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A short time alone, away from our partners.

"Is her pussy as tight as mine?" she asks, fingering her soaked cunt as she continues to look.

Her stare tells me that whatever pleasure she's experiencing in front of my captive body, I am not deserving of it, not even a modicum of it, and she'll make sure that my underserving ness becomes a reality.

"No sweetie-"

"DON'T CALL ME THAT!" she yells, slapping me in the face so hard that blood spews from my mouth.

Walking away from my bondage, she leaves me completely vulnerable and desperate as my girthy erection bobs, leaking with its flaming head gleaming under the light.

She has a beautiful ass, complemented by alluring legs. I can't help but gawk, and it only serves to make my cock harder as the pain grows. She used a circular clip that is quite small for my girth, small enough to bite in and cause pain.

Her face turns, catching me in my entranced gaze.

"This is our favorite ointment cream, sweetie," she whispers, moving to kneel between my thighs as she rubs the cream all over my long, thick cock, making sure to squeeze sadistically in the process, so much so that sharp pains shoot through as I wince. The cream is a special numbing agent. It not only numbs the pleasurable sensations my erection can feel but goes as far as giving it a slight burning sensation.

The problem is, she's applying half the container to my desperate, twitching spear, leaving it coated in white cream.

Giving my cockhead a big slap, she moves to forcefully envelop my thickness with her excruciatingly tight pussy, helped by her own honey juices. I squirm in the chair, struggling despite the ropes cutting into my wrists as a strong burning sensation shocks through my cock powerfully.

"Oh fuck oh fuck..." I mumble, moaning and trembling from every thrust as her vaginal muscles squeeze without mercy. Despite the aching, electrifying pain, my rod remains the most erect it can and has ever been as it's pulled and fucked by her deceptively mild flower.

Slowly, she moves upward as if her pot is trying to pull my cock out from my body.


She hammers down, her generous ass cheeks smashing onto my thighs as we both moan in pain and pleasure.

"I- whatever happened... I am still yours..." I beg.

She ignores me, scraping her soft but brutal vaginal walls against my erect shaft as she pulls up slowly, milking my shaft of every inch.


I tremble in my bonds from the shock and desire.

She keeps me there, twirling her hips in circles with my stick stuck in her hotness this entire time, bracing herself with her hands on my bruised and scratched chest.

"Tell me... fuck..." she moans, her eyes sealed in pleasure as she circles, rise and rams like a predator would do with her prey.

"Tell me what she did to you." she knows me so well, she knows that if I was to cheat on her with someone else, it would be with a sexy, dominant woman just like her.

"No... nothing..."

"Don't lie to me," she whispers in her shivering voice before grasping my head with both hands, unrelentingly pushing my face into her generous breasts to completely seal me of air. Her musk is severely overwhelming and weakening, causing my muscles to relax as I take it in, air did not matter.

Ten seconds in, she continues to hold my head against her breasts as she grinds against my searing cock.

Fifteen seconds in, I start to panic as I fight against the ropes, oblivious to all my previous failed attempts.

Thirty seconds in, I twist and turn in the chair as I try to turn my head out, but she holds me completely firm, her chest jutting out to keep me still as I twist and jerk. Despite this lack of air, her musk keeps me as hard as steel.

She releases me, pinning my shoulders against the back of the chair as she shudders atop my tenderized cock, "Tell me."

I, of course, took in several deep breaths of air through my blushed face and into my lungs before struggling to reply, "She... she rode my face."

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