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Older brother takes advantage of his sleeping sister.

As I stand behind you and lightly brush against you, feeling you push back against me. I am alert for your response as my penis hardens and you rub against me more firmly, further stimulating my desire. I love teasing you, standing behind you, pushing myself against you, letting you feel my hardness through your shorts. I feel your desire begin to rise as your breathing deepens and your butt pushes back against me with more pressure.

When it is clear that we are going to be alone for a while, I reach down and grab your hips, pulling you firmly against me. With added pressure, you feel me pushing between your cheeks, as you provocatively grind against me. I take my hands off of your hips, run them up your sides, under your sweatshirt and find your bra less breasts. Still pushing and gently moving up and down against your back side, I cup your breasts and gently roll your nipples, feeling them harden. As you lean forward to steady yourself against your chair my hands move around your body discovering your hidden beauty. They would retrace their path, cupping your breasts then holding them firmly, pulling you upright. I enjoy spending some time, still pushing against your backside, to stimulate your nipples, squeezing them between my fingers, stroking your breasts and pushing then together in front of you. Teasing you further I pull you back into my hardness, kiss your ear, and then move down to your lovely neck, all the while stroking your breasts and firm nipples. As you push back against my penis, I move my hand down your belly. Stroking your crotch on top of your shorts, I ask if you we should take our shorts off.

Seeing you wrestle with your belt, undo the waist, pull the zipper down and pull them down along with your panties is a lovely sight. As you work on your shorts, I also drop mine and move back behind you, this time with skin contact in so many tender areas. My hands find your hips and firmly pull you against my hard bare penis. Your pressure, pushing back against me, your rapid breathing and the enticing movement of your hips tell me that you are feeling the same excitement that I am feeling. As my right hand slides around you hip and down between your legs I feel you tense slightly and then spread your legs allowing me to discover just how wet and excited you are. My fingers slowly spread your lips and slide up to find your excited clitoris. Your hips renew their sexy rhythm as I apply pressure to you clit and stroke it, spreading your wetness and raising your breathing level yet again.

I release your left breast as you lean forward to brace yourself again. Leaning forward positions you for me to penetrate you when the time is right. I can hear you and feel you enjoying your massage from the front and the back. My left hand moves down your side to find your left cheek and squeeze it firmly, as I continue to stroke you toward the finish. Your hair covers your face as your breasts hang loose inside your shirt, swaying with the rhythm of our bodies. You are lost in the moment as I move my very excited penis down your backside and position is against your lips. Pushing slowly, feeling you lips part, stroking your clit, I too become lost in the moment and the beauty of making love to you. Pushing deeper into you I feel you pushing back against me, taking me inside you until I am again meeting your pressure with my hips. Together we pull slowly apart and then push until we are fully together, feeling the deep penetration that we have longed to feel, again, and again as our sexual excitement builds deep in our loins.

Feeling that I am somewhat ahead of you I pull back to take a short break and gather my wits.

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