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Middle-aged woman keeps him nude & subservient.

I realized that it would stay wet with piss now, since it wouldn't dry inside. She pulled my mouth open and splashed her hot fragrant piss into my mouth. It tasted hot and salty. It was very strong tasting and I thought I could taste vitamins, especially the B vitamins. "Sissyboy, I'm sure my piss is very strong tasting. I've been saving it up all day so far. I haven't pissed once yet. So it's good and strong. I hope you love the way it tastes."

My stomach, again, began to cramp. Mistress Jennifer told me to stand and almost dragged me into the bathroom. "Take a crap and clean your stinking ass out, right now. For every 10seconds it takes you to empty out, I will spank you one time in front of everyone. So every minute, will be six spanks. My spanks are not gentle ... they will hurt. So I urge you to empty your ass out quickly."

The hot piss squirted out of my ass with great force. It kept coming and coming. As before, it would stop and start, stop and start, etc. It took me 41/2 minutes to shit the piss out of my ass. That would be 27 spanks from Mistress Jennifer.

"Clean yourself and get out into the bedroom." When I got out, there was an armless chair in the middle of the room and Mistress Jennifer was seated on it. "Get over here and lay across my lap, you pig" she barked at me. I quickly obeyed and laid across her lap. She pulled the latex panties I had on, down enough to spank me, but not off. My clittie cock was still inside the latex sheath. "You will count out loud each spank. If you miss one, I will start over. You understand you worthless piece of shit?" "Yes Mistress Jennifer", I replied.

Without so much as one seconds pause, her hand came down hard on my ass. I was so shocked, she gave me the second before I counted "one". "Oh too bad, little boy ... we have to start over again. Those were two free spanks for me" she giggled. I could hear the others giggle too. "One" I said quickly as she spanked me again. "Two, three, four" I said rapidly. "Oh too bad again, little boy ... you didn't say each one between spankings."

I began to realize, this was impossibility. I was at her whim as to how many spanks I would get this time. She could prevent me from getting the number of the spank said so easily. My 27 had now become 33. My ass was sore and I hadn't had one of them yet ... not one that counted anyway. "Let's just make it 50 and forget about you counting. My clittie cock was trapped between her thighs and she started to spank my ass with great force. She would spank one cheek then the other. Then maybe a few on one ass cheek and then a few on the other cheek. Then she would spank in the middle of the two. I didn't even try to count. What difference would it make? My cock was limp. I was embarrassed that it was. My limp little cock was trapped between her thighs and she was wailing the hell out of my ass. My ass felt like it was on fire. "Did you count the spanks, worthless little shit?" she asked.

"No, Mistress" I replied.

"Then we will have to start again. Lauren, dear ... please keep track and let me know when we reach 50" she said.

Oh my god, this was unbelievable. I knew from looking at her, that she would be a pain administering bitch. I was so right. Now I would have to have over 100 spanks. "Look, Lauren dear, his ass is beginning to turn all different shades or red and purple. Poor dear!!!." She menacingly giggled.

"That's 50, Jennifer" said Lauren. My ass was on fire. I needed to piss. I wonder if I let one little squirt out ... if anyone would notice. So I did.

"Hey, what's that hot feeling between my thighs, did you piss ... you worthless piece of shit?" Jennifer said out loud.

"Yes, Mistress I couldn't help it" I said softly.

Mistress Colleen yelled from her seat ... "I will take care of that, dear Jennifer. Let me have him".

Jennifer stood up and I fell to the floor.

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