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Hearing from Steve I wonder is he mad or....

He kissed me. Long and slow. In the end I had to push him off me as I was struggling to breathe.

He kissed me again. I felt myself responding and then I felt his hands on my ass. He squeezed my ass cheeks and pulled me into his crotch. I could feel a bulge pressing into my thigh. He kissed me harder as I moaned into his mouth. I could feel a dampness between my legs.

Oh jeez! This wasn't supposed to be happening. I was going to be a virgin on my wedding day but if Danny carried on like this for much longer I wouldn't be. I could feel my resistance to him and his body beginning to crumble.

I kissed him back harder as I felt his hands encircle my breasts. He fondled them roughly and I responded by dropping my hand over his bulge. I don't know what had come over me.


The sound echoed around the yard. Over in a nearby field some crows took to the air, screaming their raucous disapproval of the loud noise.

Danny and I looked up to see daddy stood at the bottom of the steps. His shotgun was pointed straight at Danny's chest.

"Son ... you'll notice that what I'm holding here is a double barrelled shotgun." Daddy's malice towards Danny was clearly evident although his voice sounded remarkably calm. "I've fired one shot so far. That means I've got one left. I suggest you leave now before it too gets fired. If you catch my drift!" The last five words were spat out slowly.

Danny got the drift. He pushed me away and stumbling down the steps backed up to his truck. "Don't shoot Mr Matthews," he stuttered, the fear clearly showing in his face. "I'm going. There's no need for this to go any further."

He slowly opened his door, keeping his eyes firmly fixed on the barrel of daddy's shotgun as he scrambled inside and started the engine. He shot off, not even bothering to close the truck door, which swung wildly as he raced away down the driveway in a cloud of dust.

Daddy turned his attention to me. His eyes were blazing. He was as angry as I'd seen him yesterday. The red vein was prominent in his forehead and his eyes were bulging.

I was scared and backed inside the house as he strode up the porch steps.

"I told you ..." he shouted, "I told you not to see him. But yet you disobeyed me. You have disrespected me!"

"But daddy," I started.

"Don't but daddy me," he seethed, "you went against my explicit orders not to see him again. And there you were, allowing him to paw at your body. You're nothing more than a ... than a SLUT!"

His last word hit me hard in the face. This was beyond normal and I was really worried now.

"And look at your clothes. For god's sake, I can see your breasts. You've become a harlot! You're a SLUT and a HARLOT!"

I backed away towards the stairs as he strode ever nearer.

He reached out and grabbed my arm.

"Oww, daddy let me go, you're hurting me," I squealed.

"People who disobey me need to be punished," he growled.

I pulled free of his grasp, spun around quickly and dashed up the stairs. I reached the safety of my bedroom and locked the door behind me. I sat on my bed gasping for breath looking nervously at the door. I could hear his footsteps grow louder as he approached.

The door crashed open, the wood splintering as the hinges gave way as daddy kicked it in.

I cowered back from him as he towered over me.

"You were going to fornicate with that man, that spawn of the devil, weren't you!"

"No daddy no, I swear," I sobbed.

"Of course you were," he raged, "why else would you be wantonly displaying your body so readily to him if not to entice him into your bed!"

"It's not like that daddy. Please, you've got to listen to me!"

"Bad little girls ... sluts and harlots ... girls like YOU ... need to be punished!" he shouted at me.

"No daddy!" I screamed as he roughly jerked me off the bed and sat down, pulling me down with him. At the last minute he spun me around and I ended up over his knee with my round bubble ass sticking high up in the air.

He held me down by my neck with one hand.

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