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The sweetest kind of teasing.

You grinned, understanding. We had discussed the importance of the very first kiss, how it served as a precursor of all the pleasures to follow. I took your lovely face into my one of my hands and tucked the other around your waist and pulled you towards me, as if in slow motion,and our lips parted hungrily.

Our mouths met softly, teasingly, then slightly more frenetically, our tongues now dancing each others while our bodies pressed closer. Our involuntary sighs became more audible, and we were completely unaware of the envious stares of both genders, all ages, that watched our fiery public greeting. Had we not been so distracted, our display no doubt would have only served to arouse us more, if that were indeed possible. I felt your body palpably heat up in response to my touch.

Our embrace broke finally and we separated ever so slightly and looked deep into each other's eyes and smiled. Still not a word was spoken. We instinctively held hands as I led us to the moving walkway to the parking garage. As we hopped onto the mobile transportation unit, I lowered your hand to my crotch and let you feel my appreciation for your beauty, which was also to be one of your many gifts for the weekend, my steel hard cock. You gasped ever so softly as I felt your hand and palm now slide down the entire length. "Oh, my, jackpot," you murmured. Those three little words, they were our first words.

The moving walkway was a few hundred yards long and would probably take two or three minutes to traverse. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed two businessmen coming towards us from the walkway moving in the opposite direction. As you eagerly fondled my bulge, I casually let my hand wander to the back of your thighs, and in one swift, subtle motion, lifted the hem of your dress to your waist, exposing you below the navel, and with the other hand reached over and slid your sheer panties down to your calves, letting your slick pussy visibly meet and greet our approaching, unwitting walkway neighbors.

Several reactions transpired at once, as if in a freeze frame movie. I felt your knees buckle. I saw the conversations immediately halt between the two men, now within feet of us. I cupped my hand beneath your ass and spread your legs far enough apart that the men could both see your glistening folds and smell your sweet scent. At the precise instant that we reached the epicenter of our respective walkways, I inserted a finger into your slit and wiggled it upwards. Your first explosive orgasm thrust from you suddenly, as the two amazed strangers watched from inches away. It would not be the last time this weekend you would cum while being watched.

I could hear you panting softly. The orgasm made your legs weak which caused you to lean into me. With little trouble I pulled your panties up where they belonged, but before tugging your skirt down over your hips, I looked back over my shoulder and ran my hand over your ass. Of course, the two men were still not believing what they had just seen but were smiling widely.

We made our way through the airport and found my car in the garage. You smiled when I walked over to open your door. I pushed you gently up against the car and slid my arms around your neck.

"I want to see your cock. That sample you gave me a few minutes ago is driving me wild," you groaned. With that announcement, and encountering no argument, you knelt down on one knee and unbuckled my belt, quickly unzipping my pants. We heard someone approaching but you did not move, you were steadfast on a mission!

"Ooooooh,yaaaa, my God. It's gorgeous!" Just as these words came out of your mouth I heard the footsteps stop near our car. I didn't turn but knew, as our visitor got closer, that the clicking noises were the sounds of high heels.

"Suck it, suck my cock," was the next thing you heard.

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