Thankfully, the streets were still clear with no sign of cops. Mimi was in the lead, and I knew she felt good about it. I had a serious erection from this adrenaline rush I got. The adrenaline rush caused me to have a serious erection.

We were approaching 116th Street, and I knew I must make my move right now while the street widened. The light was yellow, and I hit the nitro button on the dashboard zooming passed Mimi. I was so far ahead now that it took me less than two minutes to reached the finish line. I parked in front of the Sakura Park and sat on the hood of my car waiting for Mimi.

When Mimi finally showed up, I started laughing. She hopped out of her Corvette trying her best to look disappointed. Mimi looked so sexy in her short pink top and tight jeans. She already knew what we were about to do as she quickly stared at me and blushed. I was already aroused just thinking about fucking Mimi in the park.

"It serves you right baby girl, for making that crazy bet." I told her.

"Well, I didn't hear you refuse the terms." Mimi shot back.

Lucky for us, there was nobody in sight. Mimi grabbed my hand and led me inside Sakura Park. I took off my black tank top and got comfortable on the bench. Mimi stood in front of me, and began stripping down. I licked my lips, and pulled down my baggy jeans. Mimi was naked, and she looked like a radiant ebony princess. Her nipples were very erect and I was somewhat shocked that she had a piercing in her pussy.

Mimi licked my dick a few times and climbed on top of me. We tongue-kissed passionately, and I loved her lips and the way she twirled her small tongue. As I was massaging her wet wanting pussy, I could hear her moaning softly in my ears.

Mimi sat down slowly, and filled her pussy with every inch of my dick. She humped up and down, loving the way I felt inside her. She had a nice rhythm and began riding me fast. As I was moaning and groaning, I squeezed her breasts, which drove her crazy. I felt Mimi ready to cum.

"That's right, baby. I want you to cum on this dick." I urged her.

That moment, Mimi had a big orgasm. Her small body shook and I saw a nice look of ratification on her pretty face. She giggled a little and gazed down at me while she licked her lips. I gave her a quick tongue-kiss and lifted her by the hips. I carried her to the gazebo and had her bouncing up and down rapidly on my dick. Our moaning and groaning mixed with our laughter was indescribable.

"Oh God, I'm about to blast off!" I hollered.

In mere seconds, I ejaculated hard. I felt like five pounds had oozed out of me. Mimi was on her knees giving me fellatio. I stood there, and enjoyed the great sexual sensation. After Mimi licked my dick a few times, we cleansed ourselves in the sprinklers. We were both shocked that the area was still deserted.

"That was great, Nature Boy!" Mimi confessed.

"Thank you for making that bet." I whispered in her ear.

"Shut up, stupid." She laughed.

As we were getting dress, we started to see people jogging by and walking their dogs.

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