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Married couple plays with single younger woman.

But there are other things we can do."

I felt her move closer and pull my cheeks open. She spit between them and rubbed it on my asshole. I moaned in shame. I felt her spit trickling down until a strand hung on my pussy and then she shoved a finger up my pussy. Her thumb rubbed my asshole and she pushed with it. I groaned as her thumb went up my ass.

"Do you like this, bitch?"


"But I do. God, your cunt is wet, you little whore. I bet you want to be fucked, don't you?"

"Yes, please."

"Yes what, slut?"

"Yes, fuck me please."

"I suppose that you want your cunt fucked?"

"Yes, Melanie."


"Fuck my cunt, Melanie, please."


"Oh God, please fuck your cunt, Melanie."

I was so humiliated, having her make me beg. But I couldn't help myself. I wanted her cock up my pussy so bad.

"I don't think so tonight, you slut. You want it too much."

She teased me some more, slapped my dangling breasts a few times and left me tied up and cuffed for a few minutes, watching me from the couch. I calmed down but my abdomen felt like it was in knots and I needed to orgasm so much. Melanie finally let me down but she only unfastened one of the cuffs. She pulled me to my bed and made me lie down on my back. Then she cuffed my hands to my headboard and left me. I began to cry silently. I needed my orgasm. It wasn't going to happen. I squirmed and tried to squeeze my thighs together, anything to get to that elusive orgasm. I couldn't get enough pressure and friction though.

Melanie had undressed and put on her nightgown and she stood beside my bed.

"You won't always get to come, cunt. Only when I decide you have been good enough. Good night."

I heard her climb into her bed and whimpered softly. I laid still for a while, sniffling and feeling sorry for myself. I began to squirm again, squeezing my thighs together, anything to stimulate myself.

"Listen you little bitch, I can't get to sleep with you making all this noise. Now be still and stop the crying."

I sniffled once more and lay still; hoping that she would fall asleep soon and I could try to orgasm once more. Unfortunately, she was wound up and I was tired. The last thing I remember until morning was my listening for her regular breathing.

I woke the next morning to the feeling of my bed moving. I opened my eyes to see Melanie sitting next to me. I had a dull ache in my abdomen from being denied last night. Melanie pulled down my comforter and sheet, smirking at me. She reached down and caressed the top of my pussy. Hoping that she would make me come, I spread my legs so she could get at me completely.

"Good little bitch."

She stroked my lips and teased between them. Her fingers teased around my clitoris and I closed my eyes to savor the sensation. I was embarrassed that I was so ready, so easy for her to stimulate. She rubbed and teased until I was whimpering again and pushing up to her hand. Then she left me, but took both hands and pinched and twisted my nipples. I gasped. It hurt and I was so needy.

"You love to be toyed with, don't you, you little slut?"

"Yes, Melanie."

My nipples were fully erect, even with how hard she had treated them. I wanted her so badly.

Melanie teased my pussy again, watching me.

"If I made you come, would you want your ass fucked again, bitch?"

I was willing to do whatever she wanted if she would let me come.


"So you would like my cock up your ass, you fucking slut?"

"N-n-no, but if you let me....."

My words cut off as she twisted my nipples hard again. I sucked in a breath, feeling the heat on them, and the burning.

"I don't think a dirty little whore like you needs to come. Whores don't come, they just give pleasure to others."

I whimpered softly, squirming as she fingered my pussy again, watching my face and smirking.

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