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Daemon Black.

As the room flooded with light from the hall, there on the king sized bed lay her Paul spooning a bleach bottle blond whose plastic tits jutted from beneath the bed spread. Debra heart sank. Stifling a whimper, she snapped a picture with her cell, quickly pulled out her mace and sprayed the sleeping duo. Flinging her engagement ring across the room, Debra snatched open the door, exited the room and Paul's life for good.

Glenda awoke at 2:45am to the soft hum of her cell.

"Yeah," she answered hoarsely.

"That BASTARD was in bed with a whore," the caller began crying loudly.

Glenda pushed hair from her face as she strained to see the number on the tiny screen. Holding the phone close to her face she noticed it was Debra

Sitting up, Glenda felt a twinge of pain between her legs and the slickness of oil between her toes, "Which bastard Glenda, there are a million of em' out there be specific."

"Well make that your brother in-law Paul, bastard, one million and one." Glenda climbed out of bed and realized she was throbbing and her clit was still swollen. Then the wetness came.

"Debra, where are you?"

"Biloxi, but I'm headed back to Memphis, fuck him and that whore." The phone fell silent.

Glenda lie back in bed and spread her legs, pulling her breasts from her crinkled teddy she closed her eyes and cleared her throat. Salvator took his queue, climbed on top of her and slid easily inside. As he pushed hard and fast Glenda thought, "Fuck 'em both."

That next morning Glenda showered as Salvator checked his bank account. Glenda's payment had posted. Pulling on blue jeans, a white shirt with French Cuffs and a blue leather jacket; Salvator stepped into thick leather motorcycle boots and grabbed his helmet turning off the hidden camera tucked inside.

Standing at the bathroom door her whispered, "Mami, I 'm leaving."

Glenda bounded from the bathroom in a white bathrobe gathered tightly around her waist. "When can we make another appointment?" she said throwing her arms around his neck.

Lifting the robe from her full buttocks Salvator slid his hand down her damp cleft, spreading her cheeks and finding her rose bud. He massaged her tight hole with one fingertip while nibbling at the damp flesh on her neck, Glenda could feel her knees loosen, "Whenever you call me back Mami...I gotta go." Salvator pinched her ass and strolled casually out of the door. But Salvator did not leave the house. He stopped in Eddie's room and placed the memory card on the patient tray table. Salvator avoided Eddie's menacing gaze knowing he would kill himself if he ever became a quadriplegic like Eddie.

Pulling into the underground garage at 9:15am, sleep pulled tiny tears from the corners of Debra's eyes. Yawning she made her way to her condo to sleep away her pain. Debra would wake long enough only to press the "ignore" button on her phone before falling asleep again. A couple of times she awoke frantic noticing her ring was gone only to realize what happened before crying herself back to sleep.

Debra crawled out of bed around 3:00 pm. She walked around the house pulling Paul's picture out of albums and picture frames before unceremoniously feeding them to the shredder. In went movie stubs, airline ticket stubs,, and love letters. After an hour of incessant grinding, Debra scrolled through her phone until she landing on Paul's number. Pressing the red button the phone asked, "Are you sure you want to delete this contact?" Three years, six months and 3 weeks of emotions all arrived at this defining moment; Debra hesitated and pressed, "Yes." The next after Paul's was, "Mario." Pausing, a sly smile crossed her face. Debra texed, "Hey, Sexi could usz some company, U free?" Debra placed her phone down and emptied the shredder basket as a text message returned, "Yeah, what time." The evening was set.

Debra soaked in her whirlpool tub.

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