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Son of Army Hero copes with his new town and love.

To make matters worse I was forced to live my last six months of high school as a ward of the state. I promised myself I would never live like that again. I left Iowa with the goal of never going back there. The only thing I have in life at this moment is this fucking baseball scholarship, it's the only way I can stay in school and I can't do anything to lose it."
"And you think that being with me might jeopardize it?" he asked.

"Yes...no...I think so...FUCK Charles, I don't know...at the moment I left the New York it seemed a lot clearer than it does right now..." my sentenced drifted as Charles sat up and looked me dead in the eyes.

"I've listened to you, now I'd like you to listen to me please. My walking into that bar wasn't by accident. I own that bar, and the bartender works for me. It is his job to be my eyes and ears. It is also his job to let me know if anyone comes in that I might find...that I might want to meet. He thought you were interesting enough for me to come and meet...and Michael, he was correct." He stopped for a brief moment. "I know how that might sound, but I am a very rich man and there are people that would like to bring me down and look for any weaknesses I might have."

"But why would he think you would be interested in me?" I asked.

"Michael, as I have explained to you, I am not looking for a one time fuck. I want to build a relationship with someone, someone that I can trust explicitly and I think you are that person. I guess that when Tom saw you he thought the same thing. After all how many men go to a gay bar with the intent to pick up another man and spend their time with their nose in a book studying Economics instead?" He paused to gather his thoughts. "Michael, I don't want to stand in your way of your education. Hell, if I didn't think you'd bite my head off I'd offer to pay for it and be a mentor to you also." He stop but realized there was something else he needed to say. "I have goals too Michael and if you will give us an opportunity to know each other, I would love to share them with you."

I was shocked. No one had ever put such faith and trust in me before. "I'm sorry" I finally said, "I should have spoken to you before I left"

"Yes you should have Michael," He said in a mock stern voice, "but I do forgive you" He said smiling at me. "And now that it's all settled my vote is that we continue our weekend! That is, if you want to."

"You still want to see me?" I asked shocked.

There was no limo this time, just a Mercedes 500SEL. "I have a business associate that owns a vacation home on the Cape, he called the caretaker and had them open the house and stock the fridge for us."

"But...But...I thought you had business to conduct in New York..." I said.

"Michael, as you get to know me you will learn that I am a very rich and extremely powerful man which gives me the right to conduct business when it suits me. Trust me, people will wait for me."

It was just that simple.

Charles drove and also did most of the talking. He was open to most of my questions. His upbringing almost mirrored mine in that he came from small town America with the goal of never going back again. When it was evident his family wasn't going to help him with paying for his college education he boarded a bus bound for New York and on his own he put himself through school while he held down a full time job.

"...and your wife doesn't mind that you aren't home for Thanksgiving?" I asked.

"No, Mary and I lead very separate lives and rarely do things together. She has her charity work that keeps her busy. Also...she has been ill this past year and spends most of her time in bed and on painkillers. She prefers to be alone when she has to be so medicated." There was a quiet sadness in his voice when he spoke about her.


It was just before 4am when we pulled into the house on the Cape.

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