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How I discovered I liked to be seen.

We grab each other and resume the kissing that we started earlier. My hands travel up and down your back as yours do the same to mine. I reach down and cup your but, squeezing it. This moves you closer and you can feel my hardness pushing into you.

I move my head down, kissing your neck. I can hear your gasps in my ear. I kiss and nibble your neck and ear. Then I move to the other side and repeat the process.

Your hands pull up my shirt and you start running them first over my back and then over my chest. I slide my hands up your back, enjoying the feel of your bare skin. I pull my head back and look into your eyes. You grab the front of my shirt and start pulling me with you, into your bedroom.

We collapse onto the bed, the passion and lust rising even more. I remove my shirt. You sit up, remove yours and lay back down. I pause for a moment. Even in a bra, they take my breath away. I move down on top of you and start kissing you again. Moving from mouth, to neck, to ear, and back again. Your hands are all over my back, your nails even now are starting to dig into it. Feels like they are going to leave a mark before this is done.

I shift a little, and move down your body. I start kissing your collarbone and shoulders. Kissing every bare spot of skin as I work my way down. As I get to where the bra is, I run my tongue over the edge of the bra. I want to hurry, release them and devour them, but I take my time. Slowly teasing her. She's wearing a front clasp bra. Good. As I keep kissing what I can, I reach up and unclasp it. As I move the cups to the side, I see you bare from the waist up. You may say stuff about being overweight, but this is a picture of loveliness in front of me. I move my head down and take one of your nipples in my mouth. I can feel them getting even harder. I gently suck and tease them with my tongue. I can feel you squirming under me. You can't take much more, and start pushing my head lower, wanting my mouth somewhere else.

Reluctantly, I start to move lower, but I still kiss every bare spot I can. I get to your pants. I reach up and undo the snap and zipper, you raise your hips, a wordless beg to slide them off. I oblige you. As I slide them all the way off and drop them to the floor, I stand up and take my pants off. Then I move back down.

As I hold my head above your sex, I breath deeply. It intoxicates me, pushing the desire to taste you even higher. I grab the sides of your panties. You raise your hips as I slide them off. You look so good. I get even harder just looking at your beautiful body. I go back down and start to lick you. But just the lips. I touch them with my tongue and sometimes even suck them between my lips. When I can't stand it any more, I slide my tongue into you. My nose touches your clit at the same time and I feel you tremble. You taste so good. I move up a little and start to tongue your clit. I can feel your body move. I slide a finger in you and start moving it in and out. Then I add a second. I adjust my body some so I can reach up with the other hand to cup and caress your breast. I keep this up, the licking, the fingering, and the caressing, until you explode on my face. As you cum, I suck in your clit and hold on. I don't let up until you finish with the climax. You stop squeezing my fingers, and I slowly slide them out. I give one more lick to your clit, enjoying the shivers through your body. I move back up your body, planting small kisses on different parts.

I get back up to eye level with you, and you kiss me deeply, tasting yourself on me. You roll me onto my back.

"Your turn now" you say.

You kiss me on my neck and start to work your way down.

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