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My daughter comes of age.

Then, she found it.


Cathy squealed as she shook violently from head to toe, her face contorted by pain and pleasure pulling her flesh in several directions at once, all the while staring him through crushed eyes. The intensity and suddenness of his stroke shocked her body to nearly drop over his chest when her arms lost all their strength. She managed to stuck her hands in the underside of his swelled up, muscular chest and stayed upright. She sat squirming and writhing on her hands and feet like her pussy was plugged to a source that sent weak, pleasurable electric discharges through her body. Cathy held her ass up in the air letting him ram his cock in and out of her pussy.

"Oh man! He's going wild," Tim said. Amazed, he stopped masturbating momentarily before resuming it harder. "See the way he's hammering her? So this is how he pays off all his time spent in gym."

"Seems like a nice, workable trade-off against that undeveloped muscle inside his head," Brandon replied scornfully.

Garret was battering her pussy, unbothered to meet with her continuous gaze at him, choosing instead to focus between her legs. Cathy, having regained her energy, began her own upward and downward strokes of her hips on his cock, grunting continuously. Her beautiful face was like a canvas-ecstasy, lust and pleasure, in all their myriad forms, were being sketched on it under his fine strokes; the soft flesh and muscular walls of her pussy twitched, stretched and contracted, filling it up with colors of passion.

Slicked with her wetness his cock moved like a piston. With a stamina and precision that seemed more mechanical than human, Garret had transformed into a fuck machine, penetrating Cathy with unbroken, full-length strokes which escaped her wet cunt with the same rate at which they entered.

"I don't know what's turning me on more," said Tim watching the copulating bodies bathed in golden glow from the fire torches, "the curves of his body or hers."

Amazingly, Cathy had survived Garret's raging thrusts till now. It had been a strange performance of her libido tonight. Sure she was a girl with heightened sexual urge but usually after a short though equally vigorous response to Garret's fierce fucking, his cock always managed to sap her energies.

Not tonight, Brandon thought.

Not only she was tirelessly dropping herself on his cock to fuck him back, she had even achieved such a rhythm that their bare passionate bodies conveyed the presence of a fast-paced, heavy-beating club music, the kind which urges one to fuck, indulging Brandon and Tim in an aural imagination as they savored this soundtrack of sex visually.

Garret was, however, a little perplexed.

For the major duration of his renewed domination of Cathy, he had fucked her in a way that he knew would topple her over to an explosive orgasm. Except for the clenched teeth and tightened jaws, his face had been largely expressionless, detached from any loving notion, any romantic feelings for her. He knew they didn't love each other; he knew nothing about love. All he knew, all that mattered to him was that they loved fucking each other, as much as they can.

He needed to release their lust and his determination was visible in the hard expression of his face, fueling himself further at the sight of smooth flesh of her body and his cock drilling into that moist cunt between her legs.

He was sure he was fucking her brains out until he felt the muscles of his own face twitch. While his relentless stroking of her pussy began slowing down, he was surprised to see her ass swing up and down with same intensity as before. His tightened balls slapped her ass cheeks. His mouth opened up as a sign of weakness, letting out a growl after a long time.


Finally, he met her gaze and saw her smiling wickedly.

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