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A smart-mouth young adman is smitten romantically.

My wife thought to trick me and went into another booth first by herself and locked the door behind her. I quickly slipped into the adjacent booth. There was a hole between our booths just large enough to get my arm through. I reached in and began fondling her. She laughed and pulled away to tease me, but she also allowed me to pull off her T-shirt and drag it into my booth. The other wall of her booth had a hole that was larger than mine and I could see someone leering at my wife. I wanted to get her naked for him. I told Susan that I would leave the store and leave her trapped there without her top unless she also gave me her shorts. She made me promise to give her clothes back, but I knew that she was anxious to strip for guy in the next booth. She finally pulled off her shorts and slipped them through the opening into my booth. Then she was naked except for her high heels. I was finding this new game very exciting. I made her stand facing my hole while I played with her pussy. The guys in the next booth had a nice view of her naked ass.

But then, I looked back into her booth and saw the other guy's arm reaching up through the hole to unlock the door in Susan's booth. That danger had never occurred to me. I knew that I should move, but I was too shocked, and too drunk. I kept playing with my wife's pussy, keeping her occupied while he worked on the lock. Finally, he unlocked the door and immediately it was opened. I watched as two men rushed into Susan's booth and locked the door behind them. At last, these men had captured their prize. Susan was terrified by the sudden turn of events.

"Oh God no, Johnny help me," she cried out as the men pushed into the small booth. I saw her turn to face the wall in a vain attempt to cover her nakedness, but they grabbed her and spun my wife around to get a good look at her.

"You'll be OK, honey," I told her, trying to calm her down. She was starting to get a little hysterical and my first thought was of the newspaper article in the local paper explaining how this upper middle class couple liked to expose themselves in a sleazy adult book store downtown. I imagined the police arresting everyone for questioning. I saw Susan, still naked, being handcuffed and shoved into the back of a police car. I imagined that the cops would find all kinds of excuses to "search" her while she sat frightened and handcuffed. I knew that Susan must have had the same thoughts running through her mind, because she very quietly pleaded with the two men to let her go.

"Come on guys," I tried talking to the two men, "just let her go, OK?"

"Relax buddy," one of them said, "you'll get your hot little bitch back when we're done with her."

And then Susan was shoved back against the wall so that one of the cheeks of her ass blocked the hole on my side. I could only listen as they took complete control of my poor wife's beautiful body. Susan continued to beg them to leave her alone. As I sat there listening to her sobbing and pleading with her captors to let her go, I began to get excited. As scared as I was I still wanted to see them abuse her and rape her. I thought about leaving my booth and moving to the other side, but I guessed that there was already someone in that booth watching what was happening to my wife. I heard Susan whispering, her pleas coming faster and softer and once in a while she gasped or moaned.

"Oh God no...please stop it...you're hurting me..oh stop...please...ohhhh."

I recognized the sounds she was making. She sounded as if she were fighting her own arousal. I knew that the men must have her pinned against the wall and were playing with her breasts. I knew how Susan breathed when her nipples were being pulled and pinched to their limits. And then my wife began talking to me like she usually does when we're in the booths and we've pushed her breast through the hole.

"Ohhhh God.

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