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Nicole cooks for Josh, discovers oralgasms and herself more.

And as I stared into her face, I didn't know why it never occurred to me.

She looked good standing there, towering over me by several inches. Her hair was on point, thanks to my cornrowing skills. Those jet black pupils were beaming at me and I found myself gazing at her chapstick protected lips.

"I saw that," she said, catching me in my investigation of her features. "You wanna kiss me now, don't you? I wanna kiss you too."

At that moment, I wanted to believe her. But this was ONYX! If there was a book that could be written on having mad game, she would be the author. I'd heard her say some real slick shit to chicks before and they'd fall for it every time.

And as I thought about the fact that I hadn't gotten laid in a while, I wondered if I wanted to fall for it too. If only for one night...

But I had to live with this chick and I didn't want things to be odd between us "the morning after". I tried to keep a firm hold on my libido and this blooming curiosity about my friend... my BROTHER'S BEST FRIEND.

"I need you to stop playing with me, Onyx," I told her with more conviction than I really felt. "Now move."

"Move me," she challenged.

She looked so confident and cocky as she stood before me in her wife-beater and low hanging jeans.

I tried to focus on the gold necklace that she wore, the tattoo on her right arm, the baby hair that laid smoothly around her hairline... anything but those eyes and those damn lips.

"Why can't you look at me now?" she asked. "You've never had that problem before. Is it because you know I will see the truth in your eyes?"

"Stop it," I demanded weakly. "Save your game for your victims," I told her. "I'm not trying to be another victim."

"Is that what you think?" she asked. "You think I'm running game on you?"

"I'm pretty sure," I answered, looking at the clock on the wall behind her. "I know how you are and I know you are just doing all of this because you're buzzin' and you don't have a lady tonight and James is knocked out. Otherwise you wouldn't be paying me all of this attention. I'm not stupid. I don't want to be a victim and I don't want you."

"Oh really?" she said with a cocky half-grin. "Kiss me and prove it. If you don't feel anything, I'll leave you alone."

Surprised, I scoffed at her. "I am not even about to play this game with you," I informed her. "That kind of shit only works in romance novels and movies. Do you think I'm gonna fall in love or some shit after we kiss? Be for real!"

"No," she answered. "But you might get a hell of a nut if you just let go and try me."

I didn't know whether to be offended by her brazenness or turned the fuck on! That half-smile was starting to get to me and I was feeling a little adventurous. But damn. This was STILL Onyx and I still had to see her every day after this.

But it was just a kiss... right? I'd be able to walk away once it was over. "Fuck it," I told her. "Let's get it over with."

Her smile grew as she descended onto my lips.

I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't what I got. I didn't plan on her lips being so soft. I didn't expect her to be so gentle at first. She took her time, brushing her lips against mine. She was patient as she waited for me to relax and stop fighting my growing curiosity about her.

I managed to swallow the first moan that crept to my throat, but I couldn't stop the second one as her tongue slowly snaked its way into my mouth, teasing me at first before she grew more demanding.

My arms were not supposed to find their way around her neck and she wrapped hers around my waist. I was NOT supposed to be enjoying it.

But I was...

I don't know when she had managed to lift me and place me on the countertop. I don't even remember moving, but there I was, on the counter with my legs wrapped around her as we kissed for what seemed like forever.

I'd be lying if I said that she didn't have the kitten throbbing.

As if reading my mind, she pulled away from lips and said, "Let me touch yo

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