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The fireworks began in Rockefeller Center on New Year's

She was well built; a nice set of breasts and a sexy ass. For the rest of the night, I helped her to get trained on everything at the station. I was standing beside her and explaining how the equipment normally worked. Yes, sometimes everything goes wrong and it had to be fixed. When Friday came around, everyone else left after the clock struck 5 pm. Lisa and I were the only ones in the place till the weekend. I was working in my office across the hall when she called on me suddenly that something wasn't working properly.

Lisa shouted, "Hey John!" I came in the office and she explained to me in one sentence. "Something's wrong here with the computer!" I came in there and helped her through it all. I stood behind her and my swollen cock arose right at the crack of her ass. I don't know if she recognized what I was doing, but I went to my work and explained how to fix it. Lisa understood everything and I returned back to my office.

About 10 minutes later I peeked in on her to see if everything was calm. I looked around the corner and saw a beautiful sight. She must of known of what happen earlier because she was rubbing her clit. Lisa saw me and she said, "Shh, come in here you teaser." I replied back, "You call me a teaser." I walked to her and glanced at her breasts. She was wearing a bra, but I can see her nipples through it. Lisa was getting hornier by the minute. "Do you like the view?"

I replied back, "what view." She stood up and took off her blouse and bra revealing her 36dd breasts. "How about now teaser?" moaned Lisa. "Yes, Yes I do," I replied. The computer was already into autopilot and I looked into her eyes and we embraced into a passionate kiss. I was exploring her with my tongue and still kissing, was massaging her ass. I can feel all the keys falling into place. I unzipped the back of her skirt and felt her ass. She wasn't wearing panties and I felt her moist pussy already soaked.

I was getting an erection that was begging for release. She noticed when we were still lip locked. She took one hand and started to massage it through my pants. During all this kissing, I fingered her nipples and before I knew it, she had my pants unzipped and pulled both my boxers and my pants to the floor exposing my hard member. Lisa was massaging it more getting even harder and harder. We broke our kiss and she explored down on her knees to my hard cock. Lisa licked the tip with her tongue and before I knew it, she took all of me in one blow. She was deep throating my cock and I am loving every minute of this. Lisa bobbed her head back and forth and she was massaging my balls and she felt that I was going to come. "Oh baby, I'm coming," I exclaimed to Lisa and I she stopped sucking.

She stood up and her pussy so moist already and wet, "Lay down Lisa," I said. Both of us got into a 69 and she took my half-erect cock and started to lick and suck it while I licked and shoved my tongue and two fingers up her hot pussy AAAAAAaaWWWWWW...she moaned. I fingered fuck her fast and with each thrust of my fingers, Lisa was close to her orgasm. Faster and faster I went and she screamed, "OOOOOOOOOOOO fuck, lick my pussy and make it nice and wet." I stuck my tongue in her pussy and going back and forth thinking that it was my cock in her. I felt her lips clinging my tongue with each push in her pussy.

That did it for her.

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