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A lesson is learned, the festival begins.

"You should leave." he mutters hoarsely, seemingly ashamed of his nakedness. Why the hell would I leave? I ask myself, then shake my head and lay down beside him.

"It's okay...I don't mind." I mutter, but his cheeks get red and I smile inwardly at his embarassment. I lean down, my face parallel to his chest.

"Really, Rach-" he inhales sharply when I suddenly trace my fingers along his body, getting some of his cum on my fingers. I lick it off, and actually like the taste. My whole body is hot as I put my head down and lick the cum straight off his chest, but the look in his eyes is one of anxiety and I know he's torn. I move lower, my breath hot on his cock.

I take it into my mouth, relaxe my muscles, and let it slip in completely. Drew groans involuntarily and takes my head in his hands, shaking his head firmly, but I start to hum and the vibration drives him up the wall. My pussy is wet and my underwear is soaked, so I pull away (much to his displeasure) and take everything off but my shirt. A look of happiness is on my face, but he looks distressed. "Rachel, don't be a dumbass." he mutters as he sits up and reaches for his clothes. "You're gonna get me thrown into jail, I swear to God. Just....get dressed, okay? I'll get you some lunch and we can...Do shit. I dunno." he's confused, but I feel discarded. A tear slips down my cheek as he stands, facing me with a sigh.

"Don't look at me like that. Please." He's weakening, and I can sense it. He got a hard-on from my short but sweet blowjob and it's forming a bulge in his shorts.

I look at him with a small smile, reaching up and touching the outline of his cock. "Did I make you hard, Drew?" I ask softly, and smirk a little as I tug those shorts back down ever so slightly. "I think I did. God, you're disgusting, thinking of your little sister like that. You're thinking of my pussy, aren't you?" he grits his teeth together as my fingers caress his hard dick. "Do you want to see it?" he shakes his head, but how long could he refuse?

"Fuck." he breathes, as I move onto my back and spread my long legs open. I'm soaking wet just for him, and the look of temptation on his face is enough to make me work all the harder. " have no idea how much I want you in me." I say softly, realizing that I'm saying things I never thought I would before. "But I'm not good enough for you, am I?" a saddened look crosses my face as I stand and look at him. I only reach to his chest, but his hands grip my hips tightly enough that I feel as if we're even. "Not true, Rach. You fucking know that."

He's so stressed.

"How am I supposed to know if you won't have me?" I look up and him and frown a little, then press my body against his. I can feel his dick throb in wanting, and my hands grip it tightly. The look on my brother's face is one of both pleasure and irritability. "Fuck you, Rachel." he whispers angrily, picking me up and pushing me hard against the wall. I let out a squeak, shocked with his sudden rage but wanting him more than ever now.

I reach for his shorts, but he grabs my wrists and pins them back with only one hand. The other pulls his shorts down and his throbbing dick appears, looking just as angry as he does. And at that point, I realize I want to be used. I want to give him so much pleasure that he can't even stand it. I wanna be his little fuck toy, one he can play with whenever he wants.

He slams into me with so much power that I get shoved against the wall even harder. "DREW!" I scream, feeling like I'm about to be ripped apart. My brother's breathing heavily, pressing his head against my shoulder as he eases his cock into my aching pussy. I whimper, out of both pain and pleasure, but he doesn't listen.

Drew looks directly into my eyes, blue reflecting blue. "Say it, Rachel." he says lowly, wiping the beads of sweat off my upper lip.

"Say what?!" I cry out, trying to pull him further inside of me.

"Tell me what you want, Rach. You're dying for it and I'm going to give it to you....but only if you ask."

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