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Master shaves his mistress before night of play.

I have enjoyed recalling and retelling the story of my affair with Anna and however tonight goes, I hope there are no regrets on anyone's part and no lasting damage.

Wish me luck. I don't have many expectations but I am sort of prepared for all possibilities. What if I see her and fancy her like mad? What if she looks old and unattractive? What if she wants me again? What if she has some news like I fathered a child? What if she wants to tell me she is single? What if she has a terminal illness? What if its something else I can't even imagine? Time will tell. I will be back tomorrow to give you all the details dear reader.

Ok. I'm back. I met Anna last night. Let me take you through the whole evening and you can make of it what you will.

I got to the Four Seasons Hotel at about 7pm. I checked in and went up to my room in plenty of time for my prearranged meeting with Anna in the hotel restaurant at 7.30pm. At about 7.20pm I had just stepped out of the shower and there was a knock at the door. I checked through the peep hole on the hotel door and saw Anna standing there. I opened the door wearing just a white towel round my waist and held the door open with a smile.

She smiled back but was surprised to see me undressed. "I can come back," she said. I laughed at the suggestion and joked about not showing her anything she hasn't seen before. Anna stepped in and I took her coat.

She looked good. Time has been kind to her and she has probably only aged a year or two in the ten since we last saw each other. I guessed she must be early fifties now but she looked 10 years younger. Just seeing her set me off. The chemistry kicked in and my cock stirred under the towel.

I am not the young boy I was all those years ago but I am not doing to badly. My early thirties are my prime and I am ageing OK. No beer belly yet and I work out to keep in shape. Anna looked me up and down. I pretty much decided there and then what I wanted but I wanted to hear what she had to say before I made a pass at her.

"Do you mind if we talk before we go to eat?" she asked. "What I have to say to you will probably involve a few tears and I would prefer it all to be in private"

"OK" I said showing concern in my voice. I was still checking her out. She was wearing a dress and I couldn't help but wondering if she was wearing underwear underneath the dress. It wasn't obvious if she was and I sort of hoped she wasn't. My eyes were sensitive to her every movement. I felt pure lust and forgot about all other commitments in my life.

I had been waiting to see her for so long I had actually given up. It probably took about 2 years before a day went by that I didn't think about her. Then the marriage and divorce came and went so I pretty much came through those two episodes and somewhere along the way I had let go of my Anna yearnings.

Last night was different though. She was sat on my bed whilst I stood in just a towel. I'm sure my cock was swelling just enough to be obvious through the towel. I looked for signs from Anna to see if she was showing any sexual interest but there were no signs.

"So what's its all about?" I asked.

"It's a long story, but you have a right to know," Anna said all serious. Anna then told me how she had fallen pregnant but before the baby was born, her husband Ken had died. He had a sudden heart attack aged 46 and dropped dead. Friends and family had rallied round to support Anna and help her through the pregnancy. Only Lisa stayed away because she knew there was a good chance Ken wasn't the father. As she told me the story, It suddenly dawned on me that I might be the father.

Anna continued and explained how she had given birth to a daughter (Katie) and raised the child as a single parent. The support from those around her continued and they had made a pretty good go of things. James supported his mother and sister as best he could and they shared occasions like Christmas and birthdays like any normal family.

At this point Anna broke down and couldn't continue.

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