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Cole has plans for his new neighbor.

She still sat in my lap and let me run my hands up and down her body, searching out all the hidden places, but she had this thoughtful look on her face and she wasn't returning the favor. She was very quiet. This went on all week and I got a little worried by it. Then Monday came around again and after a few minutes she got up out of my lap and sat across the room. For the rest of the week she wouldn't sit in my lap at all and she only came into my office when it was really business. By the end of the week I was at a loss. I knew that this was the weekend when she was free to meet me and I wasn't sure whether I would get to see her or not. So, I confronted her and asked her what was going on. Why had she been so distant all week? Would we see each other on the weekend? What had I done? What could I do?

She told me that she was scared and that she felt guilty for what we had done. She was afraid that all would be found out and that she would lose her home and family. She said that she couldn't do it anymore. I was heart-broken and at a loss for words. How could I argue with that? The last thing I wanted to do was to cause trouble for this woman who was, after all, still my friend. Oh, I know I could have used this to my advantage and threatened to expose her if she didn't continue. It probably would have worked, but then I'd lose my friend. I didn't want that, so with a sad heart I walked away. I am, still, a pretty decent guy in spite of all this. I have a certain code of honor that I follow even if she had made me cross a few of the lines. I couldn't be mean and selfish with her, not just to satisfy my own urges.

Each day seemed to drag on forever. At home I relived the days we had spent together, stealing time from work, and the Saturday we had spent fucking and sucking till we couldn't go on. I'd try to think of something that would turn her around again and bring her back into my arms and my bed. At work I'd look up expectantly every time I heard footsteps outside my door, hoping that she would come in and say she wanted to try again. When she actually did come into my office I would savor the moments, looking her up and down, drinking her in with my eyes, watching for the slightest sign that she might be softening. But she was only doing her job in her usual, efficient manner. She would come in, ask for my opinion, give me a message or whatever had brought her in and then she'd go. This went on the best part of a month and I had just about given up all hope that she would ever be mine again.

Then one day I noticed a change. I might not have noticed at all if I hadn't been holding my breath waiting for just such a sign. It seemed so innocent at the time that even so, I almost missed it. She came in to show me a letter that she had typed and, as I looked over it, she stood by my side waiting. It didn't occur to me until after she had left that she stood next to me while waiting, not across the desk from me as she had been doing. Then later she came in again and asked me to look over something that had come in the inter-office mail. She wasn't sure what kind of response she should send. While I read it over, once again she stood beside me instead of across the desk. I was tempted to test the waters, but I didn't want to be rebuffed if I was wrong, so I let it pass. The next time she came in was the next day, Wednesday, and it happened that I was kind of sitting/standing on the corner of my desk when she did. She was looking for some supplies that I keep in one of my desk drawers for easy access. She kind of brushed up against me as she passed and when she came back she did it again. I reached out to take her hand and she crumbled.

She leaned up against me and put her arms around me.

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