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Karen is retrieved by Sarah to continue their session.

This one harder and more fierce. I felt his hand let go of my cock and his other arm lowered itself from my shoulders down to around my waist. He lifted my body up by grabbing one of my ass cheeks which made my face turn red. As he lifted me up by my ass cheek. He would easily remove my shorts and boxers off with his other hand to let my hard cock bounce free. Putting my now bare ass down on the seat again but not before giving my cheek he held a small squeeze. The whole time his lips never left mine and never stop being such a hard fierce kiss.

When he did pull away my breath was hard and I was shaking a little. "I know this is new to you boy," Hank slide his hands up my waist than up my arms all the way to my face. Holding my face and had me look directly into his eyes. "Just listen to me. Listen to your body. Listen to your Daddy."

His hot lips found mine again and I felt his hands leave my face for one to go wrap around my hard cock which caused me to let out a muffle moan into his mouth. His other hand stayed on my face. This kiss was soft gentle. When he did pulled away Hank was smiling at me and I felt his hand teasing start to slide alone my hot cock. His whole hand engulfing my small cock once again.

I felt his own cock throb in his briefs and I look down at his crotch. My hand still rest on his bulge. I gave his bulge a strong squeeze, as my other hand went to his boxer liner and slowly started to pull it down. Time slow down as his boxers slide past his cock and was freed. My first cock I ever seen besides my own. Hank's cock was huge to me. Easily looking 10 inches maybe even 11 inches and thicker than my hand could even wrap around the thickness - I still tired.

My hand was on autopilot, had its own mind. Taking Hank's cock I felt the softness yet hardness all at the same time. His cock felt powerful and warm. My hand slowly slide upwards from the base to the head which was even thicker than the rest of his cock; my thumb reached up to make a circle around the head before my hand slide back down the shaft. The base was slightly thicker than his shaft but not as thick as the head.

Hank's breath whispered in my ear and I noticed his breathing had picked up. Hank's intense eyes on me as my hand slide along the length of his cock, stroking him several times before I let my other hand wonder over to his cock. Both my hands wrapped around his powerful tool and I heard him let out a very small grunt right next to my ear.

With both hands wrap around his cock I would soon stroke his cock. Squeezing parts that I notice made the cock throb and making sure to take as much care of it as I could. This men gave me pleasure last time I wanted to do the same. After several strokes and several minutes; I felt his large hand start stroking my own cock to the same pace as my own.

When I speed up my stroking so did he. Feeling wonderful to have a cock in my hands that was this big and powerful. The feeling of Hank's large hand engulfing my cock just made my cock throb and feel harder.

The closer I felt to an orgasm the faster I would stroke Hank cock and the faster he stroke mine. We both were wiggling in our seats both close to an orgasm. Hank was thrusting his hips up to meet my inexperience hands clearly frustrated that he wasn't as close as I was. I was about to explode in his hand just like I did last time but I was focus on his pleasure now.

My mind was clouded with pleasure and need, wanting nothing more but to feel release. To also please this older man. Staring down at my hands wrapped around this large meat of Hank's I got an idea of how I could give him more pleasure. Without any warning I felt myself leaning down to the tip of Hank's cock my mouth opening up to take the head of him in my mouth.

The first then I notice was the smell; Musky clean scent which only made my cock throb.

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