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Truths, revelations, and declarations are disclosed.

"What are you doing? Why am I tied down?" he blurted out. "Why am I naked? Why does my head hurt?"

"We're going to be together forever, baby. This is how it begins." Emma smiled down at him.

"What are you talking about? Where are we?" He was having trouble staying focused, as his headache seemed to get worse.

"You're going to love me forever, just like mommy and daddy. Daddy went through exactly the same thing, and he's never left mommy's side since. In fact, we're at the same farm that mommy used when she was training daddy. There's nobody else around for miles and miles! It's just going to be the two of us for the next couple of years, this is so exciting! Then when we're done here, we're going to get married and be together forever."

Despite the headache, these words cut right through to his mind. 'What the fuck? Mommy and daddy? Next couple of years? Done with what?' he thought. He remembered meeting Emma's parents, when he had noticed that they had seemed inseparable and so deeply in love.

"The drugs I injected you with are going to help you learn to love me completely. I know they're giving you a headache right now, but don't worry, I promise it will get better. And after a year, I should be able to start reducing the dosage." While speaking, Emma's hands began playing with his balls. As he felt his erection harden even more, he felt his headache lessen.

"You won't be able to ever say no to me. You'll do everything I want, and you will feel horrible every second you spend away from me. We're going to love each other so much!"

He suddenly realised just how much trouble and danger he was in. This girl he thought he knew was turning out to be a psychopath. He needed to get free and get help somehow. He opened his mouth, ready to scream for help. At that moment, Emma grabbed his cock, and his headache immediately cleared. A stab of pleasure shot straight to his brain and blanked out all his thoughts. "Oh god!" he moaned.

"This is what the rest of your life is going to be like! My touch is going to bring you so much pleasure, every other moment will feel like a headache in comparison. We need the drugs to teach your body how to behave, but after a while your body will learn to do this all on its own." While speaking, Emma had moved on top of him and and started rubbing her pussy with the tip of his cock. "How does this feel?"

"Oh god... What the fuck are you doing to me..." He felt so sensitive, he was already about to cum. Emma started jerking on his cock while rubbing the head against her pussy, and he couldn't hold back any more. "Oh SHIT!!"

Emma saw he was about to cum, and she sat down and buried his cock deep in her pussy in one stroke. "That's it, cum for me baby. I love you so much." His mind became overwhelmed with pleasure, as his cock started pumping cum, over and over again. It was the most intense orgasm in his life, no doubt aided by the mystery drugs flowing through his system. He continued cumming for several minutes, even though he had run out of semen by the end of the first minute. Emma felt his cock throbbing in her pussy while she slowly rode him through his orgasm.

His vision went white while unstoppable pleasure rushed through his brain. He felt his balls spasm, trying to produce more semen in vain. When his mind eventually recovered, he realised the pleasure hadn't stopped, it had merely lessened to a bearable level. To his shock, he was still hard and Emma had started riding him more vigorously.

"Fuck me baby, your cock belongs inside me. Only my pussy can make you feel so good. You're going to love me forever... Fuck yessss..." Emma leaned down so they could look into each other's face while she rode him. She whispered moans into his ear, and bit at his neck.

"Let my pussy make you feel good, baby.

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