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Mom and Aunt double team the boys.

There was nowhere else I would rather have been at that moment.

A while later we found ourselves cuddling. Stefanie's warm and soft body felt amazing against mine as we continued to talk. She then turned to face me and had a certain look on her face.

"Talking to you wasn't the only thing I missed." Stefanie said to me in a seductive tone.

I just smiled in response as she then leaned in and we kissed once more. She then proceeded to stand up and grab the bottom of her dress and lifted it up above her head. Her dress then fell to the floor. She was now only adorned in pink lingerie. I sat up and removed my shirt and then dropping my pants down to my boxers.

Stefanie then responded, by first slipping of her panties. Then she reached back and undid her bra and proceeded to slip it off and let it drop to the floor. I then slipped off my boxers and my cock emerged standing at attention ready for action. Stefanie laid me back onto the bed and grasped my cock gently and began to stroke as she continued to kiss me.

My hands wandered her body enjoying the feel of her skin. It felt soft to the touch and smooth as silk. She began to move downward towards my cock keeping her hands grasped on it. Her mouth found its way to the tip of my cock. The warm sensation passed over my cock as she slid it into her mouth.

I gripped the sheets as she did so, as my mind was lost in in lust. Her right hand was placed upon my chest as she steadied herself while she sucked gently and used her left hand to tend to my balls. I laid back and enjoyed what she was doing to me.

I was completely in her hands and both of us were in sheer ecstasy, submerged in lust and wanting this to never end. Stefanie then found my hard cock moist enough for her to mount. She lifted her head up and pierced my soul with her shimmering blue eyes. She lifted herself up while I continued to enjoy the amazing sight of her naked body. Stefanie then grasped my cock as she guided it to her wet pussy and slowly slide it inside. She let out a soft moan as my shaft entered her completely.

She slowly gyrated, working my cock like only she could. All the while keeping her eyes fixated upon mine. I was in a trance, in her thrall, entirely hers to command. She had me, where she wanted me. My hands held steady at her waist as she continued to ride me. She felt warm and soft to the touch.

She shifted her body down towards me and brought her lips close to mine, all the while I remained inside of her. We shared yet another kiss and as always her lips were unbelievable. In the heat of the moment I then grabbed her and we rolled over on the bed. I was now on top and she was gasped as I continued to plunge my cock inside of her. She moaned in sheer delight at my actions. Few things meant more to me than her lustful moans of approval.

Her legs were now wide apart as I slide my cock into her. I ran my hands up and down her statuesque legs as I fucked. I was slow but firm, a combination which drove her wild. I eventually withdrew my cock at her request as she slowly put her legs back down. I watched as she slowly moved up the bed and turned herself around. She was deliberate in the way she moved, the way she teased, and the way she looked at me as she turned and position herself for me to enter her from behind.

I moved toward her, maneuvering on the bed towards her. I slowly ran my fingers, with the lightest touch possible, up her legs. I reached her wet pussy and slowly massaged it. This drew a little gasp from her and bit of a moan. I then moved my cock into position, whilst I had placed my right hand on her body just above her pussy. I began to insert my cock, all the while moving my right hand along the length of her back.

Once I had inserted it all the way, I ran my fingers through her hair. It felt so soft, like the skin on her body. This was pleasure, fueled by lust, in its purest form. I then steadied my hands on her waist and began to fuck her a little quicker. We continued like that for some time, her stamina was amazing.

Her moans got louder, meani

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