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Ann again serves her best friend and her friend's daughter.

"Right now your breasts are the size of grapefruits and fit perfectly to your trim body. But Tammy wants big round eggplants, because that's what most men prefer. They love to see lots of jiggle and floppy action. The breast pump is slower than surgery, but it's natural.

"OK, now recline. After 30 minutes, you'll hear a bell. Remember to switch, because someone will be checking on you, and you don't want to be caught not following instructions. After that you won't be disturbed for a while (for at least 30 minutes) and you may fall asleep. But try not to fall asleep the first few days, or you'll get pretty sore. I have to leave now, but I'll be back when you're done."

Barnaby watched his right nipple being sucked in and released for a few minutes and then got bored and turned his attention to the television set. When the bell went off, he switched nipples. He didn't feel anything except the gentle sucking. It wasn't uncomfortable.

When Tessy came back for him, she had him button his blouse again and put on the jacket.

"Except when you're doing something that interferes with wearing your Miss Business Bitch outfit, you must wear it at all times," she said. "Sometimes costumers for the other girls or visitors will see you walking around and ask about you. That brings you more customers."

After a quick sandwich for lunch in the kitchen, Tessy led him to a room that looked like an expensive hotel room. "This is where you'll probably do most of your work," she said. "The story is that you're doing a quickie on your lunch break or having a secret rendezvous after work. You'll be the boss that the guy reports to, the one he hates. He's somehow managed to get you into this hotel room alone.

"Some guys like things kinkier. They want their woman boss trapped in a red velvet room in a whorehouse or a cheap flophouse or in a diner where there isn't even a bed for fucking, just a Formica counter. I'll show you all these rooms and more the next few days. There are actually only six rooms, but we can make them into nineteen rooms. This is one of the most popular, the peep room."

She led Barnaby into a large room with a bed in the middle and not much else. The only unusual things were the large holes in the walls, lots of them. Some were high -- there were even holes on the ceiling -- and some were low. There were holes in the corners and in the middle of each wall.

"A lot of clients pay to watch other clients," said Tessy. "The clients they see are exhibitionists, who pay to have sex in this room while others are watching. We also have other uses for it that I'll explain later. The rest of this afternoon you're going to watch. Follow me."

She led him out of the peep room and down the passage that went all round the room. The wall was full of holes, and she sat him down in front of one and pulled up a chair for herself in front of the hole next to it.

The rest of the afternoon was spent watching girls going one on one with clients. Tessy commented on what they watched: straight sex, anal, sadism, masochism, oral, fetish, submission, domination and things so strange she didn't know the names for them. A few times, when the woman was really humiliated, Barnaby was turned on for a while, but as soon as he realized he looked more like the woman than the man, the excitement was gone.

By the time they were done, he was exhausted. After dinner and a session in the pump room, he went to his room and fell into bed. Tessy woke him at 10 a.m. the next morning led him through a routine similar to that of the previous day. Exercise -- only treadmill this time -- followed by breast pump, lunch, visiting more rooms and showing how they were used and then another afternoon watching the action in the peep room, followed this time by two more hours of watching after dinner and breast pumping.

The following day was Sunday, and nobody woke him up.

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