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Sub mom submits to 18-year-old enemy of daughter.

Then she took the disc vibrator that had driven Kim to exhaustion, turned it on, and slipped it in the panties between Arthur's balls and cock.

"That should keep you happy while I welcome our guest. Don't worry, sweetheart, you don't have to lift a finger."

"But. . ."

"No butts about it--for now," she said ominously and walked out, closing the door behind her.

Arthur was now in the situation he'd left Kim in, without the likely satisfaction of a climax. The vibrator whirred among his genitals and all Arthur could feel was the tension between his cock's erectile muscles and the restraint of the panties. That dropped as the memory of the girls' orgasms faded into the past, leaving his cock to ooze more semen. He desperately wished someone would finger his leaking member through the panties.

Through the door and up the stairs he could heard laughter and a new voice, a male's. While the vibrator revived his erection, he began to hear new but familiar sounds. Someone was fucking Kim. Her high-pitched cries steadily rose in loudness and frequency and then hit a constant note: it seemed to go on for an hour. Who was this guy? Envy reared itself in Arthur's mind, at the same time it stiffened his penis. Goddam, he wanted to come so bad!

There was a pause downstairs; minutes passed. Arthur's dick faded against the tension of Kim's panties, his semen flowing into them again. Then more sounds downstairs. Those grunts, Goddamn! Sandy was getting pumped from behind! Arthur saw himself pushing her over the end of the couch and jamming her cunt, her clit pressing against the armrest until she came. His dick arose again and he writhed in jealousy. Just wait til they got together again. . .

Sandy's orgasm was, if anything, longer than Kim's. There was more silence, some laughter, and then footsteps up the stairs. The door opened, feet walked around the bed. Arthur felt the bonds to the bed undone and two pairs of hands rotated his prostrate body ninety degrees until his head hung upside-down over the side. Someone slipped a pillow under his hips and he could feel warm, slightly sweaty hands stroke his body.

"Mmm, come on, can I see?"

"Hey Artie, why bother when you can shake hands instead? Open wide, bud."

"Whaaaa?" And before Arthur could finish, the cap of a very large, sticky cock was pushed into his half-parted mouth.

"Mmbblggh" was all he could say as the stranger took hold of his head and began feeding cock into his mouth. Arthur struggled to swallow the thick, hot tool without grating it on his teeth.

Meanwhile, Kim and Sandy finally, slowly, tantalizingly, pulled the soggy underwear over his hips, his swelling penis, and down over his thighs and calves. The bonds on his ankles were removed, the panties came off and then they got on the bed. Two tongues and mouths began licking and sucking on his hairless cock and balls. The other pair of hands continued to caress his face and massage his nipples, pinching them increasingly hard.

Arthur's cock rose to attention once again and Arthur could feel Kim's deliciously tight cunt cap him. His preoccupation with the massive erection now sliding back and forth to the edge of his throat didn't stop him from noticing that Sandy was lifting his legs onto her shoulders as she applied her lubed strap-on to his asshole. She jiggled her way past his sphincter and as she drove steadily up his rectum, Kim dropped her cunt down over his dick until her pubic bone ground against his. With the stranger filling his throat with stronger thrusts, Arthur began to get the feeling of being wholly penetrated and filled against his will.

The thrusting motions overcame what resistance he still felt; Arthur released himself over to being fucked senseless. He did his best to swallow the cock, encouraged by its master with "Attagirl, Artie! You're a natural! Are you ready for the pump action?"

Arthur felt the thrusts run to the back of his throat as the man gripped his head and started exclaiming.

"Oh Ye

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