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Racheal, Justin and Rob, explore their sexuality.

I then felt a weight on my chest, my breasts being squeezed around another hard cock which started to tit fuck me at the same time I had a cock in my cunt and mouth. What a feeling, having three hard, young men exploring my holes at the same time. It was overwhelming as I lay on the bed, the three of them taking care of my body.

My legs were lifted up and I felt the cool air surround my wet cunt, then a hard cock was being pushed up into me, its head rubbing the walls of my vagina as it hit the end of it. I groaned into the cock in my mouth and braced for the assault I knew was coming. I felt balls slapping against my thighs as I was fucked hard. It didn't take long for the three of them to start to come. I felt my chest being sprayed with hot come as the cock in my mouth, drained itself down my throat, making me swallow quickly. Then my cunt was alive as the cock in it, spewed its hot load up into me, I groaned as I felt it twitch over and over again as it continued spraying the insides of my vagina with it hot mass.

The cock in my mouth suddenly started spurting hot come down my throat. I wasn't expecting it and I started to gag on it as it kept filling the back of my throat. Then I heard a grunt above me and I felt strings of come being sprayed all over my chest, across my face and into my hair. As I tried to catch up and swallow the hot come drowning me, the come on my chest felt hot and sultry. I felt a hand rub it into my skin, across my sensitive nipples and around the bottom, underneath them.

A tongue all at once was thrust into my cunt, making me groan again and again as it licked and sucked on my clit, sending waves of pleasure throughout my whole body. I came again as the softening cock in my mouth slipped out and I licked off the remaining come from its slit. I heard the groan of pleasure, from above me and then the tongue was replaced with another hard cock. My legs were sprayed up in the air and spread until I thought they would break. I felt two hands holding my ankles as the thrusting of the cock made my body move up and down the bed with it, as it pounded in and out of my cunt harder and harder.

Fuck, it felt good having my cunt used again and again. I wanted all of them to fuck me over and over again. I wanted all their hard cocks in all my holes at the same time. I had never been ass fucked but I didn't care because all I could think about was those young men's cocks and I wanted them now, more than ever. I felt the cock inside me start to spew its hot load up into me and I groaned as it spurted over and over again until I felt it slip out of me. My legs were lowered and that's when I got to look around.

I had a circle of four young men looking at me, big smiles on their faces, their semi hard cocks, starting to rise again. I looked towards the doorway and saw Sam leaving the room. After he closed the door, I looked back at the four young men. As if that was a signal to them, they all got up and started to arrange themselves around me, hard cocks pointing at me from every direction. I let them do whatever they wanted.

I was lifted up and pushed down on Steve's hardness as Dee stood in front of me, his cock pointing at my face.

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