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Jill's first try at selecting a new partner.

Someone had found out his secret! "Oh, God." The boyish face of Bennett Sunderland swam before him and he remembered the first time his fingers had touched another man's flesh. The steel of muscle beneath the softness of skin. The musky scent of Aramis in his nostrils as he licked another man's nipples. The salty sweetness of cum, its warmth pooling in his ass ...

"Your secret is safe with me." Nathan murmured, still standing and acting like the attentive driver he was. "If you haven't noticed, every one of you has a certain idea about sexuality and every one of you is being tested."

"And what do we get if we pass the test?"

"I'm not at liberty to divulge that information ... just yet."

"That's not fair!"

Nathan leaned down and harshly spat the words in his ear. "Deal with it." Shane trembled, his innards shaking. "Now, are you ready to join the group?"

How could he face the group? "No. No, Nathan. I want to go home."

"You want to go home? Jesus, you're nothing but a child!"

"You don't understand!"

"No, you don't understand. Grow the fuck up!" Nathan hissed. "You are an adult! Live your life or be forced into someone else's idea of what your life should be."

Shane watched as Nathan left him on the bench, quivering with fear. Live your life. He suddenly realized that he wasn't just afraid that someone would learn his secret, but also that he had no idea on how to live his own life.


Dinner was a quiet affair. Kelly Jo sat between Kevin and Ashley and Beverly sat between James and Shane. No one wanted to ask but they all knew that something was wrong. The usually enthusiastic, effusive quarterback was as silent as a grave. His handsome Californian features were drawn with worry and his sparkling blue eyes were flat.

Nathan entered the private dining room, a pair of envelopes in his hand and headed toward a small side table. "Mr. Kingsley, Mr. Marcus, would you please come join me over here?"

Shane and Kevin looked around the table, then to each other and slowly arose, crossing the space between the tables and taking chairs with Nathan. The driver handed each an envelope and silently watched as they opened and read them.

"By now, you should have had a great dinner and are ready to accomplish your sixth task on the scavenger hunt. The sixth task is to shave another man's pubic region. Simple task? No. Shane and Kevin must be chosen to accomplish this task and one man must ejaculate. The reward will be $4,000 dollars, with $1,500 for the non-participants." Kevin looked over at Shane. "The proof required is the man's body covered with cum and viewed by Nathan. If you follow the instructions, you will receive the money upon completion."

Shane looked up. "I've never had my pubes shaved before."

Kevin's laugh was a strangled bark. "But having them done by a man is no problem?"

The quarterback turned red, slamming the envelope down on the table. "I'll do it." He glared angrily at Nathan, thinking about their earlier conversation. "I'll be in my room if you decide to play along."

Kevin just sat quietly as Shane stormed out, not really sure why the young man was so angry but certain that his words had struck a nerve.

"I have been authorized to offer you an additional $2,000 if you both ejaculate." Nathan took Shane's envelope, tucking it into an inside jacket pocket and slid a cell phone across the table to Kevin. "Give me a call when you're ready."

Kevin nodded, taking the phone and knowing that he had given his tacit approval by accepting the instrument. He headed to the elevator, thumbed 5 and soon found himself at Shane's door, room 503.

"Who is it?"

"It's me. Kevin."

"It's open." Kevin pulled the lever and the door opened, Shane sitting on the bed clad in a fluffy white hotel robe. "So it's on?"

"Yeah." Kevin sighed. "I agreed." He started to unbuckle his pants. "Nathan said we could have an additional two grand if we both cum." He observed the change in Shane. "Can you do this?"

Shane's quiet and uncomfortable

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