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Kevin reveals Trent's secrets...

The final splashdown was almost anti-climatic though, as I'm sure that we got wetter getting off the tube to stand up in the water than we did in the splash.

"That was fun!" She exclaimed as we were stepping out of the pool.

"Nah, it wasn't any good." Although I don't think I paid any attention to the ride itself really. "I think we need to do something more....uh...."

"That?" She said pointing to the ominous tower of winding tubes in the distance.

"Exactly!" I said, kinda surprised that she would go for a more extreme slide like that.

She laughed and we both hurried off towards it. Getting there we could see the beast up close and personal. It must have been at least a few stories tall, with spiraling enclosed tubes that seemed to intertwine with each other. Definitely my kind of ride.

We had work our way up a long single-file line with steps and inclines so holding hands was no longer a comfortable option, so I did the next best thing and put my hand around her hip. Whenever the line would stop, she'd be on the step above me leaning against my left side with her arm draped around the top of my head, putting my face dangerously close to the side of her boob. Eventually we reached the top and unfortunately had to part from our respective positions.

"I'll get in the back this time, you go first," she told me.



"MMmmhmm!" I said getting into the front seat after poking my tongue out at her.

We started our way down into the pitch black tunnel, clinching the grip handles on the inner tube the whole way. There were a few cracks of light every now and then but they did nothing to help with awareness as we made our way tossing and turning downward. Every thrust and bump mom would scream or yelp and I couldn't help my self letting out a few yells and panicked curse words here and there. All too soon though it was over, but this time with a much more pleasing splash that drenched us both.

"OH SHIT!" I heard my mom yell.

"Yeah that was amaz..." turning around I could see that she wasn't at all thinking about the ride, her top was gone!

"My top's came off!!" She said frantically trying to cover herself and search through the rushing water for her missing garment. "Help me find it!"

I was obviously caught staring but her order snapped me out of it and worker at the bottom of the slide and I both looked around. "I don't see it anywhere."

"It'll probably turn up in a second. This happens all the time," the worker said.

", hold on to this," I handed the inner tube to her. "Oh, thanks," she said half-heartedly, "just give me the big brightly colored sign that says look over here!"

"Well, it's not like people can see through it."

"Yeah...just find my top, please." As a little bonus when she reached out for the tube I caught a quick glimpse of her bare boobs.

Several minutes had passed and several riders had come down but no tiny piece of white cloth ever came down. Luckily for her though the worker had called for some help who brought a towel that she could cover up with. After a vain attempt to stick it out a little longer we decided that it wasn't coming back.

"Sorry, honey, we're gonna have to call it a day."

"You sure? I don't think anyone would mine you going around topless."

"Ha - ha, funny boy, let's go."

We quickly made our way up to the front of the park. "Here, babe, take the tube back to the kiosk and get our stuff from the locker, I'm just gonna go straight to the car, ok?"

"I got it."

I collected our things from the locker and returned the tube. Thankfully she had already pulled the car up to the park entrance so I didn't have to walk all the way through the parking lot.

"I'm really sorry we had to cut this short, honey."

"Don't worry, Mom, it wasn't your fault... although you had to know that was likely to happen with that little top you had on. Actually I'm surprised the bottom stayed on!"

"It almost came off too!" she said and we laughed together.

"What a show that would have been!"

"Oh yeah I'm sure it would have.

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