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Titties and sand. Story #2 boob bouncin Barbara.

Amy looked up at Charlie expectantly. "My ... clothes?"

"I left them outside - come on!" said Charlie, leaving the room.

All the police officers began to exit the room, with only Phil waiting behind for her. Amy looked at the man and then sighed. There was nothing she could do but follow orders, so the teen also left the room and soon found herself back in the holding cell. The eight prisoners were ogling her nude body once more, and the seven officers surrounded the pretty young teen in a semi-circle.

Throwing her some clothing, Charlie said, "Put these on, honey!"

Holding the outfit up, Amy realized they had picked out the skimpiest, most slutty thing they could find in her bags. It was her favourite black teddy that one of her ex-boyfriends had bought her. The teddy hung low on her chest with slinky spaghetti straps to show off her incredible cleavage, but then flowed down wide to just barely past her pussy. The part that wrapped around her bosom tightly - which added to the whole "tits spilling out" look - was made of a lace, gauzy material but you could still see her taut nipples underneath it. The rest of the teddy from the bottom of her breasts downwards was simply all loose and flowing, and was totally see-through.

"W-what about a bra and underwear?" Amy asked timidly. This outfit was way too revealing for her liking!

"Sorry, honey!" said Charlie, a big smile on his face. "You could choke someone to death with those things! I'm afraid you'll have to go commando tonight!"

Dumbfounded, Amy's jaw dropped. "Are you kidding me!?"

"No more questions - put it on!" Charlie ordered.

With no choice but to comply, Amy obeyed without any hesitation. She figured a skimpy outfit was better than no outfit at all! She stood in front of all the men with her hands hiding her crotch and wondered what would happen next.

Then one of the officers began to unlock the holding cell, and hollered to the prisoners, "You boys back up now! Phil - bring the girl here!"

The eight prisoners were more than happy to comply. They also couldn't take their eyes off the scantily clad young blonde, looking so hot and sweet in her racy outfit, and couldn't believe their good fortune.

Amy froze and was visibly shaken as she eyed the dirty men in the cell. She stuttered, "G-God! Y-you CAN'T be serious!! Are you saying I have to spend the night in there, with those animals!?"

Officer Phil took the girl by the arm and led her towards the cell. "Sorry, but these are regulations! We only have one holding cell, so in you go, honey!"

Even though she tried to resist, it was quickly apparent that doing so was useless - the man was simply too large for her. He threw her in the cell to the girl's intensifying horror, and the officer's quickly closed and locked the door. The officers all gazed at the panicking blonde with little remorse. In fact, they found it quite fun to play around with the teen in this manner.

"Please - you CAN'T do this!! This - this - oh GOD - you can't leave me here all night with these animals! They'll rape me!" pleaded Amy.

"Hmmm - you should have thought of that before you sucked a man's cock off, and fucked those five fellows with your asshole, honey!" said Phil sternly.

Now it was the prisoner's who turned all quiet, looking at each other quizzically. Had they heard correctly? Amy, holding the bars in front of her with clenched fists, swiftly eyed the men behind her and yelled out to the exiting officers. "WAIT!! Isn't there someone who's supposed to be watching over us! You can't ALL be leaving!!"

But all of the cops left the room then, and Amy was now alone in a barred cell with eight other strange men, criminals and drunkards who were now suddenly happy that they were arrested that day.

Turning around to face her fellow prisoners, Amy covered up her pussy with her hands and said, "Howdy, boys! T-that last thing - that O-Officer Phil said? He was just joking!!" The teen tried to smile at her lie, but it sounded false even to her own ears.

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