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Donor X discusses his pre-diagnosis life, Dan has a visitor.

Jim grinned at me. This was a very good sign that Mary liked him. All during dinner she divided half her time between the two of us. It wasn't till after dinner when Jim and I went into the den and had a glass of wine while Mary made her self comfortable, as she put it. When she came down and joined us, she had indeed made herself more comfortable and Jim and myself just the opposite.

Mary had changed into a silk lounging robe. It was very thin and it looked like she had nothing on underneath but then modern lingerie looked like that. I found it hard to believe that my wife was making herself that ready to be fucked. She took a glass as Jim poured some wine for her. Then Jim and I just looked stupid at each other. After a few minutes Mary began to laugh. "So what's so funny sweetheart? I had to ask.

"I guess it's that men tend to get dumb when they are in the presence of a near naked woman."

"Oh...are you near naked?" It was Jim that asked the question.

"I thought you could tell." she said and smoothed the material over her breast, making the nipples shove out.

"Well I was in hopes." That was Jim again. He seemed to be asking the right questions,

"Is that all you can do is hope?"

"Well actually I would rather not have to hope."

"So don't" That was all Mary said. She looked at me for a long moment then looked back at Jim." I will give him credit. He didn't waste any time. When he first sucked my cock it was something that he had made up his mind to do and he did it. He did the same with Mary now. He came and sat beside her and took her in his arms. The kiss he planted on her lip's left nothing to chance. It was a deep soul searching kiss with some tongue thrown in. Mary was breath less and looked flushed when it ended. Me, I just had a terrific hard on.

Jim looked my way once and then went back to work on my wife. He brought his lip's down to her's again and kissed her more. This time Mary let herself surrender to Jim's kiss. Peter was excited as he saw the way Mary was responding to Jim. Jim had started to undo the belt of the robe. It opened up at the front and both men saw that Mary had not wore anything underneath. Mary wanted this as much as Jim and Peter did. Peter stood and began to remove his clothes as he watched as Jim kissed and sucked at Mary's breast. He knew how good Jim's lip's could feel. He was sure from the sublime expression on Mary's face that she loved the feeling too.

Jim had on a coat, shirt and trousers on. He had already kicked his shoes free. Jim had his long finger's in Mary's cunt. He was fucking her as deep as the digits would allow. Mary was growing frustrated as she tried to rip at the buttons of Jim's shirt. Peter thought that he would help his wife and he walked the few steps to them. Kneeling down he began to undress Jim. Mary looked down at him and smiled. " Oh my husband helping another man seduce me."

"It could be that I'm helping my wife do the seducing." Mary smiled. What Peter had said was true. Peter smiled as he finally bared Jim's naked chest to Mary. She didn't look at her husband as she bent her head to suck on Jim's nipples. Her hands were clawing at his crotch. Mary felt the thick long hot cock under his pants. Peter worked Jim's zipper and then was pulling the trousers down. Mary placed her hands on Jim's hard buttocks under his silk boxers. Peter snapped the boxers apart and jerked them down.

Mary felt Peter take her hands and bring them to Jim's hard cock.

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