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Online personals lead to a surprising love mess.

"OK I was mean of me teasing you like that but don't you think this is going a little overboard?" Her eyes pleading to be let go.

"No sis, you deserve all you're going to get and then some." I answered as I began tickling her sides making her writhe about before moving on to her belly and sweaty armpits.

After a few minutes of tickling her she begged me to stop and it looked like she was starting to tear up from laughing so hard.

"OK I guess I had that coming you can untie me now." She said after getting her breath back.

"Oh no sis this is just the beginning of payback time." I said smiling back at her now worried face.

"That was just the beginning Gina, you did far worse to me." I said again.

"Oh fuck no please you have had your fun let me go." Gina pleaded but to no avail.

I began to untie one of her training shoes which I could see was now making her nervous as to what was going to happen next. I then pulled it off and could smell how sweaty it was.

"Whoa sis you really do have smelly feet don't ya?" To which she said nothing.

"Here have a whiff of it." I said as I held her training shoe up to her nose while laughing at her before dropping it next to her head so the smell would still linger.

"If I remember right you have tickly feet don't you?" I asked her.

"No they are not ticklish at all." She answered obviously lying to me.

"I don't believe you sis so I am going to have to find out for myself." I grinned as I started to unlace her other trainer.

"Please don't tickle my feet I will do anything you want just don't tickle my feet." Gina pleaded.

Just as I was about to tickle her foot Gina began cussing at me and telling me what she was going to do to me once she was free. So I then got hold of her other trainer and held it up to her nose again, this time pushing her head toward her smelly trainer. She began to cough and splutter and I could still hear her saying all the things she was going to do to me.

"OK sis I will let you go if you lick the inside sole of your smelly trainer or you will pay in another way" I said giving her a choice of punishment.

Of course Gina refused to lick or even kiss the sole.

"OK if that's your choice." I said as I wrapped more tape around her ankles and pulled at her arms wrapping some tape around those as well and leaving her hogtied on the floor.

Gina was a little shocked at her predicament but now wasn't resisting very much. I then pulled off her little socks sticking them under her nose for a few seconds before sticking one of them in her mouth like a gag. After that was done I went back to what I was originally going to do and tickled her feet for the next five minutes or so until I decided I had had enough and let her regain some composure. Then I bent down and looked at her.

"Save some energy sis, mom and dad are out for the night and won't be home until the early hours of tomorrow, I still have plans for you for what you have done to me." I said and left her to struggle for about half an hour while I went for a drink.

When I got back I released her from her hogtie and took the sock from her mouth. It was then that she said she needed to pee. Hands and feet still taped up I pulled her towards the bathroom.

"I really need to pee please untie me before I pee my pants." She said looking a little panicked.

The thought crossed my mind but I wasn't going to be that mean so I said okay as I helped her to her feet so I could pick her up and carry her over to the toilet pan. I sat her down on the toilet and then she realized I didn't have any plans as to pulling down her panties.

"Okay, how about this. Untie me so I can pee and get changed then we will grab some dinner and come back and you can finish your plan?" Gina asked.

I didn't like the idea since I wasn't really done but and I didn't figure she'd willingly let me finish but since I was hungry and didn't really want to help her pee I reluctantly agreed.

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