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Mom, dad and son attend a work party wearing straw skirts.

She was truly afraid of what would happen if she was not prepared. She found herself wandering around the little cabin a bundle of nerves.

She almost sensed him before she heard the approaching car. She knew that when he stepped onto the porch she would have about 60 seconds to run. Her breathing became rapid and her ample chest moved up and down almost in a panic. Her eyes darted around the room looking for somewhere to hide. For a brief second she questioned her decision to play this game with him. She had no doubt he was a skilled hunter.

She had been searching for that person that would allow the demons inside of her out to play. To play with her deepest and darkest side. That part of her the no one had ever seen before. The former partner came close. But as soon as he saw even a glimpse of the darkness he fled.

She heard him step onto the porch and instinct took over. She pivoted in her bare feet and began to run through the cabin and out the back door. All part of the plan, she heard him growl "where do you think you are going whore". Just the sound of these words had her cunt wet and dripping.

She was significantly smaller than him standing at only 5 feet tall. He was well over 6 feet and his body seemed massive compared to her. Still she gave it her best shot and ran. As she ran out the back door and across the yard towards the woods she lost her footing on the damp grass and slipped. It was a fatal error.

He immediately pounced on her flipping her onto her back and pinning her down. As he looked into her face for the first time, she caught a glimpse of a brief smile. Then he pinned her hands above her head and forced her legs apart with his very strong thighs. He had the largest hands she had ever seen.

She could tell he was getting off on the terror in her eyes. She felt his cock getting hard against her body. With one hand he reached down and tore the shirt from her body. Next went the skirt. He stood up and looked down at her and growled "I will give you one more chance my little whore to get away". He then told her that the next time he caught her it was over.

She immediately scrambled to get up and began to run again dressed only in her bra and panties. This time she actually made it quite a bit farther. But really, he was so much larger and faster that it was only a matter of time before he hunted her down.

She did not fall this time so he grabbed her by her long hair yanking her back towards him in one violent motion. She yelped and tried to wrap her arms around herself for protection. He pulled her back against him and with his free hand tore the bra off of her body. He began to twist and pinch her nipples so hard she yelped in pain. He then reached down and grabbed her cunt through her panties. He turned her to face him grabbing her cunt again and uttered only one word "mine".

He pushed her to the ground and pulled out a knife cutting her panties off of her body. He began to roughly shove his fingers into her dripping wet cunt. She began to moan, it had been so long and she was so tight. She emitted the most intense sex pheromones when she was turned on.

He had never smelled anything so hot. As much as he wanted to take her right her on the ground, the plans he had for her would most likely cause her to scream and he could not take a chance on someone hearing.

He roughly picked her up and threw her over his shoulder naked and exposed. He quickly carried her into the cabin and into the bedroom. There was a large king size four poster bed underneath a vaulted ceiling that was made entirely of a skylight window. Oh yes, he was going to enjoy doing whatever he wanted to her under the light of only the moon above.

He placed her on the bed, almost gently and turned his back to her to get out the toy bag and undress.

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