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Love passes its first major challenge.

Without saying another word I strode across the room and picked out a flogger. I am a little different than most Mistresses, I really am not much into flogging. I mainly used flogging for punishment. I looked into her eyes before I raised the whip. I wanted her to see my displeasure. At the touch of the whip she cringed and cried out. I could not help but smile for I was starting out slowly and lightly. At each bite of the whip into her tender flesh she would cry out. I increased the tempo and the strength. Just because I do not favor the whip does not mean I do not know how to use one and I flogged her expertly over the backs of her thighs, her sweet rounded ass, and her back. Her sobs and cries filled the room but still I continued until I felt satisfied. The lash marks were very visible and quite red. I walked to the front of her and lashed her three times very hard on her breasts. With each hard bite of the whip she screamed. She hung there sobbing quietly as I put the whip away. I saw that the whip had left a deep mark right across her right nipple. That would make that nipple that much more tender.

After I put the whip down, I bent and licked her very red right nipple. I liked the way she winced as I did it. Then I took her lips with mine and kissed her hungrily. My examination of her had excited me and I was very wet. I kissed her long and deeply. She responded instantly and pressed her body tight to mine. I released her lips and bent to unshackle her ankles. She asked if we were done. I laughed and told her we had just started. I released her from the hook but kept her wrists in the restraints. As I looked at her I wondered if she knew how very turned on I was. I do not know how she could help but see my juices running down my legs.

I decided right then to alter my plans a little. I led her over to a chair but instead of sitting her in it, I sat in it myself. I told her to kneel in front of me. As she knelt I spread my legs very wide and told her to pleasure me. She smiled and her eyes shone as she buried her head in my pussy. Her tongue touched my clit and it was like a jolt of lightening through it. I moaned. She began to lick my clit in earnest. When she started sucking and biting my clit she set my whole body on fire. I wrapped my hands in her hair and held her head tight against me. Her mouth was driving me crazy! I told her to fuck me with her tongue and she stuck her tongue deeply into my burning hot pussy. I screamed as I came. I came hard and I came fast. My cum flowing out of me and covering her face. She lapped it up as if she were starving. As my orgasm subsided I pulled her to me again and kissed her long and hard, tasting me on her lips and tongue.

I led my sweet slave to an examining table. I love this table. I use it frequently and not just for medical scenes. I am a small women and this gives me easy access to the whole body. After getting her in just the right position to give me full access to her ass as well as her pussy, I lifted her arms over her head and used the attached chain to restrain her to the hook in the wall. Placing her feet in the stirrups I cuffed each ankle to the leg rest. Using rope I secured her thighs as well. I loved the way she looked laying there. Her eyes showing love and fear, her lush body trembling slightly, totally helpless and in my power.

I moved up the left side of her and pulled a tray of instruments close to me. She strained to look but this was made especially for me and had a barrier around three sides of it, hiding what was on it, from view. She asked me if I was going to gag her. I told her no, that I do not like gags, I prefer hearing the cries of pain, the screams. My answer only served to frighten her more. She told me she was afraid. I told her she had reason to be. My answer did not soothe her at all.

Taking her left nipple in my hand I began to rub it and squeeze it roughly.

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