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He meets other-wordly Chinese girl.

Frank told me to open the door and he lead Lori into the room. I walked over to the wall and just stood waiting to see what would happen next. Frank told Lori he was usually good for two to three orgasms a night and he figured tonight would be a triple. First he would pop off in her mouth and watch her eat his cum like the slut she was. Then he was going to fuck her, but he would use a rubber because a slut like her might not be too clean. When he said this Lori's chest and face reddened in humiliation. Frank continued by saying he doesn't like to see his cum wasted so Lori was to remove the rubber from his cock and empty the contents on the glass window of our room. She then had to lick up all the cum before it dripped to the floor. Frank then added that the drapes would, of course, be open. Usually his third cum would be in the slut's ass but Frank figured Lori wouldn't be able to handle his cock in her previously unused asshole. So for the finale, Frank said he'd cum on her tits or face. Frank dropped the leash and opened the drapes in the sitting area of the suite. He pulled over a chair near the window and sat down. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock which was only semi hard. I have seen quite a few adult films and Frank's size rivaled many of the porn stars. He spread his legs and slowly stroked himself while he told Lori to remove her skirt.

Lori's eyes were glued to his cock, the only one she had seen in the past 24 years besides mine. I have to admit it was impressive and I was glad mine was hidden in my pants. She dropped the skirt and kicked it away. She stood in heels only with clipped nipples and the beads hanging from her cunt. Frank had her hand him his leash and told her to squat down in front of him. He held the beads up so as he pulled them they rubbed against her clit and protruded lewdly from her shaved lips. I had forgotten my instructions from earlier and now saw she had followed them. Her cunt was bald. Frank told her to start sucking his cock and to be quick and sloppy because he wanted to get his nut off ASAP.

Lori bent over and engulfed the head of his cock. She can deep throat my cock but she started to gag as soon as she forced about two thirds of his eight or nine incher down her throat. Frank was calling her names and thrusting his ass up from the chair. He tugged on the leash and looked at me as he said, "Your wife is a good cocksucker. Your boys will be lucky if they will ever find a girl who can suck like she does."

Saliva was dripping down his shaft and Lori's eyes were tearing when Frank's body began to stiffen. He grabbed her head with both hands and held her as he forced load after load of cum into her mouth. When he finally finished he released his grip and sat his ass back on the chair. He told her not to remove his cock from her mouth but to pull the beads from her cunt and masturbate for him. He said he wanted to see his cock in her mouth when she came. Lori did as she was told and did not need much time to reach the peak of ecstasy she had been waiting for. This was an orgasm you only dream about and her body shuddered violently and her mouth gurgled around the cock as she came. When she was through she looked up at Frank and when he nodded she let his cock fall from her mouth as she fell to a heap on the floor, her legs splayed wide open for anyone to see.

Frank looked at me and smiled as he looked at my crotch. Only then did I realize I had cum without touching myself for the first time in my life. Frank stood up and zipped up his pants. He walked to the closet and pulled out a robe which her threw on Lori. He told her to put it on and follow him. He told me to stay and make us some drinks from the mini bar. Once Lori had the robe on they left the room.

Frank took Lori to the end of the hall and opened the door to the stairway.

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