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Love Conquers All.

Seeing her expression and mistaking it for fear the four women grinned and the redhead grabbed her hair and mashed Stacy's face down onto her humungous right tit.

"Suck bitch!"

Stacy was already dripping and she started sucking as if her life depended on it. Abruptly she was yanked back.

"You're enjoying this aren't you? Good we gonna have ourselves some fun."

So saying they dragged her to one of the trailers behind the carwash. These women obviously came here quite often for it had some basic furniture and all sorts of sex toys. The bikers divested themselves of their clothing revealing heavily muscled taut bodies that were inexplicably turning on Stacy and bringing her back to a state of arousal. The redhead sat on a sofa and spread her legs while one of the blondes grabbed her hair and forcing her down onto her knees shoved her face onto the redhead's shaved pussy. At the same time her hands were handcuffed behind her. The smells from the redhead's pussy were really having an effect on Stacy and soon the blonde stopped pushing her head case she was doing more on her own. Very soon Stacy had the redhead squirming and gyrating her pussy as she licked, sucked and thrust with gusto.

"Unngh....thats it......suck my clit slut.....make me cum you fucking whore"

The brunette meanwhile had begun sucking on the redhead's massive tits and was squeezing and pulling on her nipples driving the redhead closer and closer to her orgasm.

"Ohhhh.....yeah.......fuckkkk......I'm cumming" the redhead suddenly grabbed Stacy by the hair and jammed her face hard onto her pussy forcing the orgasm and spraying Stacy's half buried face with fuck-juice in the process.

Catching her breath she looked down at the kneeling blonde and smiled in satisfaction. Looking behind her to the two blonde bikers who were currently sixty-nining each other on the floor, she said,

"Ladies we got ourselves a real cum-loving bitch here. And bitches need to be on a leash don't they?"

Grinning evilly the two blondes detached themselves and pulled something out of a drawer next to the sofa. It was a studded dog collar, with the word 'BITCH' printed at the back. Stacy had never been into the whole bondage/gothic scene but now felt her insatiable pussy tingle at the thought of being leashed and becoming the bikers personal fuck-slut. She allowed the blonde to wrap the collar around her neck and fasten it to a steel leash and even had a proud look on her face.

"There that's more like it. Now you look like the proper bitch that you are. And you know what happens to bitches darling? They get raped hollow."

Stacy then noticed the two blondes had strapped on two enormous dildos. These were truly enormous. At least the size of the bartender's monster cock the night before. Both were black and looked virtually real with thick veins embedded into the dildos. Stacy almost had an orgasm just looking at the two dangling monstrosities. One of the blonde's then lay down on the floor while the brunette effortlessly picked her up and without any warning dropped her down onto the monster dildo. Stacy screamed in agony from the brutal invasion of her pussy which was so intense that tears welled up in her eyes. Stacy tried to hold still for a few moments to let her sore cunt recover from the shock but the blonde was having none of it and slapped her hard on her face in impatience.

"Move your ass bitch.....fuck that cock......ride it you piece of shit." So saying she slapped her a few more times

The redhead meanwhile sat on the sofa before her and started rubbing her clit and mauling her own breast, obviously enjoying every moment of Stacy's pain and degradation.

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