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Life in the air force.

They had learned from the guide that there was a marvellous choice of campsites in Burgundy promising unparalleled peace and tranquility in an area of mountains and forests, many situated by splendid natural lakes in strikingly beautiful surroundings where a great holiday experience was virtually guaranteed.

Driving out of Calais George took it easy at first, until he became accustomed both to towing a trailer and driving on the wrong (right-hand) side of the road. It was therefore dark when they arrived at their chosen destination and they were relieved when they saw a clearly marked campsite sign in the light from their headlights. Pulling into the entrance they were rather dismayed that the office was in darkness, but fortunately there was a large sign on the door explaining in English as well as French that late arrivals should find a suitable pitch and register with the office the next morning when it opened at 8:30am.

Since they had stopped en route from the Channel for a meal once they had erected the tent, hooked up to the electrics, and made a cup of tea, Anne and George retired to bed, tired after a long day on the road. They were excited too because the adventure of their new life had begun.

When George woke up in the morning, for a moment he forgot where he was, and was tempted to just turn over and go back to sleep. However when he opened his eyes and saw the canvas roof of the tent above him, he remembered where he was and a thrill ran through him. He was invigorated in a way he had not felt for years - it was hard to put into words but in short, he felt free. He turned over to wake Anne but discovered that the bed next to him was unoccupied which surprised him, because he was normally the first to get up and it usually took a mug of tea to persuade Anne to face the day ahead.

As he was contemplating his new situation, Anne suddenly burst in through the door of the tent.

"There must be some mistake," she gabbled, "are you sure we are in the right place."

"Why, whatever is the matter?" George replied, slightly alarmed by her wild appearance.

"The sun shining on the canvas woke me up early," she said, "so I thought I would get up and go and have a shower and bring you a cup of tea for a change. But when I got to the wash block there were both women and men in there, and they were all absolutely naked."

George was momentarily taken aback. "Well this is the continent," he said, "perhaps this is normal for them, I mean, they are foreigners."

"It's not just in the wash block that people are naked," she replied, "no one has any clothes on at all outside either; they are all completely starkers."

Initially George felt slightly aroused by this information, but then the idea of lots of naked middle aged people and acres of sagging flesh on display, put a dampener on the thought.

"I suppose I had better go and investigate," he said, "although I am sure I didn't read anything about this being a naturist site. I did read somewhere that naturism is more common in France, and that lots of older people like to escape from the restrictions of their everyday lives by taking their clothes off for a couple of weeks a year."

Anne interrupted him, "It's not just old people. There are young people and teenagers, although I didn't see any children. And most of them were very fit," she paused, and blushed, "and there were some rather nice cocks on display."

This shocked George as Anne had tended to be rather conservative, never even letting their children see her naked. "Hmm," he pondered, "perhaps this new life was going to be interesting in rather more ways than he had thought."

Getting out of bed he took off his pyjamas.

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